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For the Week of August 13, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of August 13, 2012. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Avery tries to help Paul

Michael pressures Lauren to remain quiet about the gun

Lauren pays Paul’s bail

Paul, Avery and Nina celebrate

Avery confronts Phyllis about her behavior

Paul tells Lauren he agrees with Michael’s position on the gun

Sharon decides that Victor’s behavior is a test to provoke her into showing her mettle

Nikki interrupts Sharon burning the prenuptial agreement

Sharon innocently explains that she’s simply enjoying a nice fire

Nikki and Sharon bicker furiously when Nikki admits she sent the text

Sharon accuses Nikki of being obsessed with Victor

Nikki accuses Sharon of doing away with Victor

Nick breaks up the fight

Sharon lies to Nick about the burning paperwork

Nick suspects Sharon burned up the pre-nup

Leslie Michaelson is consulted

Nikki returns home and is caught off guard by Jack’s honeymoon arrangements

Jack is dumfounded when Nikki refuses to go anywhere while Victor is missing

Nikki decides to look for Victor

Jack warns Nikki that he might not be waiting for her to return

Nikki leaves anyway

Michael realizes that Tim’s testimony will incriminate Phyllis

Nick tries to persuade Victoria to control her husband

Victoria reminds Nick that Phyllis already tried to get Billy to back off

Billy worries about the Restless Style TV show’s average ratings

The producers pressure Billy to find a scandalous story to promote

Billy finds out that Michael is about to depose Tim

Tim is ambushed by Billy and the camera crew at the bookstore

Billy fires off a series of provocative questions

Tim tries to escape as Billy and crew follow closely

Kevin reaches out to Phyllis with a proposition

A mysterious puppeteer pulls strings in Genoa city

Sharon teams up with Tucker to take control of Newman Enterprises

Victoria threatens Sharon

Sharon stands her ground

Nick and Victoria try to minimize Sharon’s growing power

Sharon makes a statement that neutralizes her step children

Davis Holloway is asked to show his support

Daniel puts the moves on Heather in front of his mother

Phyllis demands that Daniel dump Heather

Heather and Daniel get caught up in a passionate moment

Victor finds himself in a seedy situation

Phyllis cruelly uses Tim’s feelings against him

Tim’s emotions turn dangerous

A sneak peek at next week
Dr. Tim’s death leaves Kevin and Phyllis working overtime to cover up the evidence trail

Tucker employs Genevieve to find Victor

Victor meets Sister Celeste

Sister Celeste tries to help Victor

Sharon makes her grab for power at Newman Enterprises

Down the road previews
Phyllis and Billy have a dramatic falling out

Victor searches his soul for answers as he becomes involved in the mission community

Sister Celeste has no idea that the homeless man she’s helping is a runaway billionaire

Genevieve heads to Los Angeles to find Victor

Sister Celeste instinctively finds Genevieve to be untrustworthy

Victor’s score settling return to Genoa City results in ugly conflicts

Christine returns to Genoa City for Phyllis’s late September trial

A young adult recently returned to Genoa City comes out

Michael’s friendship with Phyllis goes through the wringer

Christine fights to keep Paul from giving into despair and self loathing

Lauren struggles with guilt as Paul’s situation worsens

Adam and Chelsea are sucked into an unsought triangle with Sharon’s drama

A scandalous woman returns to Genoa City with a big surprise

Daisy’s past catches up with her

With Ashley gone, Tucker does his best to carry on

Victor and Sharon’s intimate relationship ends, but the damage from their romance lingers

Phyllis, Nick, Michael and Lauren find themselves battling teenage hormones

Colin’s change of circumstances has a ripple effect in Genoa City

Jill’s behavior stuns her family when she explains herself in the fall

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