SOC Goes Behind the Scenes at This' Year's Daytime Emmy Awards
Posted Sunday, May 20, 2001 1:38:59 PM
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We're not sure what the reason, perhaps it had something to do with Emmy afterglow, but this year's Emmy winners were quite the comedians.

The Bold and the Beautiful's Adrienne Frantz (Amber) was surprisingly giddy for someone who had just gotten into a car accident. On her way to the Emmy ceremony, Frantz's limo was hit by another vehicle. Though the crash occurred on her side of the limo, Frantz was unharmed. "I got a discount," she squawked merrily.

Bob Barker, of CBS's The Price Is Right, holds the honor of having won the most Daytime Emmys. Barker has 14 trophies on his mantel. This year, however, the trophy for Outstanding Game Show went to Regis Philbin for his work on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Asked if he was glad that "Reege" finally picked up his first award, Barker mused, "No, I'd rather have it myself," Barker chuckled and later conceded that he was happy for Philbin.

Barker wasn't done making the media laugh. Asked about his take on the current wave of games shows, specifically The Weakest Link, Barker replied, "I haven't seen it. I'm the weakest link. Goodbye!"

As The World Turns head writer Hogan Sheffer seemed to have more jokes than any other Emmy recipient this year. Upon taking the stage with the rest of the show's writing team to claim their Outstanding Writing Team Emmy, the plus-size scribe jokingly muttered, "Remember that the camera adds 500 pounds." Later, Sheffer told the media that his Emmy was going to be used as an "expensive doorstopper" in his parents' Pennsylvania home.

Host for the evening's telecast Kathie Lee Gifford also had her share of quips. She praised her former morning co-host, Philbin, as looking better since her departure form their talk show. "Must be that Ripa girl," she sassed. Earlier in the show, Gifford mused that she'd learned how to play anger scenes by channeling the anger she had when she first saw Kelly Ripa sitting in her former Live! chair.


While there were more than a few chuckle-inducing moments, this year's Daytime Emmys were also filled with heartfelt moments.

After having been nominated for an Emmy nearly a dozen times without a win, Regis Philbin finally won his first award in the Outstanding Game Show Host category. Due to a prior commitment, Philbin was performing in Atlantic City and was not at this year's Emmy ceremony. Thanks to modern technology, Philbin was broadcast live via satellite accepting his speech. A truly humble Philbin dedicated his award to everyone else who has ever been overlooked by praise. "This is for anyone who's never won anything in their lives," he said softly.

Martha Byrne spoke eloquently about the legacy former As The World Turns head writer Douglas Marland had with the program. Byrne praised the late scribe for "letting go" of the reigns he'd controlled for so long and allowing the show to "move on." More of Byrne's remarks about Marland are available on ATWT Online.


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