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The Dankies: 2008-2009

Thousands upon thousands of fans of cast their votes by their choices for the best of Here are their nominations and winners.
Following are the final results of the 2008-2009 "All-Soaps" Dankies. Winners are marked with a right angle quote (»).

This year's All-Soaps ballot featured winners for seven of the eight current soaps. Only The Young and the Restless failed to pick up any wins.

Days of our Lives' James Scott (E.J. DiMera) and Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane) were named the hottest male and female star on the soaps. The Bold and the Beautiful's Ridge Forrester picked up a more dubious honor: he was named least favorite character.

All My Children's reunion of Jesse and Angie Hubbard scored gold twice. The storyline was named Favorite Storyline of the year and the train station reunion scenes -- set to Alicia Key's "Like You'll Never See Me Again" -- was picked as Most Memorable Moment of 2008.

One Life to Live's Trevor St. John (Todd Manning) picked up the biggest honor of the year: Outstanding Overall Performer. St. John was also named Outstanding Lead Actor. Last year's winner, Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater) of All My Children finished fifth in the Overall Performer field and just behind St. John in the Lead Actor category.

To review winners of past Dankies or for the winners of individual soaps' balloting, please click here.

Outstanding Lead Actor
2 Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater, AMC)   (606.05 points )
7 Michael Park (Jack Snyder, ATWT)   (348.25 points )
8 Kyle Lowder (Rick Forrester, B&B)   (204.75 points )
6 James Scott (EJ Wells, DAYS)   (465.6 points )
3 Steve Burton (Jason Morgan, GH)   (555 points )
4 Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis, GL)   (522.5 points )
1» Trevor St. John (Todd Manning, OLTL)   (730.95 points )
5 Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin, Y&R)   (505 points )
Outstanding Lead Actress
7 Melissa Claire Egan (Annie McDermott, AMC)   (414 points )
4 Maura West (Carly Tenney, ATWT)   (509.25 points )
6 Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, B&B)   (422.5 points )
3 Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady, DAYS)   (568.8 points )
1» Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos, GH)   (646 points )
8 Marcy Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding, GL)   (393.25 points )
2 Bree Williamson (Jessica Buchanan, OLTL)   (628.65 points )
5 Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor, Y&R)   (488 points )
Outstanding Supporting Actor
5 Jacob Young (JR Chandler, AMC)   (453.1 points )
7 Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman, ATWT)   (355.25 points )
8 William deVry (Storm Logan, B&B)   (308.75 points )
4 Jay Kenneth Johnson (Phillip Kiriakis, DAYS)   (463.2 points )
1» Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli, GH)   (781 points )
2 Justin Deas (Buzz Cooper, GL)   (748 points )
3 John Paul Lavoisier (Rex Balsom, OLTL)   (486.75 points )
6 Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher, Y&R)   (443 points )
Outstanding Supporting Actress
6 Rebecca Budig (Greenlee Smythe, AMC)   (443.9 points )
7 Julie Pinson (Janet Ciccone, ATWT)   (427 points )
5 Alley Mills (Pam Douglas, B&B)   (494 points )
3 Arianne Zuker (Nicole Walker, DAYS)   (597.6 points )
1» Carolyn Hennesey (Diane Miller, GH)   (695 points )
4 Beth Chamberlin (Beth Raines, GL)   (511.5 points )
2 Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer, OLTL)   (684.75 points )
8 Judith Chapman (Gloria Bardwell, Y&R)   (349 points )
Outstanding Newcomer
4 Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake Martin, AMC)   (570.4 points )
6 Jon Lindstrom (Craig Montgomery, ATWT)   (502.25 points )
8 Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight , B&B)   (247 points )
5 Eric Martsolf (Brady Black, DAYS)   (537.6 points )
7 Jason Cook (Matt Hunter, GH)   (314 points )
3 Jeff Branson (Shayne Lewis, GL)   (585.75 points )
1» Mark Larson (Brody Lovett, OLTL)   (696.3 points )
2 Billy J. Miller (Billy Abbott, Y&R)   (644 points )
Outstanding Younger Performer
7 Daniel Kennedy (Peter Cortlandt, AMC)   (323.15 points )
4 Billy Magnussen (Casey Hughes, ATWT)   (437.5 points )
6 Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester , B&B)   (338 points )
3 Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Benson, DAYS)   (496.8 points )
1» Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones, GH)   (951 points )
5 Jacqueline Tsirkin (Emma Spaulding, GL)    (371.25 points )
2 Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning, OLTL)   (760.65 points )
8 Christel Khalil (Lily Winters, Y&R)   (287 points )
Most Attractive Male Star
5 Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater, AMC)   (529 points )
