soapcentral.com marks its 15th anniversary
Posted Wednesday, March 17, 2010 12:17:06 PM
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On March 23, 2010, the soapcentral.com site marks its 15th anniversary. As part of our celebration of the milestone, we're offering you a look back at how the site has changed during that time.

On March 23, 1995, soapcentral.com made its official debut on the Internet. Since that time, we've posted more than 35,000 recaps, written over 10,000 news articles, and welcomed more than 100,000,000 visitors to the site. And those visitors have been busy. Every day, soap fans post in excess of 8,500 messages on our message boards. In 15 years, that adds up to more than 45,000,000 message board posts.

We're so honored that you've chosen to make soapcentral.com your favorite soap opera web site for each of the past 15 years -- we couldn't have marked this milestone without you. So, we're reaching into our bag of tricks to make this anniversary year even better. We've posted flashbacks to designs that we've used in the past, and even dusted off some of our own logos. Plus, to help you get into a celebratory mood, we're unveiling the first giveaway in our "15 years, 15 chances to win" contest series.

15 Years: Redesign

As you've probably noticed, the soapcentral.com web site looks a little different than it did last month. While not a major overhaul, we decided that we needed to spruce things up to help celebrate our 15th anniversary. That's right. This month, soapcentral.com turns an amazing 15 years old.

Because we don't want anyone to feel lost during the changeover to a new look, we've put together a tutorial to help you get around -- just in case you have any questions.

» If you'd like to check out the how-to guide, click here.

15 Years: The Looks of soapcentral.com

Over the past decade and a half, we've had at least seven different site designs. It's not a lot, but the site has definitely changed in that time. We've put together a special anniversary section where you can revisit some of our past designs. Until now, these designs were packed away in virtual storage -- and we thought they were lost forever. Now, keep in mind that technology has changed over the years, and some designs were better than others. Remember those "80s hair" pictures you don't want anyone to see? Well, we have those too.

» To see our past site designs, click here.

15 Years: The Logos

While the intertwined "s o a p" logo has become our calling card, it's not the only logo to adorn the soapcentral.com site since 1995. There are four other logos that have graced the site -- and we have them all. If you're a long-time visitor to our site, take a trip down memory lane to see how many you remember. If you're new to the site, check out how we've grown.

» To look at our old logos, click here.

15 Years: A new dimension

For 15 years, you've come to trust the news stories reported here on soapcentral.com. Now, there's a new way to get even more information about your favorite soaps: Soap Central Live. Every Friday, soapcentral.com's Dan J Kroll hosts an hour-long Internet radio show with the latest soap news and interviews with the biggest names in daytime. It's free to listen -- and if you miss any part of a show, you can listen to it in our archives.

» Get ready to go live with Soap Central Live. For more info, click here.

15 Years: 15 years, 15 chances to win

But speaking of lost, everyone knows that soaps are known for their tendency to have crazy, over-the-top storylines. We'd like to know what storyline you think has been the hardest storyline to follow in your favorite soap's history. We're looking for your summary of all the convoluted plot twists and turns. If you can make sense of the madness, we've got a reward for you. We're giving away a Tomtom One GPS system to one lucky soapcentral.com user who can help us to follow your soap's most twisted and turned plot of all time.

To enter the contest, click here to head over to our Feedback page. Once there, enter your contact information and share with us your thoughts on the most confusing storyline in your favorite soap's history. We'll select one winner to receive the grand prize. 14 runners-up will receive soapcentral.com t-shirts.

» Want to enter the contest? Click here!

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