panelists predict the Emmy winners
Posted Monday, April 30, 2001 12:00:27 PM
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Marian Crane is the poster with a secret or two. Marian has been watching soaps since 92 or so starting with Y&R when Ryan was dating both Nina and Victoria and they all ended up at Danny Romalotti's concert. ATWT soon followed when Lily was kidnapped by Hans (not the first or only time for the plucky heroine). When Sheila cameo-ed on Y&R, Marian followed her back to B&B and fell for her wicked charms. GL's been a fave since before a certain un-effeminate brunette terrorized Springfield. PC, DAYS and AMC have been off and on faves for a few years too with General Homicide killers, possessed heroines and tragic plane crashes . Crane misses the good ol' days with Olivia, Annie and capsized boats on Sunset Beach. Marian is also writer who dazzles with recaps for Y&R on Tuesdays & Fridays. Romantic stories are ho-hum, give Marian a corporate power play or murder mystery any day.

As The World Turns deserves it and will get it. Never have I seen such a total and wonderful resurrection of a show's history and characters. The plots are cohesive, witty and well balanced with humor and drama. The acting is top notch across the board as are the production values.

Touch call. Both AMC's David Canary and Y&R's Peter Bergman have done flawless jobs this year but I'm going with Tom Eplin from ATWT who's gone full throttle with both humor and heartfelt drama.

ATWT's Martha Byrne is a shoo-in with her sharp and tender performance as sisters as different as day and night Lily and Rose. She makes them both likeable and different without falling into cliché distinctions. B&B's Susan Flannery could go for 2 in a row though.

ATWT's Benjamin Hendricks is the one to watch. He's had a powerful storyline and constantly gave 110% with all his co-stars. Josh Duhamel from AMC could surprise. Charm and a little bit of the devil in him constantly amaze me.

Another tough call. ATWT's Colleen Zenk Pinter and Maura West seem to be the smarter choices. I'll go with Maura West. She's been both funny, sympathetic, witty, vindictive and all around fun as Carly. Don't dismiss the younger but delightful Rebecca Budig(AMC) who's got both sass and charm .

Gotta go with David #1 (Lago) from Y&R. His scenes as Raul realized the betrayal by his girlfriend and best friend are what the Emmys were made for. David #2(Tom) could take home Emmy #2 very easily.

Terri Conn, Terri Conn, Terri Conn. Plucky, feisty and a schemer who fell in love. All this plus the ability to hold her own against seasoned veterans easily add up to the best performance from this group. Co-star Annie Parisse could be a contender if her scenes as the unraveling Julia are eligible

As The World Turns under Hogan Sheffer has been rejuvenated. Finally the show's history is constantly being used and referenced. The writing is sharp and witty. The plots are complex and interwoven while using the majority of the cast on consistent basis.

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