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The Dankies: 2007-2008

Thousands upon thousands of fans of cast their votes by their choices for the best of Here are their nominations and winners.
Following are the final results of the 2007-2008 "All Soaps" Dankies. Winners are marked with a right angle quote (»).

Outstanding Lead Actor
1» Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater, AMC)   1218.268 points
5 Scott Bryce (Craig Montgomery, ATWT)   785.5952 points
9 Jack Wagner (Nick Marone, B&B)   341.0031 points
6 James Scott (EJ Wells, DAYS)   720.117 points
3 Steve Burton (Jason Morgan, GH)   1075.8924 points
7 Bradley Cole (Jeffrey O'Neill, GL)   541.7174 points
4 Trevor St. John (Todd Manning, OLTL)   903.759 points
8 Eric Martsolf (Ethan Winthrop, PS)   386.6218 points
2 Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott, Y&R)   1177.5741 points
Outstanding Lead Actress
4 Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart, AMC)   992.364 points
2 Maura West (Carly Tenney, ATWT)   1035.7568 points
9 Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan, B&B)   553.6717 points
1» Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady, DAYS)   1036.6785 points
3 Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos, GH)   1005.8994 points
6 Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne, GL)   766.1108 points
7 Erika Slezak (Viki Davidson, OLTL)   729.796 points
8 Lindsay Hartley (Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, PS)   726.0946 points
5 Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Abbott, Y&R)   890.5527 points
Outstanding Supporting Actor
6 Jacob Young (JR Chandler, AMC)   748.7104 points
2 Van Hansis (Luke Sndyer, ATWT)   980.8968 points
9 Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester, B&B)   168.6682 points
5 Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera, DAYS)   787.779 points
1» Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli, GH)   1385.8614 points
7 Jordan Clarke (Billy Lewis, GL)   695.8462 points
3 Tuc Watkins (David Vickers, OLTL)   956.7965 points
8 James Hyde (Sam Bennett, PS)   311.1834 points
4 Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher, Y&R)   835.5075 points
Outstanding Supporting Actress
5 Alexa Havins (Babe Carey, AMC)   737.4152 points
4 Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh, ATWT)   770.2344 points
9 Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott, B&B)   414.3371 points
6 Martha Madison (Belle Black, DAYS)   710.451 points
1» Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones, GH)   1289.871 points
2 Marcy Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding, GL)   1208.0978 points
3 Kathy Brier (Marcie Walsh, OLTL)   997.105 points
8 Emily Harper (Fancy Crane, PS)   414.9112 points
7 Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren Fenmore, Y&R)   654.6447 points
Outstanding Newcomer
4 Sabine Singh (Greenlee Smythe, AMC)   968.16 points
1» Austin Peck (Brad Snyder, ATWT)   1325.4176 points
6 Heather Tom (Katie Logan, B&B)   766.3403 points
8 Shelley Hennig (Stephanie Johnson, DAYS)   500.2155 points
2 Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara, GH)   1065.8934 points
9 Murray Bartlett (Cyrus Foley, GL)   444.2536 points
3 Farah Fath (Gigi Morasco, OLTL)   1058.6285 points
7 Erin Cardillo (Esme Vanderheusen, PS)   565.788 points
5 Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby, Y&R)   872.8596 points
Outstanding Younger Performer
7 Leven Rambin (Lily Montgomery, AMC)   692.2344 points
3 Van Hansis (Luke Sndyer, ATWT)   1066.4784 points
9 Mackenzie Mauzy (Phoebe Forrester, B&B)   238.3355 points
4 Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Benson, DAYS)   1022.1795 points
5 Julie Marie Berman (Lulu Spencer, GH)   977.9022 points
1» Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall, GL)   1298.7618 points
2 Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning, OLTL)   1228.3485 points
