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Update on AMC, OLTL's move to the Internet
Posted Monday, July 25, 2011 7:14:28 PM
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After nearly a month with no updates, the production company that will take ALl My Children and One Life to Live to the Internet has broken its silence. Prospect Park has explained that it is negotiating with unions and guilds to make sure everyone is happy with web-based soaps.

There have been few details released since the announcement on July 8 that ABC had struck up a deal to license its canceled daytime drama series, All My Children and One Life to Live, to media and production company Prospect Park. The lack of details has prompted some soap fans to worry that the deal might not be all it was believed to be.

While there are still more questions than answers, Prospect Park has broken its silence -- and setside sources are also leaking details of what they've been hearing from behind the scenes.

TVGuide reported earlier this month that the first Internet edition of All My Children would be airing on Monday, September 26 -- just three days after the final AMC broadcast on ABC. That now seems unlikely. Over the past two weeks, numerous AMC stars have taken to the Internet to inform fans that they've not yet been approached with any details about new contracts.

Now there's an explanation as to why Prospect Park has been silent. In a press release issued by the production company, Prospect Park has revealed that it is trying to iron out deals with the various unions that represent the on-screen and behind-the-scenes talent.

"The love and support for All My Children and One Life to Live is truly amazing. Since we announced our intention to work with the shows, the fan outreach we've experienced over the past few weeks further validates our decision to work to keep them going for years to come," Prospect Park said in the release. "However we also respect the organizations and processes that are in place so that all can apply their craft within the infrastructure that the entertainment industry has set, specifically in this case with the appropriate guilds and unions. We are in the process of working out the essential terms of our proposed collective bargaining agreements with the appropriate guilds and unions, which we must do prior to firming up deals with above-and below-the-line talent."

Prospect Park added that it would provide additional updates "as needed."

Where will All My Children be filmed? Citing anonymous souces, Soap Opera Weekly revealed that Prospect Park has "secured AMC's current sets, studio, and wardrobe."

Soaps In Depth is reporting on rumors regarding how often All My Children might air once it moves to the Internet. In its initial press release trumpeting the licensing deal, ABC announced that both AMC and One Life to Live would be broadcast via the Internet with "the same quality and in the same format and length." There was no mention of how often.

"AMC may become a seasonal series -- not a daily one," Soaps in Depth reported on its web site.

In behind-the-scenes news, sources tell that Prospect Park has reached deals that will keep Julie Hanan Carruthers and Lorraine Broderick on board as All My Children's executive producer and head writer, respectively. Frank Valentini has also reportedly been approached about continuing on as One Life to Live's executive producer. There is no word, however, on Ron Carlivati's future as head writer of OLTL. Last month, ABC announced that Carlivati would be joining the writing team at General Hospital after One Life to Live completes its run on ABC.

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