8 Austin Peck (Brad Snyder, ATWT)   (287 points )
4 Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight, B&B)   (578.5 points )
1» James Scott (EJ Wells, DAYS)   (688.8 points )
3 Steve Burton (Jason Morgan, GH)   (645 points )
2 Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis, GL)   (665.5 points )
7 Forbes March (Nash Brennan, OLTL)   (405.9 points )
6 Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman, Y&R)   (454 points )
Most Attractive Female Star
3 Chrishell Stause (Amanda Dillon, AMC)   (568.1 points )
7 Ewa da Cruz (Vienna Hyatt, ATWT)   (472.5 points )
4 Hunter Tylo (Taylor Hayes Marone, B&B)   (549.25 points )
1» Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane, DAYS)   (770.4 points )
2 Kelly Monaco (Samantha McCall, GH)   (598 points )
6 Marcy Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding, GL)   (517 points )
5 Bree Williamson (Jessica Buchanan, OLTL)   (531.3 points )
8 Sharon Case (Sharon Newman, Y&R)   (314 points )
Favorite Storyline
1» Never is a long time: After twenty years of thinking her husband was dead, Angie comes face-to-face with Jesse, unaware that their lives would soon be in danger. (AMC)   (727.95 points )
8 A summer place: With his marriage on the rocks, Holden finds a sympathetic friend and unexpected lover in Carly. As their kids spend the summer in camp, Carly and Holden have a romantic, sweet summer affair. (ATWT)   (260.75 points )
7 Heart of the matter: Following a catastrophic accident in which Katie was shot point blank in the heart, Storm kills himself with the same pistol so that his heart can become hers. (B&B)   (403 points )
4 Fallen hero: After Ava Vitali sabotaged the plane from Ireland to Salem, it was up to Steve and John to land the damaged aircraft. However, before they could make it to safety, the oxygen ran out and Shawn Brady Sr. made the decision to give up his oxygen mask so that his son, Bo, could live. (DAYS)   (508.8 points )
3 Opposites attract: Drawn together by the tragic loss of Georgie Jones, Damien Spinelli and Maxie Jones team up to find her killer. Despite their differences, the two soon realize that they are kindred spirits. (GH)   (623 points )
2 Reunited: After being presumed dead for a year, Jonathan returns to Springfield and reunites Lizzie with their daughter, Sarah. Though the two plan to raise Sarah together and away from Alan's influence, in the end, Lizzie decides to stay in Springfield and lets Jonathan leave with Sarah. (GL)   (632.5 points )
6 The three faces of Jessica: After the tragic death of her husband, Jessica's alter, Tess, emerges to wreck havoc on Natalie and Jared, whom she blamed for Nash's death. Later, a third personality, Bess, emerges to keep order between Jess and Tess. (OLTL)   (414.15 points )
5 She's Not A-O-Kay: Katherine Chancellor and her doppelganger Marge are in a car accident. One is dead, one is missing. Not realizing Marge was in the car, the body is assumed to be Kay. Marge is buried in Kay's grave, and amnesiac Kay takes Marge's place at the diner and in Murphy's affections. (Y&R)   (454 points )
Least Favorite Storyline
2 Back then, I loved you: Ryan sustains a gunshot wound to the head and loses track of several years of his life. He forgets loving his wife, Annie, and realizes he's still in love with Greenlee. (AMC)   (699.2 points )
5 Foreign affair: Noah marries Ameera so that she can stay in the country, but this causes problems for Luke, especially when Noah's father becomes entangled in the whole situation. (ATWT)   (470.75 points )
4 You make me feel brand new: Eric finally finds the love of his life when young Donna Logan convinces him that she loves her Honey Bear with all her heart and soul. (B&B)   (598 points )
3 Bad Medicine: The only thing that Salem's newest doctor did faster than save lives was rack up the number of lovers. He started out flirting with Lexie, but soon had an affair with Kate, which he tried to keep secret when he moved to Chelsea. Alas, when the truth came out he went back to Kate again. That is, until Kate dumped him and he moved onto Chloe. (DAYS)   (619.2 points )
8 Girl, interrupted: Lulu suffers a breakdown after she kills Logan Hayes during a violent struggle. Johnny takes the fall for the murder, forcing the lovebirds to go on the run. (GH)   (360 points )
6 Can't keep me away: A year after having killed Tammy in a botched hit-and-run, Grady returns to town to see Daisy. Despite warnings from everyone, including Grady's brother, Daisy refuses to stay away from Grady. Ultimately, Daisy perjures herself on the stand to prevent Grady from being charged with Tammy's death. (GL)   (456.5 points )
1» For everything else, there's a visa: Cris helps Vanessa and Lola flee Colombia and Ray Montez's deadly wrath. After Vanessa shoots Ray at the airport, Cris decides to marry Vanessa to keep her and Lola from being deported. (OLTL)   (717.75 points )
