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For the Week of December 3, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of December 3, 2012. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Victor gives Adam a list of Jack’s medications

Phyllis finds the list on Adam’s desk

Sharon discusses her anxieties with her doctor

Chelsea and Adam fight about Sharon

Adam insists he’s not cheating

Chelsea points out that there are many ways to betray a marriage

Adam visits Sharon after she asks to see him

Sharon tells Adam she’s stopping all contact with him for his own good

Adam tells his ex that he can’t lose her – he may even still be in love with her!

Sharon pushes Adam back to his wife

Adam tries to convince Sharon that he can be her friend and Chelsea’s husband

Sharon and Adam share a final embrace

Chelsea searches the restaurant for Adam but finds Nikki instead

Nikki archly remarks that she used to be just like Chelsea

Chelsea asks about the fire that burned down the ranch

Nikki expresses anger for the person who destroyed her house of love

Chelsea thinks about telling Nikki the truth

Adam tells Chelsea that he won’t be seeing Sharon anymore

Chelsea is unsure whether to trust Adam again

Avery takes Nick to an empty building

Nick is baffled by the field trip

Avery tells Nick he should buy it and turn it into a nightclub

Nick is tempted by a new possibility

Avery encourages Nick to reach for his dreams

Nick invites Noah to be a part of his team

Noah and Nick bond over their shared passion for music

Phyllis tells Nick that Noah has been lying to him about Sharon

Nick wonders if he can work with his secretive son

Jack and Billy discuss how grateful they are that Victoria is okay

A traumatized Victoria lets Billy and Jack have it

Victoria makes it clear that she’s not alright

Billy makes a promise to Victoria

Neil offers Leslie a contract

Leslie finds herself unable to sign it

Neil and Leslie negotiate

Lauren takes a stand about Summer with Fen

Fen’s rage grows, putting Jamie at risk

Michael and Lauren try to help their son

Summer’s outrageous behavior attracts attention

Phyllis refuses to let Nick force her into the background

Nick and Phyllis try to work together for Summer’s sake

Jack’s mood swings cause unhappiness at work

Nikki and Victor’s housewarming gathering is crashed by unexpected guests

Billy plans a surprise

Detective Alex Chavez arrives from New York City with questions for Kevin and Noah

Adam tries to calm Sharon down

Jack comes closer than ever to rock bottom

A sneak peek at next week
Alex realizes that Noah is lying

Sharon implores Adam to make his marriage work

Victoria and Billy revel in their happy memories

Avery tells Nick about her past

Sharon is horrified when Nikki accuses her of arson

Down the road previews
Kyle’s twisted plans with his former stepmother cause consternation and dismay

Leslie’s orphaned kid brother Tyler moves to Genoa City after working his way through college

Neil’s interaction with Tyler changes the Winters family dynamics

Lily and Cane’s marriage is buffeted by the new guy in town

A dearly departed character makes an unexpected impact

Phyllis bids Daniel an emotional goodbye

Murphy returns from his fishing trip

Carmine finds himself in an interesting situation

A face from the past reopens a chapter Avery thought was closed

Fen makes a dangerous decision when jealousy overwhelms his good sense

Michael and Lauren struggle to protect their son

Lauren’s history as a teen bully boomerangs into her family’s present

Nick carves out his own path as his new life as an ex- Newman employee begins

Street savvy undercover cop Alex brings a secret from the Big Apple to Genoa City

Alex has questions about a past relationship as he tries to solve a case about stolen money

The mystery deepens when Alex’s initial investigation reveals an unexpected angle

Nikki and Victor plan their wedding in their new home

Adam takes advantage of an opportunity

Jack begins to feel as if everything is slipping away as the darkness encroaches

Sharon finds happiness again with a former love

Nick becomes a part of Sharon’s life again

Singer Adrianna flees her older brother and lands in Genoa City with a big secret

The Newman Ranch rises from the ashes, as does its patriarch

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