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Posted Monday, April 30, 2001 12:00:27 PM
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Dan is the founder of While his "must see" soaps include just Port Charles and All My Children, Dan does get a chance to watch all of the soaps on a fairly regular basis. Dan started as part of his personal home page in 1995. Dan lives near Philadelphia and does somehow find time to do things other than, including sports, music, tending to his rabbit and fish, and enjoying the great Pennsylvania countryside.

As The World Turns. The show's picked up so many nominations and it really has turned around over the past year or so. All My Children could also pose a big threat because of its high-profile storyline involving a core character's homosexuality. General Hospital should not win this year as even it's die-hard fans question the show's nomination.

This is a tough call. I think there are two candidates battling for this prize. David Canary turned in another excellent year of performance as Adam and Stuart. However, Tom Eplin has never received such much as an Emmy nomination before. I thought Eplin had his best work earlier this year (which is not eligible for Emmy consideration), but I think he might walk away with the award anyway.

The All My Children trio all put in great performances, but I'm going to count at Barr and Walker. They've had even better years in the past and were sadly overlooked. Martha Byrne has won high praise for her dual roles of Lily and Rose. Emmy voters love the twin thing. I'm thinking that Susan Lucci has a chance to win yet again - but it'll be close.

Hunt Block should win simply because he appeared in three soaps in under a year and a half. Josh Duhamel entered the daytime scene and fans grumbled that he might be another "pretty boy" with lacking acting skills. Boy, did he prove them wrong. The sentimental choice, though, is Benjamin Hendrickson.

Colleen Zenk Pinter should win this category, but it's possible that Rebecca Budig's sassy role could help her out. I also think that Maura West put in some incredible work and it appears that the writers are really putting a lot into her character. Pinter's been with ATWT a long time and I think the voters might finally rewarded her. McClain and West are dark horses that could very easily walk home with the award themselves.

Finally a winner that's not from ATWT or AMC. David Tom took the prize last year and he's the front runner to pick up back-to-back trophies. His compatriot David Lago could also sneak in their and win the award. Josh Ryan Evans is so entertaining as Timmy, he should win. I don't think he'll get it because some voters won't take Passions seriously.

Eden Riegel.

As The World Turns has definitely improved as a show, but the writing still has a little way to go. The actors, however, are phenomenal. Passions could score the award simply because it takes a lot of creativity to create 300 year-old witches and demons from the bowels of hell. All My Children also poses a serious threat again, for its storyline involving Bianca.

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