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Monday, August 4, 1997

Sunset Beach began this week with new intro and theme. Check it out....

Jimmy's anger intensified as Virginia told Jimmy that she WILL marry Michael. Jimmy went to the police station with one make sure Michael and his mom never marry. Downstairs, Gabi and Mark chatted, and flirted a bit. Gabi asked about her new roomies, she also questioned if Mark and Meg ever dated. Mark replied that normally when a girl asks that, that means she's interested in the guy... After Mark helped Gabi move everything in, Mark was informed of the explosion at the caves...Gabi and Mark rushed to the sight.

Vanessa went looking for answers, but ended up with more questions as she spoke to Virginia's ex-neighbor. After a few questions, Vanessa mentioned the break-ins at Virginia's, the lady assured Vanessa that there hasn't been a break-in in that building for over 3 years.

Ricardo called Michael to help since he is experienced in rescues. The rescue team arrived, they put oxygen in to the cave. Annie is feeling a bit guilty, she even talked to GOD asking him to save Ben, okay, Meg too. A Big rig got closer to the site, Michael tried to stop them, but by the time they stopped, it was too late, the vibrations already caused another cave-in. Ben and Meg's screams echoed outside the cave. No one knows if they are alive or dead now, since Meg and Ben are not responding to their calls.

Meg continued to ask Ben what happened to his wife. Ben didn't answer, but then asked Meg if she ever thought that maybe he was asking himself the same question...what changed between Maria and him. Ben wants to know what else is bothering Meg other than the journal, she didn't respond that she kept thinking of the "locked room." Meg kept thinking that they were going to die in there. Ben told Meg that he could never hurt her because he fell in love with her, he loves her! After the cave-in, Meg regained consciousness, she found Ben who was unconscious. After he came too, Meg asked if he remembered what they were talking about, he said yes, that they were talking about how much he loved her...unfortunately, Ben thinks Meg is Maria at that moment.

Tuesday, August 5, 1997
by Sunset Bum

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Wednesday, August 6, 1997
by Sunset Bum

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Thursday, August 7, 1997
by Sunset Bum

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Friday, August 8, 1997
by Sunset Bum

Olivia is shocked to learn that Caitlin is pregnant and almost makes a slip of them tounge when she asks "How could you do this to us?" Cole asks what she means by "us" but she dismisses it. Caitlin told Gregory that she loves Cole and couldn't be happier...telling him that he needs to focus on his relationship with Olivia then with her all the time. Caitlin asks Olivia if she will help her tell Gregory about the baby. Caitlin is overjoyed that her and her mom are having babies at the same time and will grow up almost like brothers or sisters. Olivia isn't to thrilled with that idea. Gregory and Olivia are about to make love.

Gregory found out about the cave explosion, but if anything happens, he'll pin it all on Ben's...he wasn't even in town at the time, therefore he knows nothing about it.

Ben has another nightmare, wakes up screaming to find Meg there (who he thinks is Maria). He's happy that Maria didn't "die". Annie and Tim continue to dig their way through the rubble. Meg has a fantasy about Ben asking her to marry him. Meg told a sleeping Ben that she'll always love him, no matter what.

Casey told Michael to continue with is plan to try and blow a hole to get air to Ben and Meg, much to the discontent of Vanessa, Eddie and Ricardo who tried to convince him otherwise.

Michael went through with the explosion...the cave explodes. This explosion must have brought sea water in, to prevent hypothermia on Ben, Meg takes his wet clothes off as well as hers to get some bodyheat going. Meg kisses Ben saying everything will be okay. Ben doesn't want "Maria" to stop kissing him, so it seems as though they may make love.

The newest cave explosion helped Annie and Tim clear the rubble faster...Annie and Tim remove a rock that allows them to see Meg and Ben. Annie isn't too happy when she sees Meg and Ben kissing and unclothed.

Michael who is stuck under rubble and unconscious, is unable to answer Casey's calls on the walkie-talkie, Casey decided he's going in after him..

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