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Monday, September 15, 1997

Annie arrives with a bottle of champagne to celebrate. They toast to Ben and Meg, not with each other. They kiss very passionately. Tim's cab arrives and they say goodbye.

Ben told Meg he remembers making love to her in the cave. Meg says that's fine, but he didn't make love to her...he made love to Maria. A clueless Ben tries to figure out what Meg's talking about. Meg fills him in about the fact that he made love to her twice, but both times he thought she was Maria, even calling her name. Ben can't believe it...Meg went on to tell him that he even called her Maria up in her bedroom. Meg told him to just let her go, Ben says he loves her too much to do that. Tim arrives to take Meg to the airport with him. Meg went up to her room to get her last bag. Meg has a tearful goodbye with Vanessa who tried one last time to convince her to stay and that Ben really does seem sincere in loving her. Meg is about to leave with Tim when he asks Meg one more time to not go...

Annie went up to Maria's studio and says, "this is it...goodbye Meg, goodbye's my turn now."

Caitlin is stunned at her mother. Caitlin yells at Olivia demanding the truth...the truth being that Olivia KNOWS who the woman is that Cole slept with. Olivia and Cole are relieved to realize that Caitlin still doesn't know Olivia is the other woman, but that she thinks Olivia knows who the woman is. Olivia says it's best that she doesn't know the truth, Caitlin demands to know. Cole says fine, he'll tell her the name of the woman in exchange that she'll never dwell on it again and that she'll never throw it in his face when something goes wrong in their relationship. Caitlin told Cole that she can't make that promise unless she knows the woman's name. Cole says it can't work that way. He can't keep his part of the deal if this may cause their love to end. Caitlin gives in, saying if Cole is willing to forget about the past and move on...than so is she. Caitlin leaves to run an errand...Cole stays behind to talk to Olivia. Cole says he needs something cleared up...Olivia jumps in and told him the only reason Caitlin trusts him is because he's a major con-artist. Cole says he loves Caitlin, but he had to make her choose their love over the truth because she can't know the real truth. Olivia says maybe it's better that she does...Cole told Olivia if she did find out, it would only make Caitlin realize that Cole could be Olivia's baby's father the way, he asks how far along is she...

Caitlin seeks Elaine's did Elaine handle A.J.'s infidelity's? She asks if things might have changed if Elaine didn't know that Olivia had been the other woman. Elaine told Caitlin if Cole says that the woman meant nothing...she should trust that and forget about the past.

Tuesday, September 16, 1997

Gregory makes certain that his surprise will be at Grenadine's that night. Cole presses Olivia to tell him when she conceived. Cole suspects that Olivia is at the end of her first trimester. Olivia denies. Gregory overhears Olivia tell Cole that Gregory forced her to announce the pregnancy. As Cole leaves, he looks at the doctor's bill in his pocket and says having a baby is really expensive, but he can handle it. Gregory confronts Olivia saying that she told Cole about the fake pregnancy. Olivia explains that she only told Cole that he pushed her to make sure Caitlin doesn't announce her pregnancy in the "festivities" this evening. If she does, and something went wrong, Caitlin will feel horrible for not waiting till her pregnancy is safe. Gregory thanks Olivia for being so brilliant. As Olivia is getting ready for tonight's dinner...Gregory has Olivia put on a very valuable necklace, which is part of the Deschanel Jewels. Noticing Olivia's appetite has picked up, Gregory says if he didn't no better, he'd think she really were pregnant.

Elaine told Caitlin that she really should forget about Cole's past...the reason her and Cole are so in love is because their love is pure and true, whereas her romance with A.J. was love too, but Elaine got pregnant, which changed everything. Luckily Caitlin doesn't have that problem...Caitlin invites Elaine to the family dinner.

Annie is certain she will get Ben know that Meg is out of the way. Annie tells Bette she has finally won the battle. Bette tries to explain to Annie that her obsession will get her no where. That Annie is more interested in the game, than interested in getting Ben because IF she gets him, she'll lose interest, since the "game" would be over. Annie brushes Bette off saying she has no right to talk...she's had 7 husbands. Bette tries to plea with Annie not to make the same mistakes she with a man who loves you truly, not forcefully.

