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Monday, November 9, 1998

Antonio again thinks of Gabi having a special party just for him. Antonio calls the repairman about the mission repairs. Gabi overhears him say there is someone that he can't live with anymore. When Gabi ask him about helping her with the list for the surprise party he says he is moving back to the mission. Gabi confronts Antonio about the room mates and having problems with them. He says he just belongs in the mission. Gabi is visibly upset when Ricardo comes to the door. She told him about the phone call and how she suspects Antonio is leaving because of her. She confesses that she thinks that Antonio believes she isn't good enough for Ricardo. Ricardo told her that Antonio's job is forgiveness. He also told her that the only one that matters is him. Antonio comes in and Ricardo asks him about Gabi.

Virginia calls the Sentinel impersonating FBI agent Ms. Jones. She says they are protecting drug users and she hates drug users. Michael comes in when he hears her say that. Michael assumes it is a drug problem at Jimmy's school. She says that she has a special meeting with the principal. Michael volunteers to go. Virginia says the meeting is for parents only. Michael finally backs down and agrees to go to his picnic with Vanessa and Jimmy. Michael talks to Jimmy about drugs. Michael told Vanessa about the drug scare at Jimmy's school. Michael starts to feel sorry for himself about his parentage.

Vanessa arrives and is confronted with a urine specimen cup. Vanessa questions why the urine sample. The secretary says the FBI is after her to get samples from everyone. Vanessa refuses to give a sample. She and Bette agree it is invasion of privacy. The secretary says then they can talk to the FBI agent. Bette says it is a shame two people can't enjoy a cigar together without it being on the net and now this. Bette says she will do it if Vanessa will. Virginia arrives at the Sentinel to get the drug samples. Bette comes in with her late drug sample. She complains to Virginia's back. Virginia takes Vanessa's sample from the box. As Virginia is about to leave. Vanessa arrives.

Bette comes in hearing them talking about a mummy. Bette says last she saw of Bernie he looked like the walking dead. Ricardo arrives to talk to Amy about her father. He says they still haven't found Bernie. Amy tells him how bizarre he has been acting. Olivia remembers him saying that all would be destroyed if he didn't get the rubies back. Bette insures Ricardo that Bernie had money no problems. Olivia asks about Francesca, and then asks about Cole. Ricardo says he has no proof of Cole being involved, however Francesa left town in a hurry. Emily says she can't help feel sorry for Amy. As Amy is about to intrude on Sean's time with Emily he told her to stay and wait for a call from Ricardo.

Gregory asks Rose to take Annie breakfast. When asked if she should give a tray to Cole Caitlin informs her and Gregory that Cole is not there. Cole walks in looking quite disheveled and told Cait they need to talk. Cole told Caitlin that he honored her wishes and stayed away last night. He says they need to talk privately. Gregory told Cole to leave or he will have him arrested for stalking his daughter. Caitlin agrees to talk to him because of Trey. She asks Cole why she should listen to him about anything. Cait runs out and Cole follows her. As they leave the house they unknowingly pass Hillary who is hiding. A gun carrying Hillary comes out of hiding and says she will demand the rubies or she will take Caitlin. . Olivia shows up to check on Caitlin. She is highly upset when she thinks Caitlin has forgiven him. Gregory says just the opposite she was highly upset and stood up to Cole. Gregory and Olivia are happy when they think Cait is through with Cole. Gregory watches Olivia with the baby. He told Olivia that even though he is married to Annie they will always share the children and grandchildren. Olivia told him that she plans to help raise Trey. Cole arrives to take Trey. Cole asks for Trey to be changed and packed. Cole says they are leaving town.

Caitlin asks if that is where he and Franny spent the night. Cole says they have not had an affair. He admits that he helped her steal the necklace. Cole hesitates and starts to tell her why he stole the rubies. He told her about the jewels and the statue. He told Caitlin that Fran is returning all the jewels to the Rosario statue Caitlin can't believe he risked everything to clear Fran's conscience. He tells Caitlin about Francesca's pledge to God. Caitlin says she prayed also, yet he chose to believe that God answered Fran's prayers instead of hers. Cole told her it isn't a competition. Cole says he got a second chance and he felt the people of Rosario deserved theirs. Caitlin says she should have known from the beginning what was going on. Cole says he felt he had to help Franny. Cole says now that Fran has taken back the jewels she is out of their lives for good. He asks how he can make it up to her. He begs to start from scratch. Cait agrees to give him a second chance. Cole says they have to move, get away from her family. He told her he felt like he had been set up to take that necklace. Cole told her he will go get Trey.


  • Ricardo wants to know what is going on between Gabi and Antonio.

  • Amy picks up the book of spells and looks for one to break up Sean and Emily. She notices the book says something about the jewels of Rosario.

  • In a rage Olivia told Cole that Caitlin wasn't supposed to forgive him for stealing the jewels. Cole demands to know the truth about Olivia setting him up.

  • Caitlin is trying to convince herself to tell Cole the truth about Trey. She answers the knock on the door and Hillary points a gun at her.