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Monday, March 8, 1999

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Over Olivia's protests Cole admits to the affair with Olivia. A rocked Caitlin runs upstairs to the nursery, followed by Olivia who tries to explain. Caitlin will have none of it and told Olivia she'll never forgive her. Olivia vows to kill Francesca. Caitlin vows no one will take her baby away from her. Gregory confirms Francesca is still being followed. Annie later overhears Francesca making a rental car reservation for two adults with child's seat in back and realizes Francesca has plans to take off with Cole and Trey.

Meanwhile, Tim learns about Meg getting married. Tim comes up with an idea to stop Meg from getting married, using Sara's feelings for Casey. Emily still doesn't understand how Sean could help Caitlin lie about Trey's parentage. Amy unsuccessfully tries to eavesdrop. Amy told Brad she's going to be the best friend Sean and Emily ever had.

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

Cole breaks into Francesca's hotel room, primed to confront her about telling Caitlin that he'd slept with Olivia. Annie warns Francesca to stay away from Trey but Francesca ignores her. When Francesca returns to her room, she finds Cole holding a gun on her. Francesca later kidnaps Trey. Once Annie, Caitlin and Cole learn what Francesca has done, they rush out, murder on their minds. AJ is bailed out of jail by Bette, but he still wants to punish Francesca. Gabi told Antonio that she will not allow Francesca to continue to blackmail them. Gabi rushes out, as does Antonio. Francesca is alone in her hotel room when an unseen assailant breaks in - and shoots her. Ben and Meg joyously anticipate the pending development. Maria arrives at Ben's house for the trip to the Dominican Republic. Later, while Maria and Ben are upstairs in her studio, Meg answers the door to a woman asking for Ben. To Meg's shock, a boy appears by the woman's side, calling Ben his "dad."

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

Francesca is shot, and after a series of bizarre mishaps, pops out of a cake, and seems to accuse someone?but who? Cole, AJ, Olivia, Annie, Caitlin, Gregory, Gabi and Antonio are all suspects, all looking very guilty throughout the day. Amy and Brad find Trey and he is reunited with the Richards family, but it is clear that tension remains between Caitlin, Olivia and Cole. The boy who has shown up with the young woman (Tess) surprises Meg and Ben by calling Ben "Daddy." Tess confirms that Ben is his father. Ben forcefully insists that he has never seen Tess before, but when Maria comes down the stairs, the boy calls out to his Mommy.

Thursday, March 11, 1999

Chaos erupts in Grenadine's as Francesca collapses and Ricardo rushes to her side - she's been shot! Ricardo and Antonio perform CPR and revive her. Ricardo questions AJ about his assault on Francesca and his gun. AJ insists that he lost the gun. Everyone is acting nervous as a cat and guilty as sin. They all move to the hospital to await word on Francesca's condition. Although it's touch-and-go, and at one point Francesca has an out of body experience, she survives. When Ricardo asks who shot her, Francesca whispers one word?"Antonio." Meg accuses Tess of lying, there's no way this is Ben and Maria's child. Tess told her whole story of how she became Maria's nanny, and of Maria's subsequent disappearance. Ben initially doubts her story, but Tess has plenty of proof. Casey and Sara share a romantic moment in the gazebo before they're interrupted by Joan and Hank. Arriving at Ben's, they are all stunned when Benjy comes downstairs and calls Ben and Maria "mommy and daddy."

Friday, March 12, 1999

Antonio and Gabi discuss the whereabouts of the gun Antonio confiscated from Gabi. Later Ricardo questions why Francesca would've said Antonio's name. A vengeful Annie lets the cat out of the bag about Cole and Olivia's affair to AJ. AJ leaves. Meanwhile Gregory tries to comfort Caitlin. Spencer arrives with news for Ricardo. Antonio enters Francesca's room and takes hold of her IV cords. Francesca regains consciousness and comes face to face with Antonio. Cole asks Caitlin re: her whereabouts tonight. Sean learns via Amy the baby he helped Caitlin get (Trey) was really his mothers'. Tess and Benjy's arrival and news Benjy is the son of Ben and Maria stuns everyone. Ben and Hank come to blows. Ben throws Hank out. Meg breaks down in Sara's arms and Ben and Maria ask Benjy who told him about his "father" Ben. Was it Maria?

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