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For the Week of August 20, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of August 20, 2012. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Timís dream night with Phyllis turns into a nightmare

Phyllis slips a drug into the bottle of wine she intends to serve to Tim

Tim brings his own bottle of celebratory wine

Phyllis adopts Plan B, retrieving an allergy pen from upstairs

Tim pops a few virility enhancement pills

The stimulant proves to be too much for Tim

Kevin arrives unexpectedly to find Timís corpse

A panicked Phyllis begs Kevin to help her get rid of the body

Kevin refuses, but Phyllis convinces him that he is already complicit in the crime

Phyllis and Kevin move Timís body back to his own apartment

Beth runs into Kevin

Kevin covers by explaining that heís a door to door encyclopedia salesman

The coroner reveals that Tim died of a heart attack

Beth tells Ronan about the odd encyclopedia salesman

Ronan tells Phyllis that Tim is dead

Phyllis pretends to be shocked and horrified

Ronan notices something a little off in Phyllisís reaction

Tucker aids Sharon in her quest for power

Sharonís control of Victorís stock sways the board in her favor

The board votes in Sharon as CEO of Newman Enterprises

Victoria and Nicholas vow to fight back

Nicholas enlists Adam as a negotiator

Adam tactfully reminds Sharon that she doesnít have the experience the position requires

Sharon tells Adam what he can do with his opinion and advice

Sharon discontinues the search for Victor and fires the head of security for thwarting her order

Genevieve is shocked when she witnesses Sharon and Tucker in a passionate moment

A sneak peek at next week
Cane realizes Genevieve may be haunting herself for unsavory reasons

Sharon stands her ground when Nick and Victoria move against her

Jack is suspicious of Tuckerís motives

Kevin is horrified when evidence implicates him in a possible crime

Michael is shocked to discover that Kevin may be involved in Timís death

Phyllis and Kevin scramble to hide the truth

Down the road previews
Sharonís psychological problems destroy her personal and professional life

Nick and Victoria commit to a dark and desperate plan to break Sharonís hold on Newman Enterprises

Rickyís vicious final revelation from beyond the grave pushes Paulís mental health to the brink

Victor searches his soul for answers as he becomes involved in the mission community

Sister Celeste has no idea that the homeless man sheís helping is a runaway billionaire

Genevieve heads to Los Angeles to find Victor

Sister Celeste instinctively finds Genevieve to be untrustworthy

Sharon and Tuckerís relationship takes a turn towards marriage

Victorís situation grows increasingly perilous, leaving him in dire need of rescue

Billy finds Victor, and finds himself caught in an unexpected alliance

Billyís decision could have long lasting ramifications for his marriage

Traci pays Genoa City another visit

Katherine Chancellor and the rest of Genoa City pay homage to Victor Newman at his extremely untimely funeral

Nikkiís heartbreak is interrupted by Victorís sudden appearance

Victorís score settling return to Genoa City results in ugly conflicts

Sharon, Nikki and Adam pay a price for their actions

Victor holds Sharon responsible

Nick and Phyllisís marriage is beset with challenges that could be their undoing

Christine returns to Genoa City for Phyllisís late September trial

A scandalous woman returns to Genoa City with a big surprise

Daisyís past catches up with her

Victor and Sharonís intimate relationship ends, but the damage from their romance lingers

Startling changes alter Lily in unexpected ways

Murder rocks Genoa City

Colinís change of circumstances has a ripple effect in Genoa City

Jillís behavior stuns her family when she explains herself in the fall

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