A new year and a new look for soapcentral.com
Posted Sunday, January 04, 2009 5:53:09 PM
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It's a new year and there are some changes to the layout of the soapcentral.com web site. The changes aren't major, but they have been designed to improve your experience on the web site.

There are some minor changes to the soapcentral.com FrontPage this week. While still using the existing format that our readers have come to enjoy, we've incorporated changes that stem from the feedback we've received from you, our readers, over the past few months. None of the changes are jarring, but we've gone back to some of formats used in designs past.

The most notable change is a return to color-coded news items. We've also made better use of the space, making sure that there's not a lot of empty space with no content.

There are also a few new features. The biggest change is our new "Hot List," a listing of the top soaps, actors, and characters being discussed on our web site. The listing will be updated weekly, so you'll always know what other soap fans are talking about.

Below is a diagram that provides and overview of the changes. As always, please feel free to send over Feedback with your thought on the design.


1. Bar of Soap Click on the name of any soap opera in the top banner menu and you will be instantly whisked off to that soap's section of soapcentral.com. For your convenience, this menu bar appears on every page of the site.
2. Search Feature Looking for something specific like a character name, a storyline, or an actor? Simply type your search term into the search box and click the search button. The results will be displayed for you.
3. Menu Bar Easy-to-use blue menu bar, allowing access to our most popular areas: News, Recaps (with access to Daily Recaps and Recaps Archives), The Scoop (with access to Spoilers, Two Scoops commentary, Comings and Goings, Gossip and Appearances), About the Show (Character profiles, Actor biographies, cast and credits listings, birthdays of the stars, fan club information, awards and ratings information), Message Boards and Blogs and Other Soaps

News Areas

4. The Big Story The same easy-to-find and easy-to-read coverage of the big stories of the day.
5. Other Headlines Never miss out any of the latest news stories. They're all listed for easy access. Need more news? Click the More News links for hundreds of additional news articles.
6. NEW! Featured News We've redesigned the "other news" boxes to better suit your needs. These three news areas will feature easy access to some of our most popular features of the site. You can always find a teaser and link to the most recent Two Scoops column. Also featured are links to news stories that we've featured over the past 15 years, most of which will correspond to the current week in years gone by.
7. NEW! Other Soap News We've listened to your emails and realized that since many of you are multi-soap viewers, you like to get all of your information in one central location. Now, the big stories from all soaps will appear at the bottom of each soap's FrontPage. This feature appeared on the site for several years, and now we've brough it back because we realize how important it is to our readers.


8. NEW! The Hot List What's being talked about the most on the soapcentral.com site? Well, now you'll know. Every week we'll compute the hottest soaps, stars, and characters based upon what our readers are discussing. Every time a news article is read, an email is sent to us, a message board posting is made, or a search function is generated, it will help compile the week's hot list.
9. The Poll You still have a chance to weigh in on different issues with our polls.


10-12. An assortment of advertisments from our sponsors. Be sure to check them out -- they help pay the bills and keep the site free for all to visit!

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