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For the Week of June 24, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of June 24, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Chloe and Billy discuss his gambling

Anita struggles with the temptation to take advantage of Adam’s wealth

Adam shares his parenting philosophy with Anita

Anita responds with a crafty clue about Chelsea’s baby

Adam’s suspicions grow

Dylan and Chelsea plan to wed

Chelsea is touched by Dylan’s romantic gesture

Anita walks in as the couple enjoy a celebratory embrace

Summer is frustrated by Phyllis’s machinations as Jack grows suspicious of Phyllis’s motives

Phyllis reminds Kyle that he used to like older women

Summer spurns Nick’s offer to get together

Jack confides his suspicions to Nick, who admits he hopes Phyllis is successful

Avery realizes that Nick is lying to her

Phyllis decides to double down on her tactics with Kyle and Summer

The trip to Chicago leads to trouble

Kevin makes an accusation about Chloe and Billy

Victoria confronts Billy about his gambling

Sharon is unsettled by Nick and Avery’s relationship

Avery tries again to get Nick to confide in her

The Ashbys celebrate Matilda and Charlie’s birthday

Gus’s will leaves half his estate to his children… and the other half to Rose

Leslie and Neil ask Avery for help

Neil advises Leslie to let the matter drop, unaware that their conversation is being spied on

Leslie insists on pursuing the possible connection between Rose and the blogger

Neil posts another inflammatory message to the blogger online

A photo of Rose is displayed on the unknown spy’s laptop

Benevolent barfly Rose Turner defies expectations

A mysterious woman with long red hair interacts with a shirtless Carmine

Billy has a heart to heart with his mom

Jill advises Billy to fight for his marriage

The Baldwins continue to try to save their marriage

A birthday celebration at the Abbott house brings an unexpected surprise for Kyle

Dylan’s medic friend Stitch arrives for a visit

Adam makes a discovery

A sneak peek at next week
Lily and Cane celebrate Independence Day

Leslie and Neil learn something surprising about Rose

Lauren plans a special evening for Michael

Billy fights for his marriage

Nikki and Victor return from their belated honeymoon

Down the road previews
Dylan’s dark side is revealed as Stitch’s presence in town reminds him of the war

Stitch encourages Dylan to find peace by dealing with the traumatic past they share

Hilary focuses her attention on a vulnerable Cane

Nick’s devastating secret stuns Genoa City

The Underground gets an assertive bartender whose charm grows popular with the ladies

As Jabot’s new line takes off, more fashion fans from Los Angeles visit Genoa City

A handsome Latino gentleman named Julian brings his sex appeal to Genoa City

The echoes of Cassie’s death strongly affect her loved ones as a mysterious presence arrives in town

Daniel returns as Genoa City is changed forever

Katherine’s decisions create boardroom and personal drama

Tucker is unwilling - or unable - to attend Katherine’s funeral

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