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November 7, 2011
Sunday, November 13, 2011

Season Finale

At Stampede Management, Kelly met with Nick Adler. In her private interview, Kelly explained that she had no idea how long General Hospital was contracted for, so she wanted to have something to fall back on, in the event that something tragic happened, and the "palette of daytime" changed. Kelly revealed that Nick Adler was Snoop Dogg's branding manager, so she wanted Nick's advice on how to promote her own brand.

Nick was curious if Kelly had ever gotten involved with a clothing line. Kelly admitted that she hadn't, so Nick recommended that she go "balls to the wall," because she had no idea how long soap operas would be around. Nick urged Kelly to consider attending the Magic convention in Las Vegas to look at different designers, and to get a feel for what was out there. Kelly liked the idea of breaking into the fashion industry, so she agreed to go.

In Malibu, JP and Farah strolled along the beach. JP was stunned by how cold the water was, when he tested it. In her private interview, Farah explained that JP had never been to the Pacific Ocean before. At the beach, JP and Farah discussed the move to Los Angeles. JP confessed that she was the only thing in California that made him feel as if he weren't out of his element. Farah wanted JP to be excited about the move, so she promised him that she wouldn't let him have a bad life in Los Angeles.

In his private interview, JP explained that he was a New Yorker, through and through. However, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Farah, so he was willing to leave New York. At the beach, JP was startled by how many rocks were on the beach. Farah joked that she'd rather discuss a different kind of rock, but JP played stupid by pretending that he didn't know what she was talking about.

Later, JP, Farah, Galen, Jenna, Brandon, and Nadia gathered for dinner with some friends. In his private interview, JP admitted that it was nice to get together without any time restrictions, because of their weird schedules. At the restaurant, Farah noticed that Galen wasn't wearing a wedding ring. Galen explained that it was because of his job. Galen assured Farah that he wore his wedding ring; however, he didn't like to take it off at work, because he didn't want to forget it in the dressing room. JP admitted that he thought that jewelry was for women. Farah warned JP that she expected JP to wear his wedding ring, if they ever got married.

JP vowed that he would never wear a wedding band, prompting Farah to promise him a quick breakup if that were the case. Farah then turned to Brandon to get his take on whether or not to wear a wedding ring. Brandon joked that he sometimes wore a wedding band on the weekends, as practice, when Nadia wasn't around. Nadia chuckled, and then kissed Brandon.

In their private interview, Brandon and Nadia weighed in on JP and Farah's relationship. Brandon and Nadia agreed that JP should marry Farah, and then count his blessings. Nadia added that JP should also wear a wedding ring, and some real pants. Brandon nodded, and then suggested that JP also invest in some real shoes.

At the restaurant, the conversation drifted to the topic of camping. Galen admitted that he enjoyed taking his sons camping, so Brandon asked to join Galen on Galen's next trip with the boys. JP, and some of the ladies, grumbled that they didn't have any interest in camping, so Galen and Brandon persuaded them to give it a try. Before long, everyone agreed to get together for the weekend to go camping.

At Brandon and Nadia's house, Brandon confessed that camping was fun, and that he had enjoyed it growing up. Nadia reluctantly agreed to give it a try, as long as there weren't any dirt or bugs to deal with. Brandon assured her that there would be plenty of both. Nadia revealed that her idea of "roughing it" was going to a motel, so she refused to live in a tent for a week, unless it was for a worthy cause, like saving children. Brandon thought that it would be a good experience for them, and assured her that she would have fun. Later, Nadia went shopping for designer camping gear.

Meanwhile, JP, Farah, Danny, and Nathaniel also went shopping for camping gear. Danny found a tent that would accommodate four people, but JP insisted that they buy two two-person tents, because it was cheaper. They decided to take bets on who would be the first to give up on camping. Farah confessed that she was determined to enjoy her time eating, drinking, and sitting around a campfire.

