November 18 to 22, 1996
Danny and Phyllis received the heartbreaking news that Daniel had bacterial meningitis. Katherine told Kurt that if he stayed and made her house his home, she would leave him a substantial inheritance. The quadrangle continued among Ryan, Nina, Cole, and Victoria. Ashley met with Diane. Victor kissed Nikki.
November 25 to 29, 1996
Nina was devastated when Cole set her straight about his feelings. Nick convinced Victoria to visit her husband. Ryan tried to help Phillip cope with Nina and Ryan's divorce. Phyllis turned to God as her son got worse. Jack wanted to be closer to Diane. Diane didn't want to wreck Jack's relationship with Ashley. Sid offered Malcolm a wonderful opportunity, and Dru agreed to lie to Neil to help Malcolm. Kurt saved Ashley's life, but it might have cost him his own life.
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December 2 to 6, 1996
Katherine visited Ashley's mystery man and recognized him as Kurt. Diane gave blood in the mystery man's name, but it did not impress Ashley. Dru convinced Malcolm to sign up for the photo shoot, and she told him she would handle her husband. She then told Neil that it was a "package deal" -- Malcolm wouldn't get his big break unless she participated in the shoot. Cole issued Victoria an ultimatum. Ryan continued to try to make his reconciliation with Nina work, but Nina didn't appear to be interested. Nina agreed to a Christmas vacation for Phillip's sake. Cole received a poignant letter from Nina.
December 9 to 13, 1996
Olivia and Neil discussed whether Dru's focus was family or business. Jack and Diane got back together. Katherine told Ashley how she'd met Kurt. Ashley told Katherine that she was going to find out all there was to know about Kurt. Phyllis gave back Tim's ring. Danny told Phyllis that he wanted to move in. Grace lied to Sharon, and Sharon confronted her. Grace tried to resist Tony, but he made it difficult to say no. Victor, Hope, Nikki, and Josh all showed up at the Colonnade Room for dinner. Victoria and Cole also happened to be there, and Victor and Nikki were pleased to see them together. Cole and Victoria returned home and had a passionate evening.
December 16 to 20, 1996
Danny moved in with Phyllis. Nina arrived at Cole's house, where she saw him in bed with Victoria. Ashley wanted to help Kurt. He didn't want her help. Neil put his foot down about Dru's modeling endeavors. Nina and Ryan slept together, but Nina regretted it. Victor asked Kurt to stay at Victor's place and keep an eye on Hope and Victor Jr. while Victor was out of town. Nina got fired. Victor told Jack that there was no way Jack would acquire the new business, but Jack refused to give up. Ryan got a big break in his career that required him to leave Genoa City, but Nina didn't want to go with him.
December 23 to 27, 1996
Tony crashed Nick and Sharon's party. Tony humiliated Grace by introducing himself as her boyfriend. Jill canceled her holiday plans with John Silva after Billy asked his daddy why Jill didn't love Billy. Jack was not in the Christmas spirit until Diane showed up. Phyllis received a card from Sasha, announcing that Sasha and Peter were getting married. Gina gave Phyllis advice about the situation with Danny. Phyllis tried to seduce Danny with a dance. Neil thought a trip to Hawaii would be the perfect place to tell Dru to stop modeling. Meanwhile, Dru was offered a job in Tahiti, and she invited Neil to go along. Neither plan worked. Nina suffered from severe depression. Cole tried to help. Kurt realized that Hope was blind, and he decided to stay and watch over her.
December 30, 1996 to January 3, 1997
Phyllis received a marriage proposal on New Year's Eve. Neil showed that he might not be as dumb as people thought. Kurt moved in with Hope and got better acquainted with her. Hope was less than thrilled at the thought of Kurt serving as her babysitter. Phyllis overheard a phone conversation between the police and Christine, and Phyllis freaked out. Nina was more despondent than ever. Cole tried to help, but he only made things worse. Ashley asked Hope to find out more about Kurt. Kurt told Hope that he had been married and that he had a child. Victor Jr. spotted Kurt crying. Hope asked Kurt to let her and Victor Jr. help him. Jill showed up uninvited at Katherine's New Year's Eve party. At midnight, Grace kissed Nick.
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