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AMC's ratings soar, OLTL holds steady on OWN
Posted Tuesday, August 13, 2013 11:01:29 PM
The ratings for All My Children and One Life to Live's broadcasts on OWN for the week of August 5 have been released.
The ratings are in for All My Children and One Life to Live's broadcasts on the OWN network during the week of August 5.

This ratings period marked the first since OWN changed the broadcast schedule of the two soaps. In the three weeks prior, AMC and OLTL each aired in two-hour blocks. In an effort to cut down on scheduling confusion, All My Children and One Life to Live now air just once per day, back-to-back, beginning at 1:00pm ET/PT.

All My Children's ratings soared during the measured period. An average of 204,500 viewers watched each of the four new episodes that aired during the week, an increase of 26% from the week before when an average of 151,100 tuned in. A series high 276,000 viewers watched the Wednesday, August 7, episode.

Understandably, the cumulative viewership dropped with their being fewer episodes broadcast each week -- 818,000 total viewers watched the four episodes of All My Children. During the previous ratings period, a total of 1.81 viewers tuned in for the 20 episodes, or 90,500 viewers per episode.

One Life to Live's ratings dipped slightly to 154,250 per episode in its new timeslot. During the previous week when OLTL aired at 300pm ET/PT, the show averaged 155,000 viewers per episode. OLTL's per-episode average doubled when compared to the previous rating period. An average of just 78,300 viewers watched the 20 episodes airing the previous week.

Complete ratings details are available from TV Media Insights.

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