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For the Week of May 6, 2013
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of May 6, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Paul puts the pieces together

Lauren rattles on about pulling her family back together

Paul asks Lauren for the truth about Carmine

Laurenís angry lies fail to fool Paul

Paul begs Lauren to repair her marriage

Lauren gets a text from Michael about Fen

Nikki seeks out Dr. Costnerís support and advice

Victor notices that Nikkiís relationship with Kurt is becoming personal

Chelsea agonizes over her babydaddy lie

Chloe insists that lying is the best way to handle the problem

Adam interrupts Chelseaís dinner with observations about her cravings

Chelsea bursts into tears and blames her hormones

The exes remember the baby they lost

Adam takes responsibility for ruining their marriage

A message from Dylan ruins the moment

Chelsea offers Dylan an escape clause so that he can pursue Avery

Chloe is caught off guard by Adamís emotional openness

Chelsea is tempted to tell Adam the truth

Leslie asks Gus about his past

Gus collapses in Leslieís apartment

Tyler comforts his dad as the squad arrives

Victor approaches Victoria with a plan to buy back Newman Enterprises

Victoria tells Victor that sheíll discuss it with Billy

Victor gets under Victoriaís skin when he mentions On The Boulevard

Victoria asks Nick and Abby to help her fight Adam

Nick asks Victoria if sheís willing to take down Victor if necessary

Billy is taken aback by Victoriaís vengeful attitude about Adam

Victoria offers Billy a vision of the future

Michael begins to put the pieces together

Lauren and Michael have it out

Michael confronts Lauren about the deck of cards

The Baldwins are interrupted with bad news about Fen

Lauren tries again to break things off with Carmine

Carmine implores Lauren to chose him over her husband

Kevin advises Michael to give Lauren a chance

Michael admits that Lauren may have crossed an unforgiveable line

Jack gets an unexpected visitor

Traci arrives for an extended visit, bringing words of caution for Jack

Dylan and Chelseaís relationship takes an intimate turn

Nick cautions Sharon about her love life

A devastated Michael voices his suspicions to Phyllis

Phyllis advises Michael to fight for his marriage

Michael confronts Lauren one more time

Lauren tries to fool her husband

Michael tells Lauren he already knows

Lauren admits the terrible truth

Neil and Leslie look for answers when their privacy is violated

A sneak peek at next week
Nick lets accusations fly when he suspects Kyle has seduced Summer

Adam re-evaluates his relationship with Sharon

Nick is haunted by the past

The blow back from Kevinís crimes hurts Chloe

Billy loses control of his addiction

Lily and Cane enjoy a romantic evening

Down the road previews
The outward appearance of Adam and Victorís new relationship conceals an unstable foundation as the pair work together to rid Newman Enterprises of its outsider stockholders

Nick realizes that Avery and Dylanís persistent connection has a parallel to his own relationship with Sharon

Avery is confounded by Nickís possessive behavior

Dylanís chivalrous nature touches Chelseaís heart as she begins to fall for him

Nick, Avery and Dylan come to an interesting understanding as summer begins

Victoriaís fertility drugs cause severe mood swings as she continues to obsess about Adam

Jack risks his heart one more time

Kyle begins to see Summer in a new light as her new, more mature persona becomes increasingly sophisticated

Chloe and Kevinís thrill seeking takes them down a shocking path

Kevin grows dependent on the rush of stealing

Neil worries about the potential fallout if the secrets in his private writings become public

The Baldwin family is thrown into an emotional tailspin

Carmine puts his effort into holding on to Lauren

Leslie looks for the truth about Rose Turner

The Pandoraís Box of Gusís secrets takes the Rogan family down an unexpected path

The truth puts Neil and Leslieís relationship at risk

Leslie is shocked when the answer to the riddle of Gusís past turns out to be something completely unanticipated

Sharon and Nick worry together over their son

A surprising new professional opportunity comes Noahís way

Lily and Tylerís relationship grows more intimate, putting her marriage at risk

Tylerís buddy Oliver Jones arrives from Los Angeles to lend his expertise for a photo shoot

Oliver and Tyler resume their friendship

Summer and Mason model for the shoot

Oliver raves about Summerís talent

As Jabotís new line takes off, more fashion fans from Los Angeles visit Genoa City

Nick, Phyllis and Jack find themselves at odds over Summer and Kyleís relationship

The question of Summerís paternity rears its head

Handsome Latino Julian brings his sex appeal to Genoa City

Alexís new partner causes problems in his relationship with Abby

Madame Mirandaís predictions unnerve a few Genoans

Awkward Raven mixes it up with the younger set

A big revelation changes Phyllisís life

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