Sorel Joining AMC; OLTL Rumors Persist
Posted Friday, June 22, 2001 9:55:00 AM
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Louise Sorel, best known for her work as Vivian Alamain on Days of our Lives, will join the cast of All My Children in July in the recurring role of Judge Campobello According to a spokesperson, Alamain will appear in about seven episodes. A first airdate has not been set.

Viewers of Port Charles may also remember Sorel for her work last year as Donatella Stewart.

Alamain is also the subject of Internet chatter. According to a rumor that continues to swirl, Alamain is up for the role of Dorian Lord on One Life to Live. Dorian, of course, was played for many years by Robin Strasser. Strasser left the show in February 2000 after some reported strife with then-executive producer Jill Farren Phelps. Phelps has since left to tackle the same job at General Hospital and Gary Tomlin took over Phelps' job at OLTL.

Tomlin is reportedly a fan of Strasser and has said in interviews that he'd like for Strasser to return. Strasser has had equally kind words about Tomlin on her fan hotline. Strasser had been active as a 300-year-old witch named Hecuba on Passions, but her role ended on the NBC soap earlier this year. Though Strasser was rumored to have a development deal with NBC, she is current not involved in any projects. In fact, Strasser is in Paris studying French at the famed Sorbonne. It is unclear if Strasser has been approached to reprise the role she made famous, if she declined to return, or if the show has simply decided to recast the role. Of course it is always possible that Dorian is not returning to the show at all.

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