7 America's next top dysfunctional family: Devon's Aunt Tyra and her singing daughter, Ana, arrive in Genoa City. Ana is really Devon's sister, who Tyra raised as her own since Ana's drug-addicted mother, Yolanda, abandoned her. Tyra is attracted to Neil who is married to Karen. Yolanda filed a missing person report on Ana, so Neil and Karen are fostering Ana and Tyra is trying to get custody. (Y&R)   (396 points )
Favorite Character
5 Tad Martin (AMC)   (445.05 points )
4 Carly Tenney (ATWT)   (512.75 points )
8 Brooke Logan (B&B)   (308.75 points )
2 Sami Brady (DAYS)   (648 points )
3 Damien Spinelli (GH)   (642 points )
6 Lizzie Spaulding (GL)   (420.75 points )
1» David Vickers (OLTL)   (729.3 points )
7 Katherine Chancellor (Y&R)   (394 points )
Least Favorite Character
4 Ryan Lavery (AMC)   (616.4 points )
8 Dusty Donovan (ATWT)   (245 points )
1» Ridge Forrester (B&B)   (828.75 points )
5 Melanie Layton (DAYS)   (604.8 points )
6 Kate Howard (GH)   (404 points )
2 Grady Foley (GL)   (739.75 points )
3 Vanessa Montez (OLTL)   (716.1 points )
7 Tyra Hamilton (Y&R)   (386 points )
Most Memorable Moment
1» Like you'll never see me again: After being apart for more than 20 years, steam from a locomotive lifts and a chance encounter at a Pine Valley station allows Angie and Jesse Hubbard to come face-to-face. (AMC)   (799.25 points )
8 The way they were: Jack and Carly have a tender moment the night before his wedding to Janet, nostalgically recalling their good times together when they were in love (ATWT)   (318.5 points )
5 Heart of the matter: Faced with a life or death decision, Storm chooses to sacrifice himself to give his little sister a chance to live. (B&B)   (494 points )
2 Father knows best: Solidifying his status as the ultimate family man, Shawn, Sr. gave up his oxygen mask so that his sick son, Bo, will survive the plane crash and live. His actions cost him his life, but he died a hero for the love of his child. (DAYS)   (686.4 points )
4 A parent's worst nightmare: Sonny's joy turns to horror when he realizes that his son has been struck in the head with a sniper's bullet meant for him. (GH)   (508 points )
3 Ending the Goldin age: After a heartfelt goodbye with Harley and Natalia, a seriously injured Gus is wheeled into surgery and dies. (GL)   (585.75 points )
6 The glass ceiling: Following an argument with Jared, Nash Brennan tumbles over a balcony and crashes through a skylight, fatally injuring him. (OLTL)   (455.4 points )
7 Funeral for a Friend: Loved ones gather and old friends return to Genoa City for Katherine Chancellor's funeral, though it's Katherine's look-alike, Marge, who is really dead. (Y&R)   (364 points )
Favorite On-Screen Couple or Duo
3 Zach Slater and Kendall Hart (AMC)   (560.05 points )
4 Jack Snyder and Carly Tenney (ATWT)   (539 points )
7 Eric Forrester and Stephanie Forrester (B&B)   (380.25 points )
5 EJ Wells and Sami Brady (DAYS))   (506.4 points )
1» Damien Spinelli and Maxie Jones (GH)   (724 points )
2 Bill Lewis and Lizzie Spaulding (GL)   (596.75 points )
6 Rex Balsom and Gigi Morasco (OLTL)   (417.45 points )
8 Nick Newman and Sharon Abbott (Y&R)   (359 points )
Most Missed Performer
2 Eileen Herlie (Myrtle Fargate, AMC)   (675.05 points )
4 Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder, ATWT)   (623 points )
7 William deVry (Storm Logan, B&B)   (305.5 points )
6 Frank Paker (Shawn Brady, Sr., DAYS)   (501.6 points )
3 Genie Francis (Laura Webber, GH)   (675 points )
1» Beth Ehlers (Harley Cooper, GL)   (704 points )
5 Forbes March (Nash Brennan, OLTL)   (559.35 points )
8 Raya Meddine (Sabrina Costelana, Y&R)   (160 points )
Outstanding Special Guest or Recurring Role
6 Cady McClain (Dixie Martin, AMC)   (382.95 points )
8 Anthony Herrera (James Stenbeck, ATWT)   (259 points )
5 Betty White (Ann Douglas, B&B)   (549.25 points )
3 John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis, DAYS)   (616.8 points )
2 Genie Francis (Laura Webber, GH)   (714 points )
1» Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall, GL)   (954.25 points )
4 Phil Carey (Asa Buchanan, OLTL)   (590.7 points )
7 Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren Fenmore, Y&R)   (350 points )
Outstanding Overall Performer
5 Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater, AMC)   (494.5 points )
4 Maura West (Carly Tenney, ATWT)   (502.25 points )
7 Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, B&B)   (484.25 points )
2 Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady, DAYS)   (626.4 points )
3 Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli, GH)   (525 points )
6 Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne, GL)   (486.75 points )
1» Trevor St. John (Todd Manning, OLTL)   (669.9 points )
8 Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor, Y&R)   (441 points )

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