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For the Week of February 11, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of February 11, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Nikki is stunned by the news that her condition is incurable

Victoria notices Nikki’s tremors and realizes something is wrong

Nikki shares her test results with Victoria but withholds the probable diagnosis

Victoria advises Nikki to tell Victor the truth

Nikki worries about Victor’s reaction… and his own health problems

Victor is shocked when Nikki refuses to move the wedding up

Nikki makes up excuses to combat Victor’s demand for answers

Abby returns, embarrassed about her old choices

Lauren confronts Michael after Fen is released on bail

The ensuing argument prompts Lauren to walk out

Carmine offers wine and sympathy

An increasingly inebriated Lauren stops short of confiding all

Carmine drives Lauren home

Lauren and Carmine’s conversation is observed from afar

A hung over Lauren refuses to apologize to her husband

Sharon regrets the kiss

Adam insists that his marriage is over

Sharon counters that they’re better as friends for now

Adam accepts Sharon’s decision

Nikki interferes with Sharon’s plans

Paul calls Phyllis out on the hit and run

Phyllis realizes the extent of Summer’s responsibility

Paul learns the truth about Jamie

Jamie prepares to jump as Paul promises him that things will get better

Paul begs Jamie to come down from the ledge

Chelsea is stunned to find that she’s pregnant again

Cane sticks up for Chelsea

Marcus keeps Leslie off balance

Leslie’s anxiety about Wheeler escalates

Phyllis resents Christine’s attitude

Christine receives a surprising offer that may change her plans for her law suit

Victor warns Jack to stay away from Nikki

Nikki’s condition is revealed

A blizzard threatens Genoa City

Lily and Tyler make the best of it

Passion flares

A sneak peek at next week
Michael makes things right with his wife

Abby is delighted by a new man

Cane and Lily celebrate their anniversary by making up

Avery and Nick’s special evening is spoiled by shocking news

Cane advises Chelsea to work on her problems with Adam

Wheeler pressures Victor

Noah wonders what Dylan’s intentions really are

Phyllis and Jack’s relationship heats up

Down the road previews
A big revelation changes Phyllis’s life

Anita looks out for Chelsea’s interests

Young and sexy Connor Boyd seeks a carefree life apart from his family’s expectations

Eden leaves town

Jack embarks on a journey of recovery and redemption

John’s words and deeds resonate for Jack as he struggles against the temptation to stray from the example his father left him

Adam must choose between exploring a new romance with Sharon, or repairing his broken marriage

Complicated emotions continue to attract Adam to Chelsea

Alex finds a romantic reason to linger in Genoa City

The object of Alex’s affection may find herself unable to reciprocate

Adam enjoys success at the helm of Newman Enterprises

Victor and Victoria are infuriated by Adam’s competence

Billy and Victoria take full advantage of a Valentine’s season opportunity for romance

The truth about Jamie’s accident sets in motion some very intense dynamics

Carmine’s charms capture a beautiful woman’s attention

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