6 Nicole Cox (Endora Lenox, PS)   820.3926 points
8 Christel Khalil (Lily Winters, Y&R)   520.9635 points
Most Attractive Male Star
1» Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater, AMC)   1052.0672 points
7 Grayson McCouch (Dusty Donovan, ATWT)   708.7912 points
9 Jack Wagner (Nick Marone, B&B)   447.3374 points
2 James Scott (EJ Wells, DAYS)   1043.928 points
3 Steve Burton (Jason Morgan, GH)   1042.8957 points
5 Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis, GL)   872.641 points
8 David Fumero (Cristian Vega, OLTL)   697.9735 points
6 Eric Martsolf (Ethan Winthrop, PS)   839.2522 points
4 Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman, Y&R)    1002.609 points
Most Attractive Female Star
6 Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart, AMC)   890.7072 points
3 Ewa da Cruz (Vienna Hyatt, ATWT)   965.536 points
9 Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Forrester, B&B)   524.3381 points
2 Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane, DAYS)   990.765 points
4 Kelly Monaco (Samantha McCall, GH)   952.9047 points
8 Marcy Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding, GL)   768.3774 points
5 Bree Williamson (Jessica Buchanan, OLTL)   939.8245 points
1» Lindsay Hartley (Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, PS)   1461.619 points
7 Sharon Case (Sharon Newman, Y&R)   884.655 points
Favorite Storyline
4 A Mother's Heartbreak : Kendall goes into premature labor and entrusts Greenlee with the care of Spike. Greenlee takes advantage of the opportunity and flees with the boy who should have been her son. Greenlee quickly comes to her senses but it's too late. Her car careens off a cliff and both are injured. As Kendall is rushed in for an emergency c-section she sees Spike being rushed into surgery as well. Later it's revealed that Spike suffered profound hearing loss.(AMC)   845.5264 points
2 Oakdale Gets Nuked: Luke finds himself attracted to Noah who is in a relationship with Maddie. It soon becomes apparent that Noah is in denial about his own sexuality when he becomes attracted to Luke. Eventually, Noah is able to accept the truth and he and Luke begin a relationship. (ATWT)   976.508 points
9 Who Shot Stephanie?: Eric and Donna were planning to announce their relationship at a Forrester Fashion show, but Stephanie showed up uninvited and locked Donna in a steam room. After the show, several angry people confronted Stephanie about what she did to Donna, and suddenly, a shot rang out. A long list of plausible suspects who hated Stephanie made this a very intriguing murder mystery. (B&B)   377.6701 points
7 An Offensive Offensive: John's 'accidental' hit and run death brought so much grief over his family, that it just might have propelled the Bradys to stop practicing peace and go on the offensive with the DiMeras. (DAYS)   606.5415 points
1» Metro Court Hostage Crisis: Masked gunmen storm the lobby of the Metro Court Hotel. They are forced to take hostages when the silent alarm is tripped and the vault locks for 15 hours. The lives of the hostages hang in the balance until the crisis reaches an explosive end. (GH)   1452.8547 points
5 Boy Lewis vs. Girl Spaulding: Bill Lewis returns to town to take his place at Lewis Oil, only to find Lizzie Spaulding there instead. Though their relationship is antagonistic, there's an undeniable connection between Lizzie and Bill. (GL)   666.3804 points
6 Bon-Jour Paris!: After Asa's funeral, Viki decides to board a plane and leave her life in Llanview behind. She ends up in Paris, Texas, where she takes a job as a waitress at the Bon-Jour Café and makes new friends. (OLTL)   649.179 points
8 At Last: After repeated attempts down the altar, Ethan and Theresa finally wed but is disappointed when Alistair returns from the dead and claims her as his wife. In addition, he tells Theresa that he would kill Ethan if she so much as tell anyone that Little Ethan is Ethan's son. (PS)   490.3496 points
