A Look at Clips Submitted for Emmy Voting
Posted Thursday, May 17, 2001 10:16:34 AM
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It's a question asked every year. Fans always want to know which scenes were submitted by the nominees for judging.

If you're wondering how a winner is chosen, here's a very quick overview of the post-nomination process. After receiving a nomination, the nominees are asked to choose two episodes in which they feel they've done their best work. The episodes do not necessarily have to be consecutive episodes. Once the performer selects his or her scenes, all the other scenes during that show in which the performer does not appear are edited out. Those reels are then submitted to a Blue Ribbon panel of experts who view all of the clips submitted by all the nominees in a given category and then vote for which performer they feel was the best.

Following are the episodes submitted in each of the major acting categories, plus the Drama Series and Writing fields.

Outstanding Drama Series

All My Children AMC's scenes focus on two major events of the last year: The yacht party and Bianca's coming out. In the first set of scenes, Hayley strangles Arlene. Later, in the second set of clips, Hayley learns that Arlene is still alive. In the other segments, Bianca comes out to Erica.

As the World Turns ATWT submitted the entire episode of David Stenbeck's funeral as its first set up clips. In the second, Lily and Rose learn the truth about their relationship.

General Hospital In back-to-back scenes, Sonny and Zander are gunned down. Later, Sonny lies in a hospital bed struggling for his life.

The Young and the Restless In clips that focus heavily on the younger crowd of characters, Mackenzie and Billy are crowned at the prom. In another reel, Billy collapses in the snow after drinking.

Outstanding Lead Actor

Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott, Y&R) In back-to-back episodes, Jack goes to great lengths to make payments on the Jabot loan.

David Canary (Adam and Stuart Chandler, AMC) David submitted only one set of scenes in which he appears in dual roles. The first features Stuart telling an institutionalized Adam that he's not his brother any more. In the second, Adam learns that Stuart has been "killed" in a fire.

Tom Eplin (Jake McKinnon, ATWT) Tom's submitted scenes deal greatly with the loss of his wife, Vicky. In the first set of scenes, Jake finally comes to terms with his wife's death and says goodbye to her. In the second reel, Jake tells Vicky that he's found a new love.

Jon Hensley (Holden Snyder, ATWT) In the clips Jon submitted, her tells his wife, Lily, that their marriage is over. In the second set of clips, he learns that Lily isn't who he thinks she is - it's her twin, Rose.

John McCook (Eric, B&B) John's scenes include scenes in which Eric comforted Rick after the loss of his baby. Also submitted, Eric lashes out at Thorne and Brooke over their relationship.

Outstanding Lead Actress

Julia Barr (Brooke English, AMC) Julia's scenes focus greatly on the storyline in which she revisits her daughter, Laura's death. The clips include Brooke meeting Eliot for the first time and recalling Laura's death.

Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder and Rose D'Angelo, ATWT) The scenes submitted by Martha evenly split between her dual roles as Lily and Rose. In the clips submitted, Lily learns from Iva that she has a twin sister and Joe tells Rose the truth about her birth.

Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful) Last year's Emmy winner submitted clips showing two different sides of her character. In the first, Stephanie throttles Thorne after learning that he's been seeing Brooke and in the other Stephanie tries to bribe Deacon. According to Flannery, she allowed B&B producers to select her clips.

Susan Lucci (Erica Kane, AMC) As she did a few years back when she won her Emmy, Susan submitted back-to-back clips. This year's clips come from December's scenes in which Bianca came out to her mother.

Marcy Walker (Liza Chandler, AMC) Marcy's scenes go back to the early part of 2000. In the first set of scenes, a tearful Liza blurts out in court that Jake is not the father of her child. In the other clips, Adam serves Liza with divorce papers.

Outstanding Supporting Actor

Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal, ATWT) Benjamin submitted consecutive clips focusing on the aftermath of Parker's accident.

Michael Park (Jack, ATWT) Jack and Carly meet at the hospital after Carly's return to town in the first set of Michael's clips. In the second, Jack and Julia walk down the aisle.

Hunt Block (Craig, ATWT), Josh Duhamel (Leo, AMC) and Michael E Knight's (Tad, AMC) submitted clips were unavailable to Soap Opera Central.

Outstanding Supporting Actress

Rebecca Budig (Greenlee, AMC) In the first reel, Greenlee visits Ryan in his jail cell and tells him that she knows about his relationship with Gillian. In the second reel, Rebecca submitted scenes in which her character was in jail for pushing Laura overboard.

Lesli Kay (Molly, ATWT) In Lesli's scenes, Molly learns from Jake that he's in love with her. The second reel features scenes with Abigail in the hospital.

Cady McClain (Dixie, AMC) Cady's scenes involve her character's affair with David Hayward. In the first, Libidozoned Dixie and David share a kiss. In the second, Dixie deals with the fallout when she tells Tad of the kiss.

Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara, ATWT) After Parker's accident, Barbara gets an earful from Hal. In Colleen's other reel of clips, Hal and Barbara decide to wait until after the holidays to break the news of their divorce.

Maura West (Carly, ATWT) Maura's clips show her character leaving Oakdale after skipping out on her wedding. In the second batch of clips, Jack and Carly come face to face following Parker's accident.

Outstanding Younger Actor

David Lago (Raul, Y&R) Raul learns from Mac that she and Billy were an item. In David's second set of clips, his character confronts Billy about his relationship with Mackenzie.

Jesse McCartney (Adam Jr, AMC) JR holds vigil by Adam's bedside as Adam slips towards death. Jesse's other clips focus on the aftermath of Adam telling JR that he doesn't want him to think of him as his dad any more.

David Tom (Billy, Y&R) David's scenes revolve around his character's relationship with Mackenzie. In the first set, Billy swears to Mac that he and Brittany did not have sex. In the second, Billy and Jill collide about his interest in Mac.

Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy, Passions) and Justin Torkildsen's (Rick, B&B) clip submissions were unavailable to Soap Opera Central.

Outstanding Younger Actress

Terri Conn (Katie, ATWT) The awards banquet debacle in which Katie gets her just desserts is featured in Terri's first clips. In the second, Katie is comforted by Holden after she's nearly killed.

Adrienne Frantz (Amber, B&B) The touching scenes submitted by Adrienne include scenes in which her character reveals to Rick that their baby died. In the others, Amber begs Deacon not to take her son from her.

Eden Riegel (Bianca, AMC) Bianca travels to New York to confront Sarah and learns that Sarah is getting married in Eden's first set of clips. In the second, Bianca tells Erica that she's gay.

Kristina Sisco (Abigail, ATWT) Abigail goes toe-to-toe with Molly after she learns that Molly and Chris slept together. In the second clips, Abigail says goodbye to Holden.

Details of Annie Parisse's (Julia, ATWT) clips were unavailable to Soap Opera Central.

Outstanding Writing

AMC For the writing segment, AMC submitted the same episodes submitted by Eden Riegel. However, AMC submitted the full episodes. Those episodes feature Bianca confronting Sarah in a New York hotel room as well as Bianca's coming out to her mother.

ATWT ATWT submitted the same clips for the writing category as it did for the Drama Series field: the entire episode of David Stenbeck's funeral as its first set up clips. In the second, Lily and Rose learn the truth about their relationship.

The clips submitted by Passions and The Young and the Restless were not available to Soap Opera Central.

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