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For the Week of August 6, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of August 6, 2012. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Christine begs Paul to reconsider his guilty plea

Paul fires Christine

Nikki’s emotional reaction to Victor and Sharon’s marriage is misinterpreted by Sharon

Sharon returns to the ranch and begins to drink

Tucker unexpectedly arrives and prevents Sharon from getting behind the wheel

Sharon accepts Tucker’s offer to take her back to the Abbott house

Drunk and furious, Sharon creates a scene at the wedding party

Nikki pushes Sharon into the pool

Tucker mops up Sharon’s mess

Abby has harsh words for Sharon

Sharon plants a big wet kiss on her latest rescuer and passes out

Tucker gets out from under Sharon and leaves

Jack wakes up alone in bed as Nikki spends her wedding night trying to contact Victor

The Newman kids wonder where Dad went this time

Victor can’t be found at any of his usual bolt holes

Victoria gets frustrated at Victor’s manipulative behavior

Detective Harvey of the GCPD looks into Victor’s disappearance

Heather and Daniel press Eden to consider hypnosis

Eden is hypnotized

Kyle tries to help Eden

Eden’s mental health hangs in the balance

The Restless Style reality show keeps the cameras running

Billy’s article freaks out Phyllis

Phyllis is outraged that a family member could turn on her like that

Avery obtains a gag order

Victoria listens as Billy has a light bulb moment

Billy digs for the rest of the dirt on Phyllis

Tim presses Phyllis for another meeting at the bookstore

Phyllis fobs Nick off with a fib

Tim asks for sex or lots and lots of money – Phyllis’s choice

Phyllis hopes to raise the financial payout

Phyllis desperately tries to control her Tim problem

Nick discovers Phyllis lied about having to babysit Lucy

Phyllis is caught off guard by someone in the bookstore

Billy edges closer to discovering an explosive secret

Phyllis does what Tim asked her to do

Harmony and Neil’s date is a disaster

Adam worries Kevin with bad news about the competition

Nikki and Sharon draw battle lines in the wake of Victor’s exit

Sharon is toyed with

A frustrated and sad Christine prepares to leave Genoa City

Michael takes a big risk for Paul’s sake

A sneak peek at next week
Tucker and Sharon work together to take control of Newman Enterprises

Jack has a negative reaction to Nikki’s obsession with Victor

Nikki tries to find her AWOL ex

Phyllis’s game of cat and mouse with Tim turns dangerous

Billy digs for the truth about Tim and Phyllis

Heather and Daniel take their relationship to the next level

Down the road previews
Victor meets Sister Celeste at her waterfront mission

Sister Celeste tries to help Victor

Victor searches his soul for answers as he becomes involved in the mission community

Genevieve gets drawn into Victor’s drama

Victor’s score settling return to Genoa City results in ugly conflicts

A young adult recently returned to Genoa City comes out

Michael’s friendship with Phyllis goes through the wringer

Christine fights to keep Paul from giving into despair and self loathing

Lauren struggles with guilt as Paul’s situation worsens

Adam and Chelsea are sucked into an unsought triangle with Sharon’s drama

A scandalous woman returns to Genoa City with a big surprise

Daisy’s past catches up with her

An indignant Nina gets involved as an old wrong done to Christine comes to light

Nina and Ronan try to work on their relationship

With Ashley gone, Tucker does his best to carry on

Victor and Sharon’s intimate relationship ends, but the damage from their romance lingers

Victor leaves town

Sharon finds support from an unexpected quarter

Phyllis, Nick, Michael and Lauren find themselves battling teenage hormones

Colin’s change of circumstances has a ripple effect in Genoa City

Jill’s behavior stuns her family when she explains herself in the fall

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