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For the Week of September 30, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of September 30, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
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Nick and Dylan’s drunken encounter in the park escalates to fisticuffs

The halfhearted brawl ends with the two men acknowledging their unique bond

Billy reveals strong feelings about Jack and Adam’s partnership

Victor spies Chelsea with Connor at the Athletic Club and asks to meet his grandson

Chelsea stands up to Victor when he makes a threatening comment

Nikki reaches out to Chelsea and compliments her beautiful baby son

Victor is irritated by Nikki’s gesture and opines that women who abandon babies don’t deserve consideration

Nikki is devastated by Victor’s condemnation

Dr. Ben Rayburn (aka Dylan’s friend Stitch) meets Nikki when he begins an internship at the hospital

Nikki tells Stitch that she’s Connor’s “grandmother”

Dr. Costner expresses concern about stress making Nikki’s MS symptoms worse

Nick wonders why Noah wants to work for grandpa

Avery tells Leslie she wants to mitigate pain

Leslie asks Avery if she means Dylan specifically

Dylan tells Stitch he’s selling Crimson Lights and leaving town

Hilary and Neil meet in her hotel room

Neil offers to put up a public confession and make a substantial donation in Rose’s memory

Hilary prepares a drink spiked with alcohol

Neil is touched by Hilary’s grief when she breaks down over her dead mother

Hilary offers Neil a beverage to celebrate their truce

Neil takes the drink

Victoria wonders what kind of lingering feelings Chloe has for Kevin

Lauren’s loved ones gather to celebrate her accomplishments

Tensions rise as the Baldwins wait for Carmine’s next move

Lauren and Michael are overjoyed by Fen’s day pass from rehab to attend the awards ceremony

Fen freaks out when he learns that Carmine escaped from custody

Michael assures Fen that Carmine can’t hurt them, unaware that Carmine is hiding at the banquet

Lauren gets a shock as chaos strikes the Baldwin family

Adam and Chelsea work together as Connor suffers a crisis

Paul tracks down Penelope

Nikki is surprised by Paul’s news

Cane and Victor’s meeting has an unexpected development

A sneak peek at next week
Connor’s paternity test results come in

Abby and Tyler’s relationship heats up

Lauren worries about Fenmore

Sharon reveals her feelings to Nick

Nikki gets surprising news

Down the road previews

Christine returns as things heat up in the DA’s office

Katherine’s quest sends Jill in an intriguing direction

Chloe, Billy and Victoria are drawn into a troubling situation

Unexpected grief strikes Genoa City

Ashley heads home for a visit when her siblings need her

Alex interacts with a woman named Laura Flannery

Hilary’s secret plot to destroy Lily’s family reaches a boiling point

A huge emotional showdown changes the Winters family forever

A nearly forgotten deed casts a ripple effect on the present

Sharon continues to see Cassie as it becomes more and more evident that Sharon needs help

Victor’s machinations threaten his own marital and familial happiness

Genoa City reels through a series of shocks as the season turns to autumn

Nikki’s secret son shakes up Genoa City

A burly guy adds an additional challenge to November interlude in the lock up

Passionate, educated and ambitious cousin Andrew Abbott arrives

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