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For the Week of October 21, 2013
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of October 21, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Nikki begins to build a deceptive relationship with Dylan

Sharon and Dylan resume their friendship

Dylan fills Sharon in on his sadness about Chelsea, Connor, and Avery

Sharon advises Dylan to reconcile with the woman he loves

Avery walks into the coffee shop to find her nemesis and ex in deep conversation

Billy rejects Adamís sympathy for his loss

Adam struggles with guilt as he focuses on staying by Connorís side

Deliaís death brings Jill rushing to Billyís side

Billy is comforted by Jill and Ashleyís support

Ashley shares how grief has affected her

Jack and Jill work together to help Billy

Adam and Chelsea worry about Connorís rapidly approaching loss of vision

The black market corneas come through in the nick of time

Chelsea agrees to the sketchy plan because itís Connorís only chance

Hopeís shatter cruelly when the corneas are found to be unviable

Adam retreats to the chapel to make a deal with God Ė heíll turn himself in once Connorís vision is saved

Chloe notices Chelseaís distress when she and Billy run into her at the hospital

Chelsea regretfully shares Connorís predicament

Chloe makes a profoundly generous offer

Billy and Chloe find a way to allow Delia to live on

Nick rebuffs Averyís offer of friendship

Surprising evidence troubles Paul

Michaelís hearing goes in an unexpected direction

Devon makes a shocking announcement

Paul surprises Christine

The Abbott familyís love surrounds Billy as Deliaís funeral gets underway

The familyís fragile emotions are delivered another upset after the funeral

A sneak peek at next week
The Abbotts circle the wagons around Billy

Avery and Nikki argue

Nikki worries about Nickís resentment of Dylan

Adam struggles with a guilty secret

Neil reaches out to Hilary with an offer

Sharon has a light bulb moment

Down the road previews

Connor receives Deliaís corneas

Hilaryís acceptance of what really happened the night Rose died puts her on a new path The tr

uth about Carmineís murder is buffeted by the twists and turns of fate

A burly guy adds an additional challenge to November interlude in the lock up

Alex interacts with a woman named Laura Flannery

Dylan and Averyís path forward is beset with unexpected twists and turns

Victor and Nikkiís relationship is affected by the truth

Dylan struggles with the parallels between his adoptive mother and Chelsea

Nikki is stricken by Dylanís resistance to accepting her as his mother

Dylan is repelled by what he learns about Ian Ward

Sharon struggles to regain her mental health and self esteem as she worries about the consequences of telling the truth about Summer

A stronger and healthier Sharon begins to approach life differently

Summerís position as an unwitting quasi-Abbott forces her to be a bridge between the two warring families as her modeling career heats up

Noahís budding relationship with Courtney causes conflict with Summer

Eyebrows are raised by Stitchís continued wife and child free residence in Genoa City

Jill continues to pursue the meaning behind Katherineís unusual bequest

Kelly, a recently divorced former teacher, influences the grief stricken lives of Billy, Victoria and Chloe

Passionate, educated and ambitious cousin Andrew Abbott arrives

Fenís path takes a new direction as things begin to settle down for the Baldwins
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