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For the Week of August 5, 2013
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of August 5, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Noah worries about Sharonís condition as Avery wonders about Phyllisís accident

Nick and Avery discuss Sharonís meds

Billy accuses Melanie of making a false rape charge

Melanie and Billy argue

Leslie advises Adam to say nothing

Adam complies with Paulís request for a DNA sample

Leslie assures Adam that she believes heís innocent

A furious Adam makes bail

Adam tries to pay off Melanie as Billy tapes their interaction

Billy and Adam face off

Leslie begins to investigate Melanie

Chelseaís labor continues

Adam and Chelsea discuss their baby

Lauren and Michael address the drug charges against Fen

Nikki and Victor comfort Summer

Adam asks Chelsea to vouch for his character

Neil tells his kids about the night he met Rose

Lily and Devon offer Neil their support

Neil worries that he mistreated Rose and deserves the bloggerís revenge

Devon warns Lily that there may be more to this than meets the eye

Neil undergoes hypnosis

Nikki warns Nick about Sharon

Lily pries into Abbyís relationship with Tyler

Hilary gets closer to Cane

Jill tells Hilary to leave Cane alone

Chelsea and Dylanís wedding is interrupted

Billy makes Victor an offer

A sneak peek at next week
Dylan delivers the baby

Abby and Tylerís relationship deepens

Sharon takes advantage of an opportunity to get closer to Nick

Lily picks up on Hilaryís agenda

Billy gets out maneuvered by Victor

Adam asks Sharon for help

Down the road previews

A new side of Neil emerges along with the truth about his past

Lily and Cane find themselves on a path that could destroy their marriage

A twist in Neilís journey to discover the truth about Rose impacts the Ashbys

A huge emotional showdown changes the Winters family forever

Avery prepares for her wedding

Victorís devious undermining of his daughterís marriage threatens his own marital happiness

Hillary focuses her attention on a vulnerable Cane

An eye specialist is called in to examine Chelseaís baby

Sharonís erratic behavior raises red flags about her medication

Mitchell Shermanís son reads Katherineís will

Katherineís decisions create boardroom and personal drama

Tucker is unwilling - or unable - to attend Katherineís funeral

The Underground gets an assertive bartender whose charm grows popular with the ladies

As Jabotís new line takes off, more fashion fans from Los Angeles visit Genoa City

A handsome Latino, Julian, brings his sex appeal to Genoa City

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