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Monday, August 11, 1997
by SunsetBum

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Tuesday, August 12, 1997

While Olivia is on the phone speaking to the receptionist to make her appointment for her amniocentesis, Caitlin is at the hospital making an appointment as well...the appointments are 15 minutes apart! Cole pulls out a engagement ring, but does not show Caitlin yet. Cole and Caitlin see a new mother who says her and her husband used to be so happy and never argue, now with a baby...things have definitely changed. This scares Caitlin wondering if the same fate will happen with her and Cole.

Bette let's it slip to Gregory that the secret she is hiding concerning Olivia has to do with a baby. Just then, Olivia walks in and tries to cover her tracks. Olivia explains that Bette was threatening to tell Elaine about Olivia's involvement with her stolen baby. Olivia informs Gregory that Bette assisted in the baby scam as well. Gregory seems to buy the story. He wonders why Bette would incriminate herself by telling Elaine, and what other secrets Bette may be holding. Gregory offers Bette a job as a Gossip Columnist in the Sentinel. Bette gleefully accepts saying no secret will be left untold. Olivia seems to be a bit worried about that though. Later, Olivia spots Cole admiring the engagement ring. Olivia assures Cole that she will NEVER let her daughter marry him...

Tim refused to believe that Meg would make love to Ben in a cave. Stating that with Meg, everything had to be perfect. Bette moved into Annie's. When Bette asks Annie why she is so unhappy, she confesses that she has lost Ben.

Caitlin told Cole that she doesn't want to tie him down, she can take care of the baby herself, if necessary. Cole tries to convince Caitlin that he wants them to be a family.

Ben told Meg that he remembers admitting to her that he loves her. Meg is upset that he doesn't remember making love to her. Ben asks Meg if she is okay...if there is something that she isn't telling him, she responds that she's just tired. Ben tries to explain to Meg that he is over his wife, having Meg's love has made him forget about Maria. Meg isn't convinced of this, as a matter of fact, she feels that he'll never be over Maria. Mark brings fresh clothing for Meg, they have lunch, but Meg prefers not to talk about what happened in the cave. Mark understands and assures Meg that whenever she wants to talk, he'll be there for her.

Wednesday, August 13, 1997
by Sharon Shevelon

Cole and Olivia are arguing over Caitlin. Olivia will never allow Cole to marry her daughter,and Cole thinks it is because she wants him for herself. They are fighting when Olivia yells out that she wants Cole to stay away from her baby. Little did Olivia know, Gregory was right there listening to this conversation.

Caitlin is defending Cole to Tim. She is telling Tim that Cole is a changed person, but Tim is putting doubt in her mind. He is telling her that she needs to make sure that everything is out in the open between them. She should find out who this woman was and put it to rest.

Caitlin told Olivia that she really needs to know who the woman was in Cole's past. Olivia told Caitlin that it will just backfire on her and asks if she is willing to accept the the consequences? Caitlin is not sure of anything and decides that she needs to leave to meet Cole who is waiting for her on the beach.

After Caitlin leaves the house, Gregory told Olivia that he wants to discuss her baby. Olivia told Gregory that she was referring to Caitlin, and Gregory told her that he knows that. He told her that he is really glad to hear that she wants Cole out of Caitlin's like and decides that they should work together to bring this about. He told Olivia that they will find the woman who Cole was with and then that will be the end of Cole. OIivia tells Gregory that she will help him.

Gabi decides that she needs to get Ricardo's attention and stands up on a chair and pretends to fall, while Paula is looking on. Ricardo jumps to catch her and when he puts her down she is pushing him away. Ricardo sees Paula and is shattered once again. Paula leaves the room and Ricardo leaves the station to get a report for the cave incident. Paula returns and asks Gabi where Ricardo is and Gabi seizes the moment to let Paula know that Ricardo is out doing a report for the cave in. Paula is unhappy about this as they are supposed to be working together on this. Gabi told Paula that she really admires Paula for being able to set aside her differences with Ricardo and be able to work with him. Paula told Gabi that she is just doing her job. Paula feels left out when it is brought to her attention, by Gabi, that Ricardo is out doing the report without her.

