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For the Week of January 7, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of January 7, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
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Nick and Sharon discuss Noah’s woes

Sharon tells Nick about Adam’s offer

Nick warns Sharon of the approaching corporate bloodbath

Adam tells Chelsea he wants to offer Sharon a job

Chelsea hides her discomfort

Adam and Chelsea have a heated discussion

Sharon is presented with Phyllis’s old job

Billy informs Adam that they’ll be working together

Adam’s pending departure is music to Billy’s ears

Billy challenges Adam

Victoria and Billy argue about loyalty

Adriana greets Noah passionately, then tells him how she got the money

Noah tells Adriana that the money is gone

Adriana tells Noah that she took the money so that they could be together

Jack realizes that he forgot Kyle’s birthday

Kyle reassures his dad and tells him he only wants him to get better

Jack gives Kyle a treasured compass, telling his son that he’s his true north

Phyllis and Jack prepare to leave for rehab

Jack worries about Phyllis seeing him at his worst

Phyllis and Jack head to the Abbott cabin to begin the detox process

Jack panics when the doctor is delayed and unable to provide a drug to ease the detox process Phyllis assures Jack that they can handle 24 hours alone

Jack’s withdrawal becomes increasingly painful as the night progresses

Phyllis is horrified when a hallucinating Jack calls her “Stephanie”

Jack tries to bluff his way out of Phyllis’s questions

Nightmares bring Stephanie’s name to Jack’s lips again

Jack asks Phyllis to leave so she’s spared seeing him disintegrate

Phyllis refuses to abandon Jack

Jack’s condition worsens

Alex finds Adriana eating dinner at the club

Adriana is exasperated to find Alex harshing her groove

Alex asks Adriana where the money is

Adriana insists she has no idea what he’s talking about

Alex knows Adriana is lying

Noah begs Adriana to leave Genoa City

Adriana refuses to budge without the money

Noah worries when Adriana explains that Alex is a dangerous, dirty cop

Noah wonders if Adriana is lying

Adriana uses her charms to manipulate Noah

Nick searches the internet for information on Avery’s ex

Sharon and Nick celebrate Cassie on her birthday

Cane gives Tyler another chance

Tyler flirts with Lily

Leslie brings up a man from her past

Tyler’s interest in Lily worries Leslie

Chloe and Kevin seek a way to clean up their dirty money

Sharon says goodbye to Adam and Chelsea

Adam promises Jack that their plan will work

Victor receives a threat

Victor promises justice

Congressman Wheeler arrives

A sneak peek at next week
Genoa City gathers for The Underground’s grand opening

Phyllis chooses between Summer and Jack

Nick and Phyllis find common ground

Lily arranges a romantic surprise for Cane

Noah and Adriana strike sparks

Victor tries to bargain with Billy

Down the road previews
Leslie and Tyler hide a dangerous secret

Cane reacts to the chaos at Jabot and wonders if he should find another position

A pretty new face at Jabot puts temptation in Cane’s path

Neil’s interaction with Tyler changes the Winters family dynamics

Cane finds himself with a potentially ruthless rival

Tucker and Katherine’s troubled relationship begins to improve

Devon begins to accept Tucker back into his life

Tucker’s motivations are suspect as he attempts a connection with his family

Events send Tucker out of town

Victor wonders if Nikki wants their remarriage

Disturbing news spoils Nikki’s happiness as she and Victor prepare for their wedding

Victor and Nikki’s future hangs in the balance

Adam and Victoria compete to show who is most like Daddy

Victor and Victoria employ harsh tactics against Adam and Jack

Adam seeks to prove his worth as the true Newman scion

Chelsea is put off by Adam’s obsession as they struggle to rebuild their relationship

Victoria’s ruthlessness affects Billy

Nick and Phyllis’s divorce becomes final

Phyllis and Jack become one another’s savior

Nick’s new career hits an unexpected bump in the road

Victor uses the opportunity to nudge Nick back towards the family’s concerns

Avery and Nick’s feelings for one another deepen

An unexpected twist causes upheaval in their romance

A face from the past reopens a chapter Avery thought was closed

Avery’s ex arrives in town

Someone new comes into Sharon’s orbit

Dylan and Sharon hit it off

Michael and Lauren struggle to protect their son

The Baldwin’s marriage begins to crack under pressure

Michael takes a stand with Fen

Abby returns to Genoa City

Congressman Wheeler gets in the middle of Victor and Jack’s ongoing battle

Wheeler makes it clear he’ll do anything to protect his image

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