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Hijinks and drama will continue to play out in Salem for some time to come. Though an official statement has yet to be made, an NBC executive recently expressed confidence that Days of our Lives would continue on the network.
If you've missed a show, we've got your Daily Recaps. If you wanna take a peek into the future to see what's going to happen on a particular soap, we've got The Scoop to give you spoilers and previews. But the exciting part of the Internet is being able to interact with other soaps fans from around the world. That's why we created Message Central.

Each soap opera section --- from All My Children to The Young and the Restless --- has its own message board for its fans. We also feature message boards for soaps that are no longer airing original episodes. For a complete listing of our boards, click here.

Our message boards allow fans the chance to discuss current events on the show. Share your opinions of current storylines and where you think plot twists might lead with other fans from around the world. You can also discuss your favorite characters and storylines --- past or present --- plus anything related to the show!

Remember that negativity isn't something that we strive for on this board --- stay positive. Don't attack other posters or the performers on the show. It's not allowed, but more than that, it's not respectful of others. Click here for complete board guidelines.

In order to post on any of our message boards, you'll need to register a Soap Opera Central username. This will help others identify you and it will help us make sure that a few bad apples don't ruin the posting fun for everyone else! Plus, it's totally free and takes only a few minutes from start to finish!


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