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For the Week of December 17, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of December 17, 2012. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Lauren is surprised by Michael’s anniversary celebration

Michael gives his wife a love letter

Nick takes Avery to the club space and tells her he’s naming it The Underground

Jack tells Neil he’s planning to bring Jabot under the Newman umbrella

Neil asks if his future is secure

Jack promises that Neil will still be in charge

Neil warns Jack not to pursue too much power

Later, Neil tells Leslie that something is off with Jack

Nikki attempts to convince Chelsea to talk to the arson investigator

Chelsea refuses

Nikki tells Chelsea her marriage is over – Adam loves Sharon

Victor tells Adam that Sharon will go to prison unless Adam plays ball

Adam conditionally agrees to help Victor

Jack asks Adam what Victor wanted

Adam tells Jack about Victor’s plans and promises to have Jack’s back

Adam tells Jack to stop abusing his pills

Jack insists that rolling Jabot into the Newman fold is a great idea

Adam warns Jack not to do it

Chelsea and Adam discuss their marriage

Nikki and Victor set a date

Jill implores Katherine to forgive her son

Leslie and Neil find it difficult to keep things strictly professional

Michael has a romantic anniversary surprise for Lauren

Nick tells Victor he’ll fight for Newman Enterprises if Victor leaves Sharon alone

Victor refuses the offer

Nick regretfully tells Sharon that Victor is committed to prosecuting her

Sharon asks if Faith can spend the night at her house

Faith’s enthusiasm sways Nick

Nick allows the visit and leaves

Sharon bundles Faith up and leaves in a hurry

Nick returns to the cottage with Faith’s doll to find Sharon’s house disarrayed

Nick worries that Sharon has flown the coop with their daughter

Before Nick can call the police, Sharon returns with Faith

Sharon confesses that she intended to run away but couldn’t do it

Nick realizes that Sharon is barely hanging on and compliments her on her improved decision making

Avery offers to help with Sharon’s defense

Sharon offers her profuse gratitude and appreciation

Bad news gives Team Sharon an unexpected set back

Carmine takes a bartending job at On The Boulevard

Alex walks in and realizes Carmine looks familiar

Carmine denies knowing Alex

Alex asks Carmine if he’s from New York

To keep Alex from thinking he’s a criminal like his father, Carmine tells him he’s from Detroit

Alex flashes a picture of Adriana and asks Carmine if he knows her

When Carmine says no, Alex asks about Noah

Carmine is happy to tell Alex that Noah has a nasty temper

Adriana contacts Noah

Noah warns his ex that Alex is looking for her

Jack and Phyllis discuss his pills

Billy gets ready for Christmas

Chelsea and Adam “take a break”

Adam moves out

Jill tries to persuade Katherine to forgive Tucker

Nikki and Victor plan a Valentine’s Day wedding

Leslie and Neil find it difficult to fight their attraction

A sneak peek at next week
The Abbotts surprise Jack with an intervention

Phyllis grills Avery about her secret past

Adam tries to make a connection with Chelsea

Nikki and Victor celebrate Christmas with a special gift exchange

Summer uncovers Noah’s secret

Down the road previews
Leslie and Tyler hide a dangerous secret

Neil and Leslie grow closer

Tyler finds himself attracted to Lily

Neil’s interaction with Tyler changes the Winters family dynamics

Cane finds himself with a potentially ruthless rival

Tucker and Katherine’s troubled relationship begins to improve Devon begins to accept Tucker back into his life

Jill and Tucker continue to set sparks with one another

Katherine re-evaluates her priorities after a serious scare

Disturbing news spoils Nikki’s happiness as she and Victor prepare for their wedding

Victor and Nikki’s future hangs in the balance

Victoria and Billy battle Adam for control of Newman Enterprises

Adam and Victoria compete to show who is most like Daddy

Nick and Phyllis’s divorce becomes final

After resolving her anger with Avery, Phyllis begins to rebuild her relationship with Summer

Jack’s addiction provides Phyllis with a chance to save the day

Nick’s new career hits an unexpected bump in the road

Victor uses the opportunity to nudge Nick back towards the family’s concerns

Avery and Nick’s feelings for one another deepen

An unexpected twist causes upheaval in their romance

Kevin takes advantage of an criminal opportunity at Noah’s expense

Chloe finds herself in partnership with her husband’s unethical activities

Noah’s ex-girlfriend Adriana begs him for help

Fen’s jealousy and rage lead him to a shocking act

Jamie faces unthinkable consequences

Michael and Lauren struggle to protect their son

The Baldwin’s marriage begins to crack under

Abby returns to Genoa City

Congressman Wheeler gets in the middle of Victor and Jack’s ongoing battle

Wheeler makes it clear he’ll do anything to protect his image

Kyle’s twisted plans with his former stepmother cause consternation and dismay

Phyllis bids Daniel an emotional goodbye

A face from the past reopens a chapter Avery thought was closed

Adam takes advantage of an opportunity

Sharon finds happiness again with a former love

The Newman Ranch rises from the ashes, as does its patriarch

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