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For the Week of September 2, 2013
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of September 2, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Danny rehearses his song at the park

Amber expresses regret for not seeing Katherine one last time

Murphy refuses to explain why Katherine wanted her service to be held near the lake

Father Todd, Paul, and Kevin reflect on Katherine’s legacy

Paul gives Nikki a chance to turn back from the investigation she requested

Nikki thanks Paul for being her friend

Paul is trepidatious when Nina visits him at the station

Nina tells Paul that Katherine advised her to forgive him

Paul and Nina’s emotional embrace is interrupted by Christine

The memorial brings many surprises as the disparate people who loved Katherine come together one last time

Jill and Nikki reach out to support one another

Billy startles Jack with a comment about John

John appears in Jack’s line of sight

Nikki and Victor greet Gina

Lily hides her disdain for Amber

Brock and Jill have an emotional reunion

Katherine’s memorial is treated as she wanted it to be – as a celebration of her life

Jill reflects on her longtime relationship with Katherine

Esther and Jill break down in tears

Murphy announces that the park will now be known as Chancellor Park

Paul reads a letter from Katherine

Katherine’s friends and family gather for the reading of the will

Chelsea promises to do the right thing for Connor

Adam is blindsided by shocking news

Noah’s statement gets a reaction

A sneak peek at next week
Mitchell Sherman’s lawyer son, David, shares Kay’s final wishes

Adam confronts Chelsea

Lily’s plan to entrap Hilary hits a snag

Sharon plots to prevent Nick’s wedding

Chelsea tells Dylan the truth

Nikki tells Paul a secret

Down the road previews

An unexpected discovery changes everything

Dylan’s PTSD flares up in the emotional aftermath

Victoria worries about Chloe and Billy’s close relationship

Chloe, Billy and Victoria are drawn into a troubling situation

Hilary’s secret plot to destroy Lily’s family reaches a boiling point

A huge emotional showdown changes the extended Winters family forever

Jack hopes for a relationship with an increasingly fragile Summer

“Siblings” Summer and Kyle are tormented by their complicated feelings for one another

Jack’s secret activity takes Genoa City by surprise

Victor continues his vendetta against the Abbott boys

A nearly forgotten deed casts a ripple effect on the present

The disquieting reason behind Sharon’s extreme behavior is revealed

Victor’s machinations threaten his own marital and familial happiness

Genoa City reels through a series of shocks as the season turns to autumn

Nikki’s secret son shakes up Genoa City

Ashley arrives for a visit

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