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Monday, August 2, 1999

Meg told Sara they need to talk, she wants to tell Sara how she feels about her and Casey, Sara told her no, I don't want to fight with you. Meg told her kissing Casey had nothing to do with Sara it had to do with Ben and Meg. Meg told Sara that she walked in on Ben and Maria making love, Sara can't believe it, Meg asks Sara are you happy now, she told Sara I should have listened to you, you told me all the time that I would lose Ben, and now he is with Maria, you can say I told you so now, Sara says I would never say I told you so. Meg told Sara nothing is going on with Casey, but Sara says ever since I have known you, you have never been alone, you have always had a boyfriend, you went from Tim, to Ben, and now you will be with Casey, Meg yells out I love Ben, Sara says and your not with Ben now are you? Meg doesn't say anything. Sara says she has to go she will be back later for her things. Sara says I want you to know that I am truly sorry about Ben and Maria, and that she loves Meg and want be there for her to bake cookies with her to comfort her, but she knows she wants Casey to comfort her and she knows Casey has feeling for her and she has feelings for Casey, and Sara says that she isn't a good enough sister to handle Meg and Casey. Sara leaves. and Casey comes in, Meg told him she has to move out, he says why is it because of him, she told him she had a big fight with Sara. He asks if she told Sara how he feels about her, she said no, he says are you leaving because of that she says no, she doesn't know how she feels right now.

Michael told Casey that Ricardo had a stroke and that he is in the hospital, Casey can't believe it. Michael says you and Sara should go see him, Casey says no that won't happen Sara and I won't be going anywhere together ever, he told Michael about Sara teaming up with Tim, and Michael told Casey to not use the word never, to really think about getting back with Sara, he tells Casey that he had the same problem with Vanessa and realized that after some time of being by himself that he missed Vanessa. Casey says that their situations were different. Casey sees Tim and told him oh your here, Tim says yeah I work here, time says how can you show your face here? Hank comes in and told Tim he will take care of this, hank told Casey he is no longer welcome here, Casey told hank that he doesn't want to hurt anyone, hank says you are. Michael told Casey lets just leave, they do.

Ben told Maria that he has never stopped caring about her, Maria doesn't understand what he is trying to say, she says you sleep with me and say it's more than sex, that you care about me, do you want to be more than just friends, he doesn't know what he wants, she told him that she loves him. he doesn't say it back, Benjy comes down and shows them the get well card he made for uncle Antonio, they love it. Benjy asks if uncle Ricardo is ok, Maria told him yes, and that he married Gabi and Benjy says in the hospital, Maria says yes, people can get married where ever they want as long as they love each other, Benjy asks if there was cake, she says no but it was fun. Maria told Benjy he should put Gabi's name on it, Ben says yeah it can be a get well card and a congratulations card. Benjy went back up to his room, Maria told Ben she is moving out and taking Benjy with her. he says why, she says she wants to remember being pregnant with Benjy and remember him, Ben says you can do that here, she says she wants her own space.

Cole told Olivia that Trey will have a paternity test now, Olivia says no, I am his mother and I don't need to have a paternity test done, Cole says too bad it is going to happen and he will get a court order, Olivia gets mad and walk out, Annie went can I get a ride home and walks out, Cole went what kind of person would not want to know who's Trey's daddy is, Caitlin says this kind of person, he says he is sorry, but he needs to know, Caitlin says we have just gotten back together and that she would rather think of Trey as her brother than as her mom's and husband's baby. Cole understand, he told her everything will be okay and he would always wonder if he was Trey's daddy or not. at the house Olivia told Bette what Annie did, saying that Annie claims that Trey might not be Gregory's, Annie says I was just telling the truth, Olivia yells you don't know what the truth is, AJ told Olivia to shut up, that Annie isn't the problem she is, Bette takes Annie outside and told her she is only thinking about herself and that she will find out what Annie is up to that there is more to the story then Annie is letting on. Olivia tells AJ how could you stick up for Annie like that, he says she could be right and they need to find out who's Trey daddy is, they need that to move on with each other, Bette says he is right. Cole shows up and says he is getting Trey, Olivia says no he is my son you aren't taking him.