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October 3, 2011
Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guiding Fight

At Nadia and Brandon's house, Nadia found a birthday gift, which Brandon had hidden in a cabinet, as she prepared breakfast. She opened the box, but was less than thrilled with the iPad Touch. During her private interview, Nadia confessed that she had been hoping for something more personal, or sentimental, like jewelry. Nadia had wanted Brandon to go above and beyond for her birthday. Later, Brandon met JP at a pool hall to shoot billiards and drink beer. JP wanted to put a wager on each game, but Brandon wanted to bet on something more personal, such as which of them would get married first.

JP proposed wagering on which of them would get engaged first, but Brandon nixed the idea, because he knew that JP would be quick to get engaged, but delay the actual wedding for years. In his private interview, JP confided that Farah had been very patient with him on the topic of marriage. At the pool hall, JP revealed that he was always being asked if he and Farah had children, and that fans often wondered if JP and Farah were married. According to JP, Farah would always look at JP as she answered, "I don't know, are we?"

The conversation then drifted to Nadia's birthday. Brandon revealed that he hadn't bought Nadia a gift for her last birthday, so he had to make certain that he did everything right this year. JP told Brandon that all women loved jewelry. Brandon explained that Nadia liked cool rings, but he had already bought one for her. JP chuckled as he suggested that it hadn't been "the ring."

Meanwhile, Nadia met Farah for a birthday lunch. Farah was curious why Brandon and Nadia weren't engaged yet, so Nadia explained that it wasn't important to her. According to Nadia, marriages didn't last in Los Angeles. Farah changed the subject to find out which of their old friends Nadia had kept in touch with. Nadia mentioned Kirsten's name, so Farah revealed that she hadn't spoken to Kirsten since 2008. Nadia was curious why, so Farah revealed that JP and Kirsten had taped a "makeout" scene to cross-promote their soap operas. Farah explained that she had decided to skip the taping, because she hadn't been interested in watching her best friend and boyfriend kiss.

Farah claimed that, afterwards, Kirsten had sent Farah an angry text message, calling Farah "every name in the book," and accusing Farah of being jealous. In her private interview, Farah revealed that she and Kirsten had known each other since their time on Days Of Our Lives, but they'd had a lot of ups and downs. At the restaurant, Farah insisted that Kirsten had stopped talking to her, so Farah had followed suit. Nadia warned Farah that Kirsten would be at Nadia's birthday party. In her private interview, Farah admitted that she was determined not to let an awkward situation run her off. Farah compared her relationship with Kirsten to Chris Brown and Rihanna; they had to appear at the same events, but keep their distance from each other.

After lunch with Nadia, Farah went to Danny's salon to meet him for drinks and gossip. Danny mentioned that he had seen Kirsten with a young guy the other day. Farah snarkily wondered if Kirsten's date had looked seventeen, because Kirsten liked them young. "He looked about twelve," Danny replied. Danny revealed that Kirsten had been standing in front of the salon, looking up at the awning, when Danny had called out, "Hey whorebag," as a greeting. Farah and Danny chuckled.

According to Danny, Kirsten had acted surprised when Danny had revealed that he owned the salon, but Danny hadn't believed her. Danny had then asked Kirsten if Kirsten had seen Farah. Danny revealed that Kirsten had claimed that she didn't know what was going on with Farah, but Kirsten could no longer relate to Farah. According to Danny, Kirsten had accused Farah of being jealous. Danny had suggested to Kirsten that Kirsten had another friend named Farah, because Farah Fath didn't care about Kirsten. Farah smiled, and then admitted that she would be open to repairing her friendship with Kirsten, if Kirsten were interested, but if not, then Farah would be fine with that too.

Danny promised to support Farah, regardless of what happened between Farah and Kirsten. Later, on JP Cam, JP filmed Farah as she prepared for the party. Farah admitted that she was worried about seeing Kirsten. She then suggested that JP should tell Kirsten that he'd been waiting to talk to Kristen since the day that they had taped together, to tell Kirsten that he had felt a connection with Kirsten. Farah then smiled sweetly at the camera as she told JP that she loved him. "I love you very much," JP replied, and then left, so that Farah could finish getting ready.

