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For the Week of October 8, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of October 8, 2012. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Phyllis regrets having sex with Ronan

Leslie phones to let Phyllis know her trial is tomorrow

Phyllis seeks comfort from Ronan

Ronan tells Phyllis not to worry

Phyllis tells Ronan that no one saw her behind the wheel – but she worries about having alienated Kevin

Summer walks in to see her mother having sex on the couch

Nick tells Summer that Phyllis’s affair with Ronan isn’t real

Summer explains that she saw her mom in flagrante delicto

Phyllis tells Ronan that they have to stop having sex

Ronan asks to use the shower before he leaves

Phyllis denies everything to Nick

Nick horrifies Phyllis with news of Summer’s eyeful

Ronan wanders downstairs still damp from the shower

Phyllis asks Ronan to leave as Nick looks on with his jaw on the floor

Nick asks Phyllis why she did it

Phyllis explains that Nick left her high and dry

Nick loses it as the marriage implodes in a painful verbal confrontation

Tucker welcomes Victor home

Victor accuses Tucker of causing him harm

Tucker reminds Victor of the time he conspired with Katherine to take advantage of his coma

Victor agrees to drop the charges against Sharon in exchange for Beauty of Nature

Tucker tells Victor about Nikki’s dirty trick with the text and her trip to Fairhaven

Unaware of Tucker’s sacrifice, Sharon agrees to drop her abandonment charges if Victor drops his suit

Sharon vengefully rats out Tucker to the SEC

Victor informs Sharon that she just betrayed the man who kept her out of jail

Sharon desperately tries to reach Tucker before it’s too late

Tucker begs Devon for another chance

Tucker is arrested by the FBI in front of his son

Sharon apologizes profusely to a shocked Tucker

Christine asks Michael to explore Kevin’s connection to Tim’s death

Michael and Christine are shocked when they find out Ronan got rid of the rug

Chloe caves when Michael pressures her to tell the truth

Abby catches Summer in a lie

Summer opens up to Abby

Abby encourages Summer to let Phyllis back into her life

Nikki and Victor worry about the future of Newman Enterprises

Victor realizes that Sharon sold enough of her personal shares to enable the small stockholders to take control of the company

Newman Enterprises continues to founder

Victor asks for help

Adam wonders if he should lend his aid

Summer’s behavior worries Nick

Nick blames Phyllis for Summer’s antics

Phyllis’s trial begins

Olympic track and field star Kerron Clemont visits Genoa City

Summer goes missing

Phyllis’s trial takes an unexpected turn

Jack presents Victor with surprising news

A sneak peek at next week
Phyllis’s verdict shocks the court room

Tragedy touches Chelsea and Adam

Cane catches up with the mystery stalker

Jack announces news that devastates the Newmans

Sharon’s breakdown destroys the heart of the Newman family

Down the road previews
Genevieve leaves Genoa City

Abby says goodbye

Victor tests his children’s strength, resolve and loyalty

Adam reverts to his dark side in an epic struggle with his father

A complete mental breakdown takes Sharon to a place where she can finally begin her journey of recovery

A tragedy changes life at the ranch forever

Nikki, Victor, Victoria and Nicholas struggle to overcome their broken hearts

Victor and Nikki move into a sky high home in the city

After losing everything, Sharon must rebuild her life and her family’s

Sharon finds happiness again with a former love

Fen is tormented by teen troublemaker Shane

Troubled, introverted teen Jamie joins the younger set

Tyler Douglas, a young man orphaned as a 16 year old, arrives on the scene in Genoa City after working his way through college

Neil’s interaction with Tyler changes the Winters family dynamics

Jack finds that having it all doesn’t make him invincible

The decision to remove the bullet brings an unexpected negative result

Billy and Jack fall into conflict over Jack’s situation

Katherine decides to un-retire and resume control of Chancellor Industries

Tucker expresses his concern from a place of limited credibility

Worry prompts Tucker to ask for help from the one person his mother might respond to

Jill confronts Katherine about the potential ramifications for her health

Tucker and Jill are brought into one another’s orbit as they work together to protect Katherine

Paul takes an emotional journey to understand Ricky and rediscover his own true and good self

Phyllis makes a decision that breaks a stunning taboo

Nick and Phyllis’s relationship implodes

Summer struggles with anger, grief and acting out as her mother’s choices devastate her family

In her trial’s wake, Phyllis embarks on a plan to win back her pride and dignity

Jack reaches out to Phyllis with a supportive hand up

Phyllis and Jack reconnect

Daisy’s past catches up with her

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