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For the Week of August 26, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of August 26, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Katherine’s shocking letter to Nikki brings up buried memories

An emotionally compromised Nikki asks Paul for help with a secret only Kay knew

Paul learns that the phone number Nikki was given has been disconnected

Jill receives a cryptic message from Katherine

Nikki and Jill work together to plan Katherine’s memorial

Esther is touched by her letter and asks about Jill’s

Jill refuses to share Katherine’s final words to her

Katherine bequeaths to Jill everything Kay valued – if Jill looks in the right place

Jill is mystified by Katherine’s gift

Esther refuses to trust Jill with the combination to Katherine’s safe

Cane breaks up a spat between Jill and Esther

Esther and Cane warn Jill not to alienate her loved ones

Jill gives Esther a direct order

Katherine’s safe holds no answer – only a clue that sends Jill on a journey

Hilary and Mason enjoy an intimate moment

The blogger provokes Lily into confronting Cane

A nightmare about Carmine unsettles Lauren

Alex tells the Baldwins that Carmine may be in Chicago

Kevin opines that Carmine is playing games

Michael demands that the GCPD resolve the situation

Alex pursues the Chicago lead

Kevin and Paul rush to help the Baldwins

The Baldwins’ peace of mind is shattered when Lauren is blindsided anew

Avery is concerned by Faith’s stubborn resistance

Sharon forges ahead

Victoria helps Avery with wedding plans

Jack warns Victor not to interfere with Summer

Victor wonders about the identity of Adam’s secret investor

Father Todd officiates as Genoa City says good bye to a legend

Brock, Amber, Danny, Nina, Christine and Gina come from afar to pay their respects

Love for Katherine prompts a flood of memories

Danny performs a song in Katherine’s honor

Billy comforts Jill

Chelsea is taken aback by Connor’s health crisis

A sneak peek at next week
Katherine’s memorial is treated as she wanted it to be – as a celebration of her life

The memorial brings many surprises as the disparate people who loved Katherine come together one last time

Jill reflects on her longtime relationship with Katherine

Chelsea promises to do the right thing for Connor

Adam is blindsided by shocking news

Nikki’s secret son shakes up Genoa City

Down the road previews

Katherine’s will is read by Mitchell Sherman’s lawyer son, David

An eye specialist is called in to examine baby Connor

An unexpected discovery changes everything

Dylan’s PTSD flares up in the emotional aftermath

Victoria worries about Chloe and Billy’s close relationship

Chloe, Billy and Victoria are drawn into a troubling situation

Hilary’s secret plot to destroy Lily’s family reaches a boiling point

A huge emotional showdown changes the extended Winters family forever

Melanie takes her war with Adam a step too far

Jack hopes for a relationship with an increasingly fragile Summer

“Siblings” Summer and Kyle are tormented by their complicated feelings for one another

Jack’s secret activity takes Genoa City by surprise

Victor continues his vendetta against the Abbott boys

Sharon continues to focus on reconciling with Nick

Avery’s frustration grows as Sharon’s manipulations escalate

A nearly forgotten deed casts a ripple effect on the present

The disquieting reason behind Sharon’s extreme behavior is revealed

Victor’s machinations threaten his own marital and familial happiness

Genoa City reels through a series of shocks as the season turns to autumn

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