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For the Week of May 20, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of May 20, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Nick lets accusations fly when he suspects Kyle has seduced Summer

Phyllis arrives in time to catch the results of Summer’s machinations

Kyle tries to explain as Phyllis calls in the other parents

Fen reacts to Michael and Lauren’s hypocrisy about relationships

Abby and Alex notice the marks on Carmine’s neck

Paul issues a warning to Carmine

Jack and Kyle have a heart to heart

Kyle makes a confession that takes Jack by surprise

Nick is pushed into taking action about the corrupted original paternity test

Chelsea has trouble hiding exactly how far along she is

Adam gets curious about the calendar and Chelsea’s pregnancy

Chelsea focuses on her increasing commitment to Dylan and hiding how far along she really is

Sharon tells her therapist about feeling lost and purposeless

Dr. Watkins offers to work through it together

Dylan and Chelsea’s date is a disaster

Adam furiously confronts his ex-wife and demands the truth

Chelsea comes up with a twisted explanation

Cane tries to mend fences with Jill

Madame Miranda continues to tell fortunes at the carnival

Abby, Alex, Kyle, Chelsea and Dylan each seek insight into the future

One Genoan comes back for more information

Tyler tells Lily he’s quitting

Lily tries to make a deal with Tyler that might upset Cane

Tyler agrees to Lily’s offer

Avery struggles with her feelings for Dylan… and about the baby he’s expecting with Chelsea

Victor manipulates Victoria into a compromise with Adam

Lauren reminisces about her marriage

Phyllis is rattled by Traci’s insight

Billy and Victoria grow farther apart

The anniversary of Cassie’s death brings Nick and Sharon together

A sneak peek at next week
Phyllis and Nick work together to help Summer

Sharon sees Nick and Phyllis at a pivotal moment

Devon realizes that there’s something going on between Lily and Tyler

Cane and Lily receive worrisome news

Down the road previews
Dylan’s medic friend Stitch arrives for a visit

Lauren and Traci’s paths cross

The Baldwin family is thrown into an emotional tailspin

Fen finds himself caught in the middle of his parent’s disastrous mess

Budding legal eagle Melanie gets involved with Victor and Adam’s machinations

Conflict undermines Adam and Victor’s tenuous relationship

Dylan and Chelsea’s relationship continues to pain Adam

Adam and Sharon’s relationship takes another turn

Nick, Avery and Dylan come to an interesting understanding as summer begins

Avery convinces Nick that he’s the one she loves

Wedding bells tempt multiple love struck Genoans

Eyebrows rise as Summer’s behavior becomes increasingly reminiscent of her mother’s

Kyle begins to weaken under the onslaught of Summer’s determination

Jack and Phyllis worry that Nick was right about Summer and Kyle

Summer clashes with her anxious father

Billy’s confession leaves Victoria dumbfounded and their marriage foundering

Leslie is shocked when the answer to the riddle of Gus’s past turns out to be something completely unanticipated

Lily and Cane meet Hilary Curtis… who may have a connection with one or more of the Rogans

Benevolent barfly Rose turns defies expectations

The Pandora’s Box of Gus’s secrets takes the Rogan family down an unexpected path

The truth puts Neil and Leslie’s relationship at risk

Sharon and Nick worry together over their son

A surprising new professional opportunity comes Noah’s way

The Underground gets an assertive bartender whose charm grows popular with the ladies

As Jabot’s new line takes off, more fashion fans from Los Angeles visit Genoa City

Handsome Latino Julian brings his sex appeal to Genoa City

Alex’s new partner causes problems in his relationship with Abby

Awkward Raven mixes it up with the younger set

A doppelganger for Lauren gets mixed up with Carmine

A big revelation changes Phyllis’s life

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