Meg agrees to hear Ben out after his many pleas. Ben continues to say he loves her, but she told him that's what makes her so angry...he doesn't know what he's saying, he's too caught up in the past. Meg told him she thought he was her dream man, but she was wrong. Ben kisses Meg, Meg then pulls away. Ben told her he knows by that kiss that she loves him. Meg calls Ben "Ben" which forces his subconscious to say "I love you Maria." Meg in shock runs out the door and went into her cab. Vanessa overheard Ben say "Maria". Ben asks Meg not to leave one last time, Vanessa asks Ben if he knows what he said to her? Ben watches Meg and Tim's cab pull away.

Cole gets cash out of a safety deposit box, he also pulls out a bracelet and says it's time for a "refill".

Sean tries to force Caitlin again to look at the pictures, Caitlin asks him again to destroy them.

Tim and Annie talk on their cell phones, Tim told her that her post-hypnotic suggestion worked, Ben called Meg "Maria" again. Meg waits for the plane and thinks of Ben.

Ben in a complete daze imagines seeing Maria's portrait still on the stand, he throws a glass at the picture (which really isn't there.)

Wednesday, September 17, 1997

Vanessa told Michael that Meg left Sunset Beach to go to Kansas. She asks Michael to make love to her tonight, she wants to be with him, she doesn't want the same thing that happened to Meg and Ben to happen to them two.

Gabi overhears that Ricardo has a "date" at 7pm sharp...she plans to be there.

Gabi is thrilled to see that Virginia was kind enough to do her laundry, now she has the perfect dress to wear to interrupt Ricardo's "date". Vanessa suggests that Michael move into her apartment so Virginia and Jimmy can really settle into Surf Central and have more room. Michael says that isn't a good idea right now...Virginia is pleased with that answer. Michael leaves, Virginia told Vanessa that they have to talk. Virginia blasts Vanessa for continuing to snoop and for her suggesting that Michael and her move in together. Virginia told Vanessa it is time that she back off, or Michael will be going to jail.

RICHARDS' Sean told Caitlin she must be scared of something if she refuses to look at the pictures. Cole spots the Deschanel necklace around Olivia's neck. The family leaves for Grenadine's.

Gabi hops in Ricardo's car and is happy to interrupt his date, to her shock, he's on a stake-out. Gabi told Ricardo that when she was 6 six years old, someone broke into her home, the guy went into her room, her father got him out though. Shots are fired as the stake-out was discovered.

The family arrives and met up with Elaine. As they sit, Cole spots his "friend" Mr. Jacques Durmont. Jacques went over to Cole's table and reminisces the last time they were together...gambling, and with many woman. Jacques goes to Grenadine's wine cellar to pick out the best wine, he is going to join the Richards' for dinner. Sean badgers Cole to tell them more about Jacques and his past life. Cole says he's sure Jacques will tell them what they want to hear. Cole leaves the table and went in search of Jacques. He tells Jacques that he has changed, he is no longer clinging to his past. Jacques says people like them never change...Caitlin overhears Jacque mention Cole's previous engagement

Thursday, September 18, 1997

Shots are fired and Gabi gets really scared. She freaks out and acts like she was a little girl again and asks Ricardo not leave her, the bad man wants to hurt her again. Ricardo is totally confused by this, but Gabi snaps out of it and thanks Ricardo for protecting her. He told her it's part of his job, Ricardo misreads it as Ricardo really does care for her. The suspect got away and Gabi feels responsible because she forced him to stay behind.

SURF CENTRAL Virginia continues to tell Vanessa to back away from Michael. Vanessa defends herself by telling Virginia that Michael will never love matter what happens, he'll never have romantic feelings for Virginia. Virginia warns Vanessa one more time...Virginia puts on a "nice" act when Gabi comes home. She notices Gabi doesn't look to well and offers to take her some hot tea. Vanessa congratulates her for such a nice performance. Michael walks in as the two go at it verbally. Virginia says they were just getting to know each other better. Michael asks Vanessa if she's still ready for tonight...Vanessa takes a look at Virginia and says she has to go to the paper to see about the shoot-out. Michael says okay. As Vanessa leaves, she thinks to herself that she's going to have to stay away...for Michael's benefit only because of Virginia's threats.