3 Out of the Ashes: Leaking methane explodes, causing the parking garage in Clear to collapse, trapping several Genoa City residents in mortal peril. After the rescue, Nikki and Victor butt heads when they are forced to choose between saving comatose Victoria or saving her unborn child. (Y&R)   898.4163 points
Least Favorite Storyline
3 The Satin Slayer: Pine Valley residents are terrorized as a serial killer murders Simone Torres and Erin Lavery then makes an attempt on the life of Danielle Frye. Babe Chandler and Kendall Hart are also targeted. The killer is revealed to be Alexander Cambias, who faked his death a few years earlier. He was also responsible for the tragic death of Zach's mother when he was just a child. (AMC)   1073.044 points
7 Cleo Comes to Town: Jade hires a woman, Cleo, to impersonate Gwen in order to steal Gwen's husband, Will. However, things take a dangerous turn when Cleo becomes obsessed with Will and decides to keep him for herself. (ATWT)   831.6776 points
6 Boldface Challenge: Phoebe was dating Rick, but Constantine had feelings for her. Constantine set up the Boldface Challenge to show Phoebe who was the better man for her. While he may have won the competition singing with her, he lost her heart when she returned to dating Rick after the competition. (B&B)   854.3411 points
2 Touch the Sky: Chelsea, Stephanie, and company try to fly the 'friendly skies.' Flights included complimentary cocktails, a secret ISA investigation, and all the hot tubs you can soak in. (DAYS)   1172.0025 points
9 Hell Hath No Fury: Sam sets out to destroy Elizabeth's life after learning that she is the mother of Jason's son. She does nothing when she witnesses Jake's kidnapping. After he's returned, she hires two armed goons to terrorize Elizabeth and her children in the park. Finally she sets out to ruin Elizabeth's marriage by seducing Lucky. (GH)   640.9359 points
4 How to Become a Minister in 12 Easy Steps: After being released from prison, where he had sex with his ex-wife, Reva, Josh listens to a calling from God and becomes a minister so that he can help provide direction for other people's lives. (GL)   1044.9026 points
5 Down with OPP: Llanview residents are targeted by a hate group calling themselves the One Pure People. The townspeople are shocked to learn that Tate was not only a member but also the one responsible for the acts of arson. (OLTL)   888.9085 points
1» Dude Looks Like, er, Is a Lady: After parading around town as a male, Vincent finally admitted to Eve that he is also female in that he has both male and female genitals. (PS)   2546.046 points
8 The Teflon Black Widow: The widowed Mrs. Gloria Abbott marries again, only to have her latest husband, William Bardwell, have a stroke and die when he finds out the truth about the poisoned face cream. Gloria was sad, but was comforted knowing that her District Attorney husband died without telling anyone her secret - or so she thought. (Y&R)   652.6788 points
Favorite Character
5 Zach Slater (AMC)   874.5712 points
3 Carly Tenney (ATWT)   882.1488 points
9 Brooke Logan (B&B)   352.0032 points
4 Sami Brady (DAYS)   882.0225 points
1» Damien Spinelli (GH)   1181.8818 points
7 Jonathan Randall (GL)   781.977 points
2 David Vickers (OLTL)   1031.049 points
8 Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (PS)   650.6562 points
6 Phyllis Newman (Y&R)   782.4282 points
Least Favorite Character
3 Ava Benton (AMC)   1094.0208 points
6 Sofie Duran (ATWT)   875.5656 points
2 Ridge Forrester (B&B)   1173.344 points
9 Kate Roberts (DAYS)   456.7185 points
4 Trevor Lansing (GH)   918.9081 points
8 Ava Peralta (GL)   738.9116 points
7 Adriana Cramer (OLTL)   787.0765 points
1» Gwen Hotchkiss Winthrop (PS)   2206.5732 points
5 Gloria Fisher (Y&R)   882.6891 points
Most Memorable Moment
7 Death By Pancakes: Dixie collapses after eating poisoned pancakes. She is rushed to the hospital but cannot be saved. Before she dies she shares a secret with JR and a tender goodbye with Tad.   732.5744 points