Later, JP, Farah, Danny, and Nathaniel drove to meet the rest of the gang for their camping weekend. Farah revealed that Jenna and Galen had invited Kelly, and that there would be an assortment of pets on the trip. JP complained during the car ride, because he was nervous about Danny's tendency to speed. Farah confessed that she was concerned about where she would pee, but JP was more worried about the filth that they would have to deal with. Farah decided that drinking lots of alcohol would solve both of their problems.

In another car, Galen and Jenna wondered how long Nadia would be able to survive without hair and makeup, while they were on their trip. A short time later, everyone arrived at the campsite, so they decided to pitch their tents. JP and Farah struggled to put their small tent up, but eventually succeeded.

In their private interview, Farah and JP agreed that Nadia looked like a camping goddess. Farah was shocked when JP compared Nadia to a woman in a Cinemax camping movie. She couldn't believe that he had compared Nadia to a porn star, but JP quickly clarified that he had simply meant that Nadia was incredibly pretty.

At the campsite, Danny sat down with Nadia to talk about the situation between Fary and Brandon. Danny was curious if Nadia would be "weirded out" if Brandon popped the question. Danny confessed that, for Nadia's sake, he would be. Nadia agreed. Danny was curious if Fary would really care if Nadia and Brandon got married, or if Fary would disown Nadia.

Nadia explained that Fary was just worried about Nadia, and that deep down, a part of Fary liked Brandon. Nadia was certain that Fary knew that Brandon was a good guy. Danny wondered if Fary's stance on Nadia and Brandon's relationship was a factor in why Nadia had never considered getting married. Nadia conceded that it had played a role. "That sucks," Danny replied. According to Danny, Nadia enabled the circumstances around her by denying herself something that she wanted, because of Fary.

Danny insisted that it wasn't really a person's life, if they let other's opinions influence their decisions. Nadia admitted that she had never thought of it that way. Danny raised his glass to toast to Fary, whom he hoped "comes from a place of love," and Brandon, because Brandon loved Nadia enough to put up with Fary. "Oh, poor Brandon," Nadia agreed.

Jenna chuckled when she noticed how small JP and Farah's tent was. Jenna was curious if it were a child's tent. Farah was horrified when she realized that Jenna was right. Moments later, Kelly arrived. Everyone gathered around Kelly to welcome Kelly to the campsite. They offered Kelly a drink, so Kelly suggested that they all have a shot of tequila. Nadia warned the gang that she couldn't be held accountable for her actions if Nadia drank tequila.

Later, Galen suggested that they go kayaking, so Kelly quickly stripped down to her black bikini. Kelly proceeded to do back flips and cartwheels to show how limber she was. In her private interview, Farah confessed that she would have arrived in a bikini, too, if she had perfect "boobs" and muscles.

Nadia, Farah, and Danny sat on the beach, while the rest of their friends frolicked in the water. In her private interview, Kelly admitted that she was a water baby, so the best part of the camping trip had been the ocean.

Later, Jenna and Farah discussed motherhood. Farah thought that she would make a good mother, but Farah wasn't ready for that. Farah explained that she wanted to accomplish a lot, career wise, before having children. Moments later, Kelly sat down. Farah wondered how Kelly felt about having children. Farah was startled when Kelly admitted that children were definitely a part of Kelly's future.

Farah was curious why Kelly and Mike had never gotten married, so Kelly explained that she didn't think that a piece of paper was necessary to have a committed relationship. Farah confessed that she didn't need for JP to ask her marry him; she simply wanted to know whether or not JP would marry her.

That evening, everyone sat around the campfire, drinking and chatting. Farah wondered how Kelly felt about the rumors that General Hospital was on the chopping block, and that Katie Couric's new talk show might take over the time slot. Kelly confessed that she would shoot herself if she couldn't work every day, so she was afraid. Farah conceded that Kelly was in a precarious situation, because Kelly had been a part of daytime television for over a dozen years. Farah then shifted gears to find out what it was like for Kelly to work with the girl who had temporarily replaced Kirsten on GH. Kelly confessed that she hadn't worked with the actress yet, but the actress seemed like a sweet kid.

