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Monday, January 27, 1997

At Headquarters

Annie is brought into her cell in a straight jacket and gagged. The reason for this is that she told the judge he was old and senile. Meanwhile Ricardo told Gregory that he knows Olivia has a .38 and to bring it to the station tomorrow. Annie ask Ricardo if she can talk to Aunt Bette. He reluctantly lets her. Good ol' Bette comes to the station and gives Annie a disguise that makes her look like AB. Unfortunately Annie gets got and is transferred to the county jail. Later Annie seduces officer Eddie.


Casey and the gang move Uncle Clyde into the closet. Rae comes home and discovers him. First she's angry, but when she understands the circumstances she has a change of heart. Her plan is to give Clyde a drug that will give him temporary amnesia. Later at the beach they are happy to discover that the drug has worked.

Misc. Threads

Caitlin and Cole take a walk on the beach together. Tim told Meg he is staying in Sunset Beach. Meg gives her take on Annie's case and suggests Aunt Bette could be the murderer. Meg told her story about her internet love aloud to Ben who is asleep.

Tuesday January 28, 1997

Jailhouse Rock

Eddie awakens to find himself hand-cuffed to the cot. Annie releases him but told him that they can be of mutual benefit to each other in the future. Eddie later pressures Olivia with new demands. Al Kennedy shows up and told his client that the prosecution's case is pretty weak. When questioned by Ricardo, Olivia claims that she and her husband were dining with Congressman Belarus on the night Del died.

Misc. Threads

Cole shows Caitlin secret cavern on the beach. She speculates that Armando Deschanel used it to meet with the lady in black. Olivia finds out that Gregory hired Eddie to follow her. She told him that this could be interpreted as a strong motive for murder. Meg uncovers evidence that may help Annie.

Wednesday January 29, 1997

Doing a Little Detective Work

Meg and Ben decide to go to a travel agency to dig up evidence to free Annie. White Meg distracts the travel agent, Ben looks through Del's file. He discovers Olivia and Del were suppose to be leaving for the Dominican Republic with Olivia on the day of his death.

To County Jail

Ricardo tries to comfort Annie by reminding her of the injunction Al Kennedy is trying to get. Meanwhile, Eddie has plans to ensure that Annie doesn't leave alive. In the van to the county jail the driver ignores Ricardo's instructions to return to Sunset Beach. He insteads pulls off the road and demands sex from Annie which she refuses. Enraged by her defiance he begins to pummel her, but not before Ben and Ricardo come to the rescue. Later, Annie is back in her cell at Sunset Beach station house.

Misc. Threads

Casey told Mr. Chang he's been studying law over the Internet. Sean begins to have regrets for incriminatein gAnnie. Ben speculates that Gregory was the one that killed Del.

Thursday January 30, 1997

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Friday January 31, 1997

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