4 A Nuke-lear Explosion: Despite claiming not to be gay, there is electricity between Noah and Luke and while straightening out each other's ties, they share their first kiss. (ATWT)   879.9544 points
8 Brutal Attack: Stephanie sinks to her lowest when she subtly manipulates Andy, who is motivated to viciously rape Brooke Logan. Afterward, Andy threatens Brooke by telling her that he has set her up to seem like an unfit mother in the eyes of the court if she reports the attack. (B&B)   572.0052 points
2 Finally... I Do: After years of lies, scandals, and betrayals, Sami and Lucas finally make it all the way through a wedding ceremony. (DAYS)   944.8515 points
1» ...3...2...1...: Nikolas carries Robin out of the Metro Court Hotel moments before it explodes with many hostages still trapped inside. (GH)   1083.8916 points
3 Goodbye, My Lover: After mouthing 'I love you,' Tammy dies with an inconsolable Jonathan at her bedside (GL)   931.5726 points
6 Into the Sunset: A visibly stunned Nigel enters Asa's room and learns that the larger-than-life mogul has passed away peacefully in his sleep. (OLTL)   850.7215 points
9 Race Against Time: Luis is executed by lethal injection, but Endora uses a spell to turned back time in order to save him. (PS)   377.192 points
5 A Long Way Down: At the edge of a cliff, Drucilla Winters intercedes when best friend Sharon tussles with Phyllis over a cell phone. Dru falls and plunges into the river below. (Y&R)   878.7573 points
Favorite On-Screen Couple or Duo
1» Zach Slater and Kendall Hart (AMC)   1224.7224 points
4 Jack Snyder and Carly Tenney (ATWT)   945.7864 points
9 Nick Marone and Brooke Logan (B&B)   315.3362 points
3 Lucas Roberts and Sami Brady (DAYS)   966.6 points
5 Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber (GH)   936.9063 points
7 Bill Lewis and Lizzie Spaulding (GL)   815.976 points
8 Todd Manning and Blair Manning (OLTL)   761.6185 points
2 Ethan Crane and Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (PS)   1056.1376 points
6 Nick Newman and Phyllis Summers (Y&R)   866.9619 points
Most Missed Performer
6 Cady McClain (Dixie Martin, AMC)   877.7984 points
8 Alexandra Chando (Maddie Coleman, ATWT)   592.488 points
2 Darlene Conley (Sally Spectra, B&B)   1034.0094 points
5 Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux, DAYS)   894.105 points
4 Lindze Letherman (Georgie Jones, GH)   945.9054 points
3 Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall, GL)   972.3714 points
1» Tuc Watkins (David Vickers, OLTL)   1232.5915 points
9 Brook Kerr (Whitney Russell, PS)   424.341 points
7 Victoria Rowell (Drucilla Winters, Y&R)   821.7462 points
Outstanding Special Guest or Recurring Role
2 Eden Riegel (Bianca Montgomery, AMC)   992.364 points
8 Cady McClain (Rosanna Cabot, ATWT)   645.1536 points
1» Betty White (Ann Douglas, B&B)   1738.0158 points
4 John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis, DAYS)   845.775 points
3 Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller, GH)   850.9149 points
6 David Andrew MacDonald (Edmund Winslow, GL)   745.7114 points
5 Ilene Kristen (Roxanne Balsom, OLTL)   746.768 points
9 Andrea Evans (Rebecca Hotchkiss, PS)   433.7708 points
7 Jerry Douglas (John Abbott, Y&R)   735.2466 points
Outstanding Overall Performer
1» Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater, AMC)   998.8184 points
3 Maura West (Carly Tenney, ATWT)   939.2032 points
7 Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, B&B)   836.0076 points
5 Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady, DAYS)   923.103 points
2 Steve Burton (Jason Morgan, GH)   940.9059 points
8 Marcy Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding, GL)   704.9126 points
4 Trevor St. John (Todd Manning, OLTL)   937.703 points
9 Lindsay Hartley (Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, PS)   688.3754 points
6 Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott, Y&R)   906.2799 points