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For the Week of September 16, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of September 16, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
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Nick and Avery’s wedding day takes a surprising turn when they break up

Avery denies still being in love with Dylan

Nick tells Avery to take time to think

Avery is left alone in the rain

Nick has a meltdown as his emotions get the better of him

The storm breaks furiously as Victor and Adam confront one another

Realizing that being a good father means rejecting his father’s dysfunction, Adam blasts Victor

Adam and Victor’s relationship explodes as Adam rejects his father

Victor turns his malevolent attention to Jack

John’s warning to Jack about Victor using Summer for revenge nearly sends Jack to the bottle

Noah worries when he can’t find Sharon

Sharon returns home with dinner and a very good mood

Noah asks his mom if she’s off her meds

Sharon assures her son that she’s OK and looking forward to supporting Nick

Noah upsets Sharon with his opinion about Nick and Avery

Chelsea pleads with Dylan not to annul their marriage

Dylan asks for some time alone to say goodbye to Connor

The thunderstorm wakes Dylan’s PTSD

Chelsea returns and is horrified to find Dylan and the baby gone

Paul’s investigation on Nikki’s behalf turns up a significant clue

Nikki takes her emotional search for the truth to the church where her life changed

Hilary outsmarts Lily and Cane

Jill asks Michael for help contesting the will

Michael inspects the music box

Traci gets a massage

Adam wrestles with whether or not to cut Chelsea out of Connor’s life

Adam demands answers about Connor

Avery tries to help Dylan

Sharon tries her hand at matchmaking

Dylan’s breakdown forces Adam into action

Jack and Victor’s war enrages Summer

Oliver arrives for another photo shoot

Adam and Chelsea have a confrontation

Dr. Watkins reappears

A sneak peek at next week
Adam has an intense confrontation with Chelsea after she makes a confession

Abby and Tyler’s affair gets even hotter

Jack and Adam get ready to battle Victor

The Baldwins get shocking news about Carmine

Down the road previews

Nikki and Paul are drawn together as they work through Nikki’s complicated history

Victoria worries about Chloe and Billy’s close relationship

Chloe, Billy and Victoria are drawn into a troubling situation

Victoria finds herself tempted to resume her rightful place at her father’s side

Hilary’s secret plot to destroy Lily’s family reaches a boiling point

A huge emotional showdown changes the Winters family forever

Victor continues his vendetta against the Abbott boys

A nearly forgotten deed casts a ripple effect on the present

Sharon continues to see Cassie as it becomes more and more evident that Sharon needs help

Victor’s machinations threaten his own marital and familial happiness

Genoa City reels through a series of shocks as the season turns to autumn

Nikki’s secret son shakes up Genoa City

Ashley heads home for a visit when her siblings need her

Andrew Abbott arrives

Victor deals with the transition in his relationship with Adam as Adam discovers the man he wants to be for his own son

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