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For the Week of December 24, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of December 24, 2012. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
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Victor manipulates Victoria by playing the orphan card

Victoria tells Billy she wants to be with her family for Christmas

Billy warns Victoria

Victoria asks Billy to accept a truce with her father

Sharon realizes that Adam was behind the Genoa City arson wave

Adam and Sharon discuss their options

Sharon opts to protect Jabot at any cost

Adam tells Sharon that he’s in a position to use Jack’s weaknesses against him

Sharon wonders what Adam really means

The ex-lovers agree to abide by Dr. Watkins’s advice

Adam puts the pills back in Jack’s desk

Neil takes back his resignation

Jack prepares a press conference to deny the drug allegations

Neil and Jack discuss the article

Jack denies his addiction

Neil calls Jack out on his obvious lie

Jack refuses to try a 12 step recovery program

Kyle and Adam listen as Jack promises to make Jabot a Newman subsidiary

Jack’s peace offering is rejected

Leslie warns Tyler about his lady killing habits

Cane turns down Tyler’s graffiti idea

Tyler and Cane spar over Lily and Jabot

Chelsea bemoans her lousy karma

Chloe suggests that Sharon deserves bad karma, not Chelsea

Nick promises Sharon that she’s getting better

Phyllis asks Avery to come for Christmas

Avery sees the card Jamie gave Summer

Summer tells Avery about Fen and Jamie

Phyllis watches Summer confide in Avery

Summer says that she would rather have Avery’s advice than her mother’s

Hurt, Phyllis goads Avery about her divorce

Avery hides her discomfiture

Nick and Avery meet up for their own Christmas celebration

Lovemaking ensues after the gift exchange

Nick finds a pair of dog tags

Avery notices that Nick is distracted

Nick lies and says he’s worried about putting Faith’s toys together

Sharon and Nick spend Christmas morning together with their children

Summer asks Avery to come to Phyllis’s

Phyllis can’t keep herself from digging further into Avery’s divorce

Avery finds herself getting angry

Alone, Avery sadly reflects on the dog tags

Summer walks downstairs and inadvertently catches Noah with the bag of money

Noah is shocked to see Summer standing there

Summer wonders why Noah is hiding so much money

Noah’s guilty reaction makes Summer curious

John Abbott’s spirit is felt at Christmas

Jack hits an all time low

Nikki and Victor share a special Christmas gift exchange

Adam reaches out to Chelsea

Billy pays Adam and Chelsea a visit

Adam warns Billy to back off

Cane is bitten by the green monster of jealousy

Tyler charms Lily

Neil and Leslie get passionate

Chloe and Kevin hunt for the missing money

Tucker does his best Santa impression

Jill and Kay are surprised by Tucker’s Christmas spirit

Kyle is paid a visit by his friend Kieran

The Abbotts attempt an intervention on Jack’s behalf

Victoria asks Avery about Nick

Sharon and Victor run into one another

A sneak peek at next week
Daniel returns only to break his mother’s heart

Phyllis and Daniel say farewell

Leslie provokes Neil into an accidental revelation

Neil’s job impedes his romantic inclinations

Adam and Chelsea begin anew

A shocking rendezvous forces Adam to perform emergency damage control

Genoa City celebrates New Year’s Eve

Nick and Avery ring in the new year

Chloe makes a score that delights her husband

Kevin and Chloe celebrate coming into some money

Victor uses Mason to gain information about Jack

Jack’s shocking behavior leads to a confrontation with Victor

Summer is shocked by Fen’s announcement

Michael is appalled by Summer and Fen’s blow up

Down the road previews
Leslie and Tyler hide a dangerous secret

Cane reacts to the chaos at Jabot and wonders if he should find another position

A pretty new face at Jabot puts temptation in Cane’s path

Neil and Leslie grow closer

Tyler finds himself attracted to Lily

Neil’s interaction with Tyler changes the Winters family dynamics

Cane finds himself with a potentially ruthless rival

Tucker and Katherine’s troubled relationship begins to improve

Devon begins to accept Tucker back into his life

Jill and Tucker continue to set sparks with one another

Katherine re-evaluates her priorities after a serious scare

Tucker’s motivations are suspect as he attempts a connection with his family

Victor wonders if Nikki wants their remarriage

Disturbing news spoils Nikki’s happiness as she and Victor prepare for their wedding

Victor and Nikki’s future hangs in the balance

Adam and Victoria compete to show who is most like Daddy

Victor and Victoria employ harsh tactics against Adam and Jack

Adam seeks to prove his worth as the true Newman scion

Chelsea is put off by Adam’s obsession as they struggle to rebuild their relationship

Victoria’s ruthlessness affects Billy

Jack’s pill addiction makes the situation worse

Adam, Billy and Phyllis all warn Jack against putting Jabot under Newman control

Jack risks losing everything despite everyone’s hopes for a last minute rescue

Phyllis takes action

Nick and Phyllis’s divorce becomes final

Phyllis and Jack become one another’s savior

After resolving her anger with Avery, Phyllis begins to rebuild her relationship with Summer

Sharon and Adam begin working together

Someone new comes into Sharon’s orbit

Nick’s new career hits an unexpected bump in the road

Victor uses the opportunity to nudge Nick back towards the family’s concerns

Avery and Nick’s feelings for one another deepen

An unexpected twist causes upheaval in their romance

A face from the past reopens a chapter Avery thought was closed

Noah’s ex-girlfriend Adriana begs him for help

Fen’s jealousy and rage lead him to a shocking act

Jamie faces unthinkable consequences

Michael and Lauren struggle to protect their son

The Baldwin’s marriage begins to crack under pressure

Michael takes a stand with Fen

Abby returns to Genoa City

Congressman Wheeler gets in the middle of Victor and Jack’s ongoing battle

Wheeler makes it clear he’ll do anything to protect his image

Kyle’s twisted plans with his former stepmother cause consternation and dismay

Chloe and Kevin turn to larceny as Kevin goes in a surprising direction

The Newman Ranch rises from the ashes, as does its patriarch

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