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Monday, October 26, 1998

The Cummings admit that they don 't have a band for the opening. They are worried about keeping the crowd happy. Emily slaps Amy after she insults Bette. Later Amy cries and says that her problem is more to do with her dad then Emily; she says that everything seems to be falling apart. Bette told the Cummings she has a plan for music. Bette goes to Emily, Sean, and Leo and says she is going to sing. Emily begs Sean to save her from the humiliation. Amy gets a call from her father who is really upset and talking strangely. He keeps telling Amy that they don't understand the power and that he needs them back. Amy is confused about his call but agrees to go home. Emily begs Sean to sing. Sean and Universal Citizens rap at the Shockwave.

Maria says she can't connect with them as her brothers. Antonio suggests that they start new and hopefully grow close now. Antonio shows Maria the watch and told her the meaning behind the gift. Maria thanks Antonio for sharing the watch with her. He says that she was a wonderful sister. He says they were devastated when she died.

Maria says she thinks everything will be spoiled with Meg if she remembers her past. She admits that Meg is like a sister to her. Antonio told her not to apologize for the way she feels. She knows she has upset Ricardo. Antonio told her that he is very passionate about things he cares about. Antonio told Maria that he has to be very careful about things he feels passionate about. Maria asks Antonio if he has ever had his heart broken. He says everyone has that happen to them and he thinks of Gabi. Maria says sometimes she thinks it will better never to memory at all. When Dr. Estrada arrives she says she feels like she is going out of her mind. When Antonio says they have gone to far Maria says no she hasn't gone far enough. Dr. Estrada tells Ricardo and Antonio that she thinks she has a solution.

Gregory and Annie arrive, showing off her necklace. Annie makes sure that Cole gets a good look at the necklace. She wants to make sure Caitlin can see Cole admiring it. Gregory told Annie she can mess with Olivia all she wants but Caitlin is off limits. Olivia told Annie to meet her at the power plant in 30 minutes. Annie has to figure out how to get away from Gregory. Caitlin told Annie to back off. Caitlin begs Cole not to go to work. Annie told Greg that he needs to talk to Caitlin and that she plans to take a walk. He agrees and takes Annie's necklace to lock in the hotel safe.

Sara and Casey arrive to pick up Ben and Meg. While waiting they share several tender moments. Meg told them that she is waiting for Ben who is talking to his lawyers about Maria. Sara suggests that Ben just ask Maria for a divorce. Meg says they can't do that until Maria has her memory back. Maria has to be able to make a true decision on the matter. Casey told Sara to go to the party and he will wait with Meg. Sara's jealousy shows again. . Meg says she has decided to help Maria get her memory back. When Sara ask if that is wise she says what else can she do? Meg wants to know what is so wrong with what she is doing. Casey went to call Ben. Sara tells her it is a big mistake and things will get worse. Meg says that she married Ben 2 days ago and it doesn't count and the only person who can help them is Maria or they are lost. Sara asks what if Maria gets her memory back, knows how much she loved Ben, and refuses to sign the divorce papers. Meg told Casey they don't have to wait with her for Ben to return. When they get outside Sara told him that she has really blown it with Meg. Meg thinks about some of the tender moments she shared with Ben. She declares it is her home; hers and Ben's. Dr. Estrada arrives and says something is wrong with Maria.

Hillary says they have to take something from Cole that means the most to him. Francesca picks up the phone and hears the chanting. Cole arrives at her hotel room and finds Fran totally upset. They decide to steal the jewels tonight. When they are next seen they are in the office looking for the safe.

Olivia arrives to meet Annie. Annie told her that she did everything that she could to follow Olivia's instructions. Annie and Olivia get into a hate me most conversation. Olivia told Annie that she is going to announce that she will donate the necklace to the Fine Arts Museum. Annie says only if she is dead and her body is in formaldehyde.


- Sean is a hit at the ShockWave.
- Amy gets ready to leave and all of a sudden stops and screams.
- Dr. Estrada says that Maria is very distressed. Dr. Estrada says that she is more than determined to get her memory back which is frustrating her. She says that unfortunately she only feels comfortable around Meg and she knows that Ben holds the key to an emotional past that she is desperate to recover. She says that Ben and Meg are the only people who can help her. Dr. Estrada says Maria should live with them.
- Cole is about to break the lock when they turn at the sound of barking, there stands a Doberman.
- Olivia told Annie she has bigger things to worry about like prison instead of the necklace. Someone is listening to them but it is not known who. All you can see is expensive black shoes.