At General Hospital's studio, Kelly and Kirsten talked about Kelly's character, Sam McCall's, upcoming wedding. Kirsten wanted to take bets on how many people would be shot at the mob wedding, while Kelly wondered if her character, Sam, would be raped prior to the nuptials. A makeup artist was curious when Kelly would be getting married. Kelly smiled politely as she explained that she was trying to focus on being single for a while. However, Kelly confessed that she thought that marriage was depressing because fifty percent of married couples ended up divorced. Kirsten admitted that she liked weddings.

Later, at a Skateland premier party, Kelly noticed that Kirsten seemed quiet. Kirsten explained that she was nervous about running into Farah, because Farah was the type of person who would throw a drink in someone's face. Kirsten had no idea what she had done to make Farah dislike her so much, so she wanted backup when she bumped into Farah. Kelly promised to be there for her friend.

The following day, Kelly met with Mary Lanelli, the GH wardrobe person, to look over wedding dressing for Kelly's character. Kelly admitted that it was weird for her to be looking at wedding dresses, because she had never been interested in marriage until her relationship with Mike had ended.

At Nadia's birthday party, everyone was mingling. Brandon wondered if Nadia were having a good time, so she assured him that she was. Nearby, Farah and JP were sitting at a table as Farah watched Brandon and Nadia. Farah commented that Brandon and Nadia had been together for five years, which was a big feat in their circle. JP pointed out that they'd been together three and a half years, which was also impressive. Farah assured JP that she was happy with how things were between them, and that she didn't want JP to feel pressured, but she needed to give her father an answer about where her relationship with JP was headed. JP deftly changed the subject by warning Farah that he had spotted Kirsten at one of the tables.

Farah decided to go to Kirsten's table. JP wasn't comfortable being around Kirsten, so he opted to stay behind. At the table, Kirsten confided to Kelly that she had seen Farah and JP. Moments later, Farah walked up to their table. Kelly admitted that they had been talking about Farah. Farah sat down next to Kelly, and then took a moment to collect herself. Kelly gently rubbed Farah's back, as Farah fought back tears.

Kirsten was unmoved by Farah's emotional state. In her private interview, Kirsten explained that she really didn't know what specifically had led to her rift with Farah. According to Kirsten, Farah liked drama, so Kirsten was happy that their friendship was over. At the party, Farah revealed that she only wanted to get one thing off of her chest. Farah explained that a mutual friend of theirs had told Farah that Kirsten had accused Farah of being jealous about the scenes that Kirsten and JP had filmed. Kirsten strongly denied it, but Farah didn't believe Kirsten.

Farah explained that their mutual friend was trustworthy. Kirsten insisted that the person was clearly not Kirsten's friend, if they had lied about what she had said. Just then, Danny sat down at the table. Farah turned to Danny for confirmation about Kirsten's claims that Farah was jealous, so Danny nodded. He insisted that Kirsten had told him that during their recent talk. Kelly was curious why Farah thought that Kirsten was not truthful, so Farah revealed that her and Kirsten's friendship had been up and down for years.

Kelly suggested that Farah had to decide if the friendship was worth salvaging. Farah assured everyone that she didn't have ill will towards Kristen, but Kirsten didn't believe Farah. According to Kirsten, Farah had been a "bitch" about it. Farah quickly stood up, and left without another word. In her private interview, Kristen confessed that the whole confrontation had felt like a high school drama. Meanwhile, Nadia spotted Farah in a corner, crying.

Farah complained that Kirsten had been cold and unfeeling, and then accused Kirsten of being a "bitch." Nadia looked back to see Kirsten smiling and talking to Kelly as if Kirsten didn't have a care in the world.

The following day, Kirsten decided to call Farah to arrange to meet Farah alone for coffee, so that they could work things out without an audience. Farah explained that she was busy, but she agreed to meet to clear the air. During her interview, Kirsten confessed that she was nervous about seeing Farah, because