Monday, January 26, 1998

South Bay General
When Tyus asks her where Michael has gone, Vanessa says that she thinks that he just went out to make a phone call. Much, much later, the nurse comes in and gives Vanessa the message that Michael has been called away, so Tyus offers to drive her home and take her to dinner. When Vanessa says that it can't be a real date, Tyus asks her if her mother is available.

Richards' House Knowing how stressed Tim has been since Terror Island, Gregory gives him the day off.

Just as Annie picks up the tape, Olivia knocks at the door. Fortunately, Caitlin comes along and gets rid of Olivia before Olivia can open the door. However, Caitlin returns to the room soon and Annie hurriedly puts the tape back in the jewelry box.

When Caitlin asks if Annie has ulterior motives for helping Caitlin, Annie admits that she's helping her in order to get in good with Gregory. Caitlin promises to do anything she can to help Annie with Gregory if Annie will get a baby for Caitlin.

After sneaking Annie out of the house, Caitlin eavesdrops as Gregory tries to convince Olivia that reuniting would be the best thing for the baby.

Gregory asks Olivia to accompany him to Mark's memorial service.

Caitlin breaks down into tears at the realization that Gregory and Olivia really do love each other. Caitlin decides to destroy the tape of Gregory's conversation with the doctor. Caitlin opens her jewelry box and realizes that the tape has been moved.

South Central Virginia told Michael that Mrs. Jones asked her to take the uniform to donate it to charity. Just then, Mrs. Jones returns home, and Virginia convinces Mrs. Jones that she asked Virginia to donate the uniform to a charity while she was ill.

Ben's House
Ben promises Meg that he'll never leave her and then the two become intimate. Afterwards, Ben looks like he's about to strangle Meg with the tie from her robe when she's awakened by the doorbell. When Ben went to answer the door and he finds that their visitor is Tim. When Meg comes down the stairs, Tim told Meg that he wants Meg to move out of Ben's house.

After Ben is called away, Tim makes another attempt to convince Meg that she should fear Ben by telling Meg that Gregory said that Ben wasn't in Santa Barbara on business. However, Tim is unsuccessful at convincing Meg that Ben lied about his whereabouts the night that Mark and Jade died.

Surf Central
Tyus brought Vanessa to Surf Central to help plan Mark's memorial service. Tyus promises that he won't pressure her for anything other than friendship. However, he gets jealous when Michael turns up and the two get all lovey-dovey.

Jimmy takes the news about Mark's death pretty hard.

Virginia calls Cedar Oaks Hospital and lines up an interview for their open nursing position.

Annie's House
When Bette confronts Annie about her attempts to get in good with Gregory, Annie unsuccessfully tries to convince her that she's just interested in making friends with Sean and Caitlin.

Bette told Annie that the only time that Gregory and Olivia came close to a divorce was when Olivia had a miscarriage.

When she overhears Olivia ask Bette to accompany her and Gregory to Mark's memorial service, Annie realizes that the best time to steal the tape would be during the memorial service.

A Basement
Pseudo-Ben has flashbacks of the killings. He circles something in red in the newspaper and says that Meg is going to join her friends soon.

Ben's House
Meg told Ben that she is going to spend the night at Surf Central reminiscing about Mark and she invites Ben to go with her.

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Tuesday, January 27, 1998

Annie and Bette's House
Annie faked a headache to excuse her from going to Mark's memorial service.

The Richard's House
When Caitlin found out that Rose had been cleaning in her room, she assumed that Rose had moved the tape while cleaning.

Surf Central
Virginia made up a sob story that she couldn't go to Mark's memorial service because Jimmy needed her.

The Richard's House
With no one at home but Rose, Annie popped right on up to Caitlin's room and helped herself to the tape. Annie was shocked to hear Gregory's plan to take Caitlin's baby and tell her it was dead.

Cedar Oaks Hospital
A disguised Virginia lied her way into getting a nursing job at Cedar Oaks using the name Celita Jones. Her charade may already be over when I nurse said that she knew her.

The Church
Tim was sick with worry until Meg arrived at the church and he saw that she was okay. Tim threatened Ben that he'd kill him with his bare hands if Ben hurt Meg. Ben declared that he is going to marry Meg and that Tim couldn't do anything about it.

Ricardo gave his condolences to Gabi for Mark. She apologized to Ricardo because she felt to blame for Paula's departure. Ricardo assured her it was his own fault.

Gregory reminded Olivia that they were in the same church that they were married in.

Meg admitted to Ben that she couldn't get out of her mind how Mark died. She had been close to be killed herself and it was awful. She pondered aloud how a person could do that to someone else. Ben comforted her.

Sean was surprised when Caitlin told him she would be sitting with Gregory and Olivia. She revealed that she was considering forgiving them. Sean encouraged her to listen to the part of herself that didn't want to forgive them.

Caitlin was torn when Olivia asked for her forgiveness. Olivia pleaded that their babies needed to be born into a happy, loving family.

Vanessa lit a second candle, which was for her mother. Michael asked what it was about, but Vanessa said that she didn't want to talk about it.

Gabi informed Cole about Paula's departure. He was sad but said that he had the two most important people in the world there with him…Caitlin and their baby.

Casey, Michael, Meg, and Ben spoke about Mark at the service. During Ben's speech, Tim couldn't take anymore so he got up and left. Ricardo followed Tim out into the hall. Ricardo suggested to Tim that "It was Ben" isn't the same thing as "Ben killed me". He said that Tim had no proof. Tim reminded Ricardo that Ricardo believed that Ben killed Maria even though he had no proof. Ben saw them in the hall talking about him.

When Meg wanted to go home, Ben stated that he had to take care of a few things and for her to just stay there with her friends until he got back.

Cole expressed to Caitlin how he almost lost her. Caitlin appeared to have a pang and Cole asked if it was the baby. Caitlin said yes.

Everyone was surprised when Ben just left Meg at the church. Even Ricardo wanted to know where Ben had run off to.

The Warehouse
Ben looked over a remote warehouse and told a man that it would be perfect.

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