Gabi calls Ricardo saying that she's scared and alone (which is a lie because Virginia is downstairs.) She asks him to come over and he agrees. When he gets there, he's upset to learn that he was tricked by her again, she is not alone. Gabi says he must care for her a bit if he came over...Ricardo blasts her for that comment. Mark overhears and looks at things the wrong way, he asks Ricardo to leave. Gabi went to sleep, when Mark went in to check on her, she's having a nightmare yelling "please don't hurt me" she awakes to see Mark there and asks him not to leave her.

Bette asks Eddie out to dinner at Grenadine's.

Cole told Jacques he isn't pulling a scam, he truly loves Caitlin and that he has changed...Jacques told him that people like him never change, Caitlin overhears this but says nothing. Cole sees her and asks how long she's been standing there, she just told him that Gregory doesn't like waiting. The family toasts to Olivia being pregnant. Cole tries to convince Jacques that all his past affairs are just the past. The every charming Jacques compliments all the beautiful women at the table, and especially the jewels Olivia is wearing. Elaine thinks the jewels belong to Cole since he is the Deschanel heir, which is much surprise to Jacques who only knew him by St. John. Bette sees the Richards' and their guest. Olivia pulls Bette to the side and warns Bette to keep her mouth shut, Bette says she will...but who is that hunk of a man? Olivia told her to chill out, he's too young for her, Bette just stands there in if Olivia were one to talk. Sean asks Jacques to tell them more about Cole's past and his "stories." Bette asks Eddie to dig into Dr. Robinson’s past at Olivia's request, though she doesn't tell Eddie that Olivia asked her too. Cole and Caitlin dance, Cole can see that Caitlin is upset by all of Jacques stories, but he tells her that they are just "stories", he told her that he loves her, and only her. Jacques asks Olivia to dance and Gregory gives the okay. As they dance, Jacques is very flirtatious and very much a charmer. As the dance comes to an end, and his hands are all over Olivia, he slyly steals Olivia's necklace. Olivia walks to the table and sits when Caitlin realizes that the necklace is gone, and Jacques is no where to be found! Sean immediately says Cole was a part of the scam. Cole went after Jacques but says he could not find him. Gregory scolds Sean for assuming such horrible things about Cole.

Sean still suspects that Cole was part of the whole thing. Olivia playfully acts upset at Gregory for not noticing that Jacques flirted with her, and that he isn't jealous. Gregory says he did notice that...but he loves her. Olivia thinks sure, he loves her, but if the baby is Cole's he would destroy her without even blinking.

Friday, September 19, 1997


Caitlin overhears Gregory talking to Olivia. They were talking about Cole's possible involvement in the theft. Caitlin asks Gregory if he believes Cole stole the necklace. Caitlin told Gregory that she refuses to believe Cole had any part in it. Caitlin asks Olivia if she believes Cole had and part of it, Olivia says no, he's not that dumb. Caitlin fears that she won't be a good mom since he has no skills. Olivia comforts her, they talk Cole's and Gregory's pasts.

Eddie reads a goodbye letter that Cole wrote to Elaine. Caitlin went to see Cole who is no where to be found.

Annie spots Ben on the beach and is going to go see him...this is the 1st day of her future with him...Bette begs to differ. Olivia arrives and told Bette she was forced to keep mum when Caitlin described how she loves Cole and will never believe he's a thief.

Eddie arrives and shows the goodbye letter he snatched from Cole's room before anyone else could see it. Gregory told Sean Cole has fled. Gregory worms his way into making sure Sean told Caitlin Cole left. Sean tells Caitlin he knows Cole left, and that she shouldn't deny's about time that Caitlin sees all the evidence...the pictures which he still has and he hands them over to her.

Ben takes a jog on the beach and stops while looking at Surf Central. Mark says to give it up...Meg is long gone.

Meg and Tim arrive at Meg's moms house. Joan is happy to see Meg. Joan asks why she is back and Meg says she's not ready to talk about that yet. Meg tells her mom of all the things she wants to do now that she's back in town which prompt Joan to ask if she's staying for good. Meg says she's not sure, but she is not returning to Sunset Beach. Meg looks at her wedding dress and has a fantasy of her marring Ben, but he calls her Maria. Meg runs out in hysterics saying going to Sunset Beach was the worst decision she had ever made. Meg thinks of Ben who is thinking of her and their first kiss.

Ben cleared out Maria's belongings. Annie was happy to hear that, but not so happy when Ben vowed to get Meg back.

Cole is in Monte Carlo at a black jack table.

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