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For the Week of April 15, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of April 15, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Avery and Dylan discuss painful memories

Lily and Tyler’s heart to heart about their troubled pasts creates a bridge

Lily kisses Tyler back

An emotional Tyler tells Lily that he feels a connection

Lily tells Tyler that they’re just good friends

Later, Tyler tells Leslie that he doesn’t know how to do relationships

Alex asks Kevin about a local burglary

Kevin and Chloe’s relationship feels the stress

Katherine is terrified by her tumor diagnosis

Cane persuades Katherine to tell him the truth

Katherine expresses her intent to hide her secret

Cane urges Katherine to tell Murphy and Jill the truth

Katherine loses her cool with Cane

Sharon asks Adam if he’s disappointed about Chelsea’s absence

Lauren puts her all into romancing her husband

Victoria worries about interacting with Adam socially

Billy tries to diffuse the situation with humor

The Newmans gather for Nikki’s birthday

A high stakes poker game puts temptation in Billy’s path

A shocking gamble puts more than money at risk

Sharon reveals a shocking secret

A sneak peek at next week
Adam and Dylan are shocked by Chelsea’s news

Avery finds herself confronted by her furious sister

Carmine tempts Lauren with an offer

Lily fights feelings of jealousy over Tyler

Katherine’s loved ones support her

Sharon and Adam’s relationship heats up

Down the road previews
Tyler’s relationship with Lily evolves in an unexpected direction

Murphy lends his support

Oliver Jones arrives from Los Angeles to lend his expertise for a photo shoot

The question of Summer’s paternity rears its head

Handsome Latino Julian brings his sex appeal to Genoa City

Fen reacts to the stress of his mother’s betrayal

Michael’s love for Lauren is tested

The heartbreaking fallout from Lauren’s affair changes everything

A tough but charming investigator arrives to lend her skills to Genoa City’s crime busters

Billy feels the pull of gambling again when gambling club owner Barry comes to town

Traci expresses concern about Jack’s love life

A big revelation changes Phyllis’s life

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