Next Time, Call Miss Cleo
Posted Sunday, May 20, 2001 10:26:45 AM
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With every awards show comes the endless parade of "experts" offering their thoughts on who will walk home victorious. Well, add another float to the parade.

In addition to the five "expert" opinions offered by staffers, we recruited one non-soap watcher to offer some guesses and even allowed visitors to the site to pick the winners in a series of special polls on the site.

In terms of predictions, our experts didn't do such a good job this year -- but then again very few "experts" industry-wide were able to pick the winners of this year's ceremony..

Marian Crane and Mary Mosholder earned top honors in our pool, nabbed three correct guesses out of eight categories. Through a series of polls placed on the Soap Opera Central FrontPage, Soap Opera Central visitors picked who they thought would win. Out of eight categories, SOC users correctly guessed one winner.

Surprisingly, none on our panelists correctly predicted the Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Younger Actor or Younger Actress fields.

Following are this year's panelists. Click on a panelist's name to read their picks as well as a mini-biography about them. For your convenience, we've also provide a link to a chart that displays all of our panelists' picks in one easy-to-read screen.

  • PICKS AT A CLICK (Check an overview of all our panelists' picks)
  • DAN J KROLL (Soap Opera Central Founder)
  • NANCY HELBACH (SOC visitor of 3 years)
  • MARIAN CRANE (Y&R Online Recapper)
  • MINDY AMIRAULT (Soap Opera Central Contest Organizer)
  • MARY MOSHOLDER (Soap Opera Central character biographer)
  • LISA CHRISTINE SVENSON (Writer and non-soap watcher) --->

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