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For the Week of July 30, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of July 30, 2012. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Jack and Sarge’s friendship grows

Sarge confides that he became a physical therapist because he put his brother in a wheelchair

Jack and Ashley fight about the Jabot merger

Ashley is disgusted by Jack’s greed

Victor asks Ashley for her vote

Ashley refuses to cooperate with Victor

Victor gloats to Sharon that he now has Ashley exactly where he wants her

Ashley reaches out to Abby for leverage

Ronan learns that Beth has been calling someone in Mexico

Tim is uncooperative when Ronan finds him

Ronan tells Tim that Beth will be charged with obstruction unless he cooperates

Tim talks to protect his lover

Phyllis admits to Nick that she bribed Tim

Nick is disappointed that Phyllis lied to him again

Ronan brings Tim back to Genoa City

Nick wonders if Tim’s testimony could put Phyllis away

Tim uses confidentiality as a stalling tactic

Michael asks Tim what he knows

Avery has bad news for Phyllis

Tim threatens disclosure unless Phyllis does what he wants

Cornered, Phyllis agrees to meet with Tim

Phyllis is upset by Tim’s demands

Paul is devastated by his assumption that Ricky killed Tim

Paul makes a shocking decision

Abby whines about her community service obligations

Ashley blows her stack at her spoiled daughter

A contrite Abby reaches out to Kay to apologize

Kay’s wisdom has an effect on Abby’s perspective

Abby writes Kay a check to cover the Gala’s losses

Kay agrees to Abby’s request to keep the donation anonymous

Ashley continues to vent about her wayward child’s selfishness

Kay betrays Abby’s secret to Ashley

Ashley is relieved that her little girl is finally growing up

Victor tries to use Jack and Nikki’s upcoming nuptials as a wedge to manipulate Kyle

Kyle leans on Eden for support as Jack gets ready to marry the woman that killed his mother

Jack stays one step ahead of his nemesis

Sharon learns a secret about Chelsea

Nikki tells her children that she and Jack are getting married this week

Sharon is alienated by Victor’s obsession with Nikki

Victor steals a march on Nikki by marrying Sharon

Genoa City is agog at the spectacle

Victoria warns Billy that something could ruin the wedding

John appears for a bittersweet family reunion

Tracy joins her family as the Abbotts gather for the wedding

Ashley announces that she’s leaving town

Emotions run high as Jack and Nikki marry in the Abbott’s back yard

Nick escorts his mother down the aisle

Victor crashes the wedding

Nikki is caught up in emotion as Victor makes his move

Ashley leaves Genoa City

A sneak peek at next week
Billy edges closer to unearthing a secret about Phyllis

The Newmans face turmoil in the wake of Victor’s disappearance

Sharon issues cause a scene at Jack and Nikki’s wedding

Eden pursues drastic measures to save Paul

Eden undergoes hypnosis

Harmony and Neil’s first official date goes badly

Down the road previews
A young adult recently returned to Genoa City comes out

Michael’s friendship with Phyllis goes through the wringer

Cane’s sister Samantha might not be quite as dead as he thought

Christine fights to keep Paul from giving into despair and self loathing

Lauren struggles with guilt as Paul’s situation worsens

Victor takes a drastic step that has a major effect on Sharon

Sister Celeste lends Victor a helping hand during a time of trouble and despair

Adam and Chelsea are sucked into an unsought triangle with Sharon’s drama

A scandalous woman returns to Genoa City with a big surprise

Daisy’s past catches up with her

An indignant Nina gets involved as an old wrong done to Christine comes to light

Nina and Ronan try to work on their relationship

With Ashley gone, Tucker does his best to carry on

Victor and Sharon’s intimate relationship ends, but the damage from their romance lingers

Victor leaves town

Sharon finds support from an unexpected quarter

Phyllis, Nick, Michael and Lauren find themselves battling teenage hormones

Colin’s change of circumstances has a ripple effect in Genoa City

Jill’s behavior stuns her family when she explains herself in the fall

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