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Monday, June 15, 1998

Annie is livid. She browbeats her (and dear departed Dell's) lawyer to find a way, a loophole to get the Richards either divorced immediately or her time to marry Gregory extended. She threatens him with the possibility of jail for some dealings he had with (dead) Eddie which she has become aware of. This, she hopes,. will put a fire under Larkin's butt to see that she gets a reprieve somehow before her deadline. Larkin told her there is nothing he can do and that if a divorce isn't forthcoming and Annie doesn't marry Gregory by June's end - well "the next beneficiary will get her inheritance." Who, Annie wants to know is the beneficiary and when Larkin tells her it is Olivia, Annie explodes with rage. As they discuss ways to overcome the obstacles in their way, Annie picks up a chess piece on a table nearby. She has a fantasy -which we see- in which Annie is queen, Olivia and Gregory and AJ as well as Caitlin and Trey are all chess pieces. Annie proclaims she will be the checkmate but instead Olivia outmaneuvers her and Annie is left with nothing. She sees Olivia spinning around and around laughing and laughing (quite a sight). Frantic, she and the lawyer are seen with their thinking caps on trying to devise a way to get Annie what she wants.

Cole is seen with Trey having a little father/baby talk as the door chimes. When Cole answers to see Olivia on the other side he is most uncordial. Olivia breezes past and it becomes clear that Cole is not going to stick around and that Caitlin and Sean be told of Olivia's trickery and leave it to them to form their own conclusions. After Olivia gives them the details of her part in Cole's kidnapping, and after the initial shock wore off, Caitlin is most forgiving. Sean is not and realizes Caitlin feels the way she does because she took someone else's baby and did what she did to please and 'keep' Cole, much as her mother did to 'get' Gregory. Olivia feared her children would never speak to her again and she is ready for this possibility. She told them any punishment they throw her is deserved, however, she try to tell them her side of the story and that she was not aware of all that was to happen that night. She waits solemnly for their response. Caitlin told her mother she might have done the same thing. (She did something close--even worse but she doesn't even know it....that Olivia's baby is Trey...her own son.) Caitlin embraces her mom and told her she's been punished enough. She told her mother she understands and Olivia, with tears in her eyes, is overcome with love for her daughter. PS; Olivia doesn't know it but when she returns home she will find divorce papers on her doorstep. She calls Gregory. She wasn't going to do anything about them at first....but then ....she will see him in the morning!

BEN IN MORTUARY (Diane's hangout) Earlier Diane has gone by Ben's house to ask if he was home -- to see if this man in the coffin was indeed Ben Evans, as he told her, or the man she knew he was all along -- the great STEEL of her romance novels. When Sarah told her Ben had left for a vacation with his fiancée Diane knew that 'Steel' had been lying and returned to the mortuary. Ben has awakened and begins to feel his body again. He struggles to get up over the coffin he has remained in for days. Before he can actually get out, Diane has rushed over, filling a syringe, and with a mighty pow injects 'something' into Ben's shoulder. She caresses his cheek and promises they will have a wonderful future, they are 'destined' to be together. Ben, once again, has fallen into a sleep or coma or some non awake condition and is helpless to whatever this maniac has in store for him. We next see Diane has decked Ben out in a tuxedo. She has outfitted herself in what looks like a black wedding dress, black veil and lovely dark black lipstick. She is, it seems, is going to ensure her destiny with 'Steel'-- in some ceremony.

Sarah is seen having coffee and Casey comes over for a little talk. During the conversation it becomes clear to Sarah that Casey KNOWS the slept with the Congressman (Blythe) and sooner or later it may all come out. After Casey leaves we see Melinda at the door gearing up her tape recorder and making ready to join Sarah at the table. Sarah told Melinda that she believes Casey knows the truth. "What truth are you talking about?" Melinda spits out and in a short time she has everything she wants on her recorder. A full confession. The whole dirty story. When Sarah leaves Melinda can't wait to make a path to the phone and call her friend. Seems a book deal is in the making and now she has all the dirt she needs.

Meg is looking at the picture she has found in the pile of magazines. She sees the words Ben and Derek. She is stunned to learn that Ben had a twin. She was unaware of this and, for some reason, it is giving her a very eerie feeling. As she is thinking about this Derek shows up at the door. He tells her he's going to town and he'll be back soon. After he's gone Meg begins to mentally revisit many of their times together. She begins to remember all the times 'Ben' didn't remember things. She remembers how Casey found different memory lapses odd but everything was chalked up to his ''beating' and his 'injuries.' Now, however, she is worried. She is uncomfortable. She is not sure why or what or where but something isn't right. There are things that don't fit. There are feelings that don't feel right. When Derek returns from his errand he is ready to make love. Meg reminds him of the time they were in the wine closet in the Deep and they got locked in for the night. She relates to him some events that NEVER HAPPENED. He pretends he remembers all about it. He laughs. He remembers. He remembers what she's talking about. He remembers it all. He cherishes those memories. "OH MY GOD," Meg mentally screams, "THESE THINGS DIDN'T HAPPEN.....THIS ISN'T BEN....THIS ISN'T BEN." The chills went up my spine! Finally. At last!