In her private interview, Farah wished Kirsten well, but she was concerned, because they hadn't had an update on how Kirsten was doing.

At the campsite, Brandon admitted to JP that Bambi, JP's mother, was cool. Brandon was curious if Bambi liked Farah, or if Bambi had the same problem with Farah that Fary had with Brandon. JP admitted that no one had the same problem that Brandon and Fary had. Galen jokingly suggested that Brandon had to either kill Fary, or banish Fary forever. Kelly voted to kill Fary.

Brandon confessed that he had tried for years to impress Fary, to no avail. Brandon insisted that he had bought bottles of wine for Fary when he visited her, but she continued to deny it, despite Brandon's receipts that proved otherwise. Galen was curious where everything had gone wrong with Fary. Brandon had no idea, but it was clear to him that Fary wanted to create tension and distance between Brandon and Nadia. Kelly revealed that she would kill her mother, if Carmina had acted like Fary.

Kelly wondered if Brandon thought that Fary's actions were driving a wedge in his relationship with Nadia, to the point that things might not work out. "Yes," Brandon answered. Brandon explained that if Nadia believed any of Fary's lies, then they would have a problem. In her private interview, Nadia admitted that she was happy that they had gone camping, even though there had been a few "hiccups."

At the campfire, Nadia noticed JP's Rolex. JP revealed that it had been a birthday gift from Farah for JP's thirtieth birthday. Nadia wondered what JP had bought for Farah, so Farah griped that he hadn't bought her anything. Danny quickly piped up, wondering when JP intended to buy Farah a ring. JP simply smiled, but didn't respond. Later, Danny suggested to Farah that it was time that "we" broke up with JP.

In his private interview, JP complained that Danny liked to get into the details of other people's relationships, which bothered JP. JP didn't think that he and Farah needed any outside opinions about their relationship, because JP preferred to keep things private.

At the campsite, Galen didn't understand why Danny felt compelled to ambush JP about marrying Farah. JP thanked Galen for Galen's support, but Danny just became defensive. Galen didn't think that it was any of Danny's business, so JP tried to calm things down by assuring everyone that he was happy with Farah. Farah sat nearby, taking it all in. Jenna bristled when Galen suggested that the fastest way to ruin a great relationship was to get married. Galen tried to explain that it was just an expression, but Jenna wasn't appeased.

However, Jenna agreed that it wasn't cool for Danny to pressure JP about marrying Farah. Danny walked away, annoyed that no one saw his side of things. Moments later, Danny sat down next to Farah, and then suggested it was time to end things with JP.

In her private interview, Farah confessed that she had been drunk on the last night of camping, and that Danny's comments had gotten to her. Meanwhile, at the campfire, Farah began to tear up as she discussed her relationship with JP. Farah was frustrated, because JP refused to grow up. Farah admitted that she wanted to marry JP, but she was hurt that JP didn't want to marry her. Danny reminded Farah that Farah and JP had been together for four years. Farah felt bad, because she had gotten a lot of flack for pressuring JP about marriage, but Danny assured her that she hadn't done anything wrong.

Farah assured everyone that she was good to JP, so she deserved to have an answer. Danny advised Farah to demand it, so Farah explained that she had, but JP never took her seriously. Danny decided to call JP over to demand to know if JP wanted to marry Farah, "on your mother's life." JP became concerned when he noticed that Farah was crying, so he asked her what was wrong. Danny explained that Farah wanted to know whether or not she had a future with JP. JP assured Farah that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Farah, but Farah continued to cry.

Farah insisted that it wasn't fair that JP refused to give her a straight answer about marriage. Farah assured him that she loved him, and that she wanted to be with him, but she needed to know if he would marry her or not. JP admitted that he didn't want Farah to be mad at him, but Farah wasn't satisfied. JP then explained that he wanted to "hang out" with Farah. Farah was fed up, so she decided to end her relationship with JP. JP insisted that he didn't want that, but Farah argued that it was too late. Farah told JP that they were over, and then stormed away.