Gabi is handed some files to get ready to go to Sacramento for a special assignment. She notices that Paula is among the finalist to be considered. She changes part of the letter stating that Paula is the favortie to be assigned. Now she is able to get Paula out of Sunset Beach for month's time. Now she will be free to get closer to Ricardo within this time frame.

Paula asks Ricardo why he didn't wait for him before going to get the report and Ricardo told her that she needs to stop running out everytime she feels like it if she wants to be involved with the case.

Virginia makes Vanessa feel uncomfortable when she makes the remark that Vanessa has been too busy to make time to see Michael. When Michael asks for time alone with Vanessa, Virginia gets irritated. She is in the hall when Mark and Ricardo show up for a visit with Michael. They ask if Michael is too busy to see them and she jumps at the chance to seperate Michael and Vanessa. They enter the room while Michael is kissing Vanessa.

Jimmy enters the room with two ice creams, and Ricardo remembers that Jimmy wanted to talk to him the night of the cave in. Ricardo asks Jimmy what he wanted to talk to him about, and Virginia interrupts by telling Ricardo, Jimmy wanted to stop Michael from going into the cave. Ricardo accepts this and lets it go. After Ricardo leaves, Michael confronts Jimmy as to the reason for Jimmy's trip to the station. Jimmy admits that he went there to turn Michael into the police for killing his father. Michael decides that maybe it is time for the truth to come out. Jimmy steps in and says "no" I have already lost one father, and I don't want to lose another one. Michael hears this and is really touched and they give each other a hug.

Virginia runs into one of the tenants from her old building at the hospital and finds out that Vanessa is snooping into Virginias affairs. She makes a mysterious phone call and told them that she needs a favor.

Cole told Elaine that he is going to ask Caitlin to marry him. Elaine is so happy. He told Elaine that the Deshanel curse will stop with him. It will not continue.

Paula is at the pier thinking about Ricardo when Elaine comes up. Elaine wants Paula to talk with Ricardo. Paula told Elaine that she is so confused, but Elaine told her that she doesn't want Paula to make the same mistake that she did. She closed herself completely off from everyone when AJ left her. She doesn't want this to happen to Paula. She urges Paula to talk to Ricardo. After Elaine leaves Paula told herself that she and Ricardo are finished.

Caitlin is walking on the beach thinking about that other woman. She needs to know who this woman is. She will not be able to trust Cole if he doesn't tell her who this woman was. Cole comes up on Caitlin, and told her that he has something very important to ask her. THE DEEP
Mark is preparing for his big night. Sean and Tiffany show to give their support. Mark thanks them for all that they have done. Sean asks if his mother has gotten there yet and Mark told him that it is still early.

Paula walks into the deep. She is decked to the tens, and Eddie is there and his eyes pop out of his head when he lays eyes on her.

Thursday, August 14, 1997
by Sharon Shevelon

Bette is moving in and Annie is not a happy camper. Bette thinks she has good news about Ben being home, and Annie surprised her by saying who cares? Annie told Bette that she is not going to sit around any more and watch Ben fall for someone else while she is right there. Bette tries to tell her that Meg isn't there, but Annie doesn't want to hear it. Bette told Annie that the Douglas' women are not quitters and that Annie should hang in there.

Tim shows up and told Annie that Meg is avoiding Ben's calls. He tries to get her to go and put on her charm for Ben. Annie takes his advice and starts to head up to her room to dress when Bette told her that she should forget what she said. Annie doesn't believe that Meg will be there but she tells Bette that I will.

Tim is writing a letter to Meg telling her that he is going to leave Sunset Beach. He knows now that her place is with Ben.

