Daytime Emmys
All Hail the GH Men
Posted Friday, May 21, 1999 - 11:41:14 PM
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There were few surprises among the winners this year. As expected by most of the media types, this was General Hospital's year to shine. In the past twelve months, the periennal winner saw one of its core characters battle drug addiction and it's fairytale couple found themselves living in one big nightmare.

The writers of General Hospital were honored for writing several incredible storylines. Most soap fans, regardless of which soaps they watch, know or have heard of Luke and Laura. In the 80s, Luke and Laura were the epitome of soap opera-dom. Few remembered that their fairytale relationship began as anything but happy. The character of Luke Spencer sexually assaulted his would-be wife, Laura. So many years later, Luke was forced to confront how he and his wife's relationship actually began. For GH viewers this was a horrible wake-up call. Some fans asked how the writers could destroy one of the most enduring relationship on the soaps. Others were outraged that the soap had glamorized rape when the couple first met.

For their parts in the storyline, both Anthony Geary (Luke) and Jonathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer) were honored with Emmys. Not only did Jackson have to cope with the knowledge that his father had raped his mother, but his girlfriend was also sexually assaulted. GH went on to sweep the men's side of the Emmys as Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine) won for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Geary won for Leading Actor and Jackson for Younger Actor.

While GH was busy sweeping the men's awards, The Young and the Restless took two of the three female acting awards.


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