The following morning, Farah admitted that she hadn't spoken to JP all morning. She wondered if she had been wasting her time with him. In JP's private interview, he explained that things were always a bit awkward between him and Farah after an argument. However, JP couldn't imagine not being with Farah for the rest of his life.

After Farah and JP arrived home, Farah decided that they needed to have a frank discussion about their future. JP apologized for not handling the situation differently at the campsite, but Farah explained that wasn't the problem. Farah insisted that she needed to know if he planned to marry her one day. "Some day, we'll get married," JP assured Farah. Farah smiled, and then told him that she loved him.

Nadia met Fary for lunch after Nadia returned from the camping trip. Fary was waiting in the restaurant with a young man named Fernando. Nadia immediately became suspicious when Fary happily introduced Fernando, and then proceeded to talk him up. In her private interview, Nadia confessed that it had been an uncomfortable situation, and completely inappropriate for Fary to try to fix Nadia up over lunch. At the restaurant, Fary urged Nadia to put Nadia's cell phone away, but Nadia ignored her mother.

Nadia texted Brandon; she explained the situation, and then asked Brandon to get to the restaurant to rescue her from Fary's schemes. Meanwhile, Fernando tactfully excused himself for a moment. Nadia quickly assured Fary that Nadia didn't have any plans to leave Brandon, so Fary had wasted her time. Fary was unapologetic as she explained that Fernando was a gentleman from a good family, who didn't feel the need to brag about his "six-pack." Nadia resented the implication that Brandon was vain; however, she assured her mother that she wasn't interested in Fernando.

Nadia thought perhaps Fary needed to be fixed up with someone, but Fary flatly refused to consider it, because she was still in love with Nadia's father. Fernando returned to the table. Fary beamed as Fernando offered to take Nadia dancing. In her private interview, Nadia felt bad for Fernando, because it was clear that Fernando had no idea what Fary had gotten him into. At the restaurant, Fary waxed poetic about Fernando's many fine qualities, but Fary's smile quickly disappeared when she spotted Brandon.

Brandon gave Nadia a quick kiss, and then greeted the rest of the table. Fary rudely informed Brandon that Brandon had not been invited, but Brandon quickly clarified that Nadia had texted him to ask him to join them. Fernando grinned as Fary explained that she had wanted Nadia to meet a real gentleman. Fary insisted that Fernando was a great guy from a wonderful family who didn't feel the need to brag about himself. Nadia demanded to know why Fary was behaving so horribly. Fary decided that lunch was over, so she stood up, announced that she couldn't stand to be in the same room with Brandon, and then left.

Fernando trailed behind Fary, and then escorted her to his car. In the car, Fernando suggested to a weeping Fary that Nadia didn't know what a real man was anymore. Fary complained that Brandon hadn't even had the decency to properly greet her when he had arrived at the restaurant. Fernando agreed that Brandon had behaved "very insulting." Fary insisted that she wanted a man of quality for Nadia, so Fernando suggested that Brandon needed to be taught some manners. Fary laughed, as she admitted that she wanted Fernando to kick Brandon's "ass."

Fernando declined; he claimed that would be too easy. Fary insisted that she loved Fernando, and that Brandon was a jerk. According to Fary, she had given Brandon three years to prove himself worthy, but he had failed. Fary claimed that Brandon had once told her that if he couldn't have Nadia, then no one could. Fernando was outraged, and then admitted that things would have turned out differently in the restaurant if he had known that.

In the restaurant, Brandon insisted that Fary kept putting him in no-win situations. Brandon admitted that he was fed up, but Nadia implored him not to admit defeat, because it just gave Fary more power. Nadia admitted that Fary was manipulative, and only interested in listening to herself. Brandon argued that Fary didn't have any boundaries.

Later, Brandon told Nadia that he wanted them to be closer, but her mother was a problem. Nadia realized that Fary's behavior was hard on Brandon, but Nadia insisted that Nadia loved Brandon, because he made her happy. Nadia confessed that it was difficult to make the decision to get Fary out of her life, but she was resigned to take control of things. Brandon kissed Nadia, and then assured her that he loved her.