Cole made a heart wrenching proposal to Caitlin. Caitlin was really happy that he did this but she turned him down. She told him that she thinks they are going too fast and that she wants time to know everything about Cole before she marries him. Cole knows that this means she wants to know about the other woman that he was involved with. He knows that Caitlin would never understand about him and Olivia. Cole apologizes to her for rushing her. He tells her that he didn't do it because of the baby. Caitlin knows that. Cole wants to know why she is waiting? He asks who is talking to her, and he thinks that Olivia was the one. Caitlin told Cole that her mother is on his side. She told him that Olivia was telling Caitlin that she needs to let things go about that other woman.

Cole offers Caitlin the ring anyway saying that it doesn't have to be an engagement ring, just a pledge ring. This ring will symbolize their love and commitment to each other, and Caitlin accepts this willingly.

Meg is in her room when the phone rings. It is Ben inviting her over for dinner. Meg doesn't take the call. She is avoiding Ben. She is thinking about her relationship with Ben with tears in her eyes.

Tim enters her room with the letter that he has written to Meg. He places it on the table and when he turns around to leave he sees Meg. Meg runs into his arms crying. Tim wants to know why she is crying and she told him that it is a delayed reaction from being tapped in the cave. Tim told her that he thought she would be with Ben and Meg said that is the last place that I want to be. The phone rings again and Tim told her that he has to go. Meg listens to the caller, and finds that it is Ben again. He is trying to call to invite her over for dinner. He told her that he loves her and that makes Meg cry even more. She gets her jacket and leaves the room.

Mark is getting nervous about Olivia not being there yet, when Sean spots his mother entering.

Paula is really decked out tonight. Eddie approaches her and told her that she doesn't look like a cop tonight and she told him she doesn't feel like a cop tonight. He asks if she wants to dance. While dancing Eddie wants to know what Paula did with the real Paula and she told him that she is out just to have some fun.

Casey runs into Cynthia from VH1. She is trying to lure him to try out for the spot that is open, but Casey tries to send Mark her way instead. He tells her that Mark is the one she is looking for and Cynthia says she has already found what she is looking for.

Casey breaks in on Paula and Eddie and sends Eddie packing. Paula wants to dance and asks Casey but Casey doesn't say anything so Paula says that she will find someone else then.

Mark finishes his set and he is telling Sean that he just wants a break. Olivia is there and told Mark that she can do better than that. She offers him a job being the DJ for her when she has a weekly session from the Deep. Mark is really excited about this. He went to tell Casey when Cynthia tells him about the tryouts tomorrow and wants him to stop by and audition for it. Mark is totally blown away with this. He told Gabi about his fantastic offers and he told Gabi that his first obligation is to Olivia now.

Ricardo receives the news that Paula was chosen to do the assignment in Sacramento. He told Paula that he will arrange for her to get out of it but Paula told him that she wants this assignment. Ricardo thinks she is taking it to get away from him but Paula sees a perfect opportunity for advancement.

Gabi has put the final touches on the document that will get Paula out of Sunset Beach for awhile. She is very happy that she will have Ricardo all to herself.

Ben is filling his house with flowers for Meg. He is expecting to have Meg for dinner and wants it to be special. He can't wait to start a relationship with Meg now and feels on the top of the world.

Bette shows up and announces that she is the new gossip columnist for the Sentinel. She is looking for something to write about, and Ben told her that she will find nothing there and boots her out of his house.

Ben starts to place another call to Meg, but stops himself. Little does he know, Meg is outside of his door trying to decide if she will go in.

Ben starts to go out when he runs into Meg at his door. He pulls her into the room. Annie is standing at the window looking in when she spots Ben with Meg.

Caitlin thanks Cole for giving her the time that she needs before they get married. Cole lets her know that she has all the time that she will need.

Olivia is reading the pamphlet about the test that she will get the next day. She decides that she is hungry and went for a snack while she waits for Caitlin to come home. When she opens the door Cole is there. He pushes his way into Olivia's room demanding to know exactly what Olivia had said to Caitlin.

Friday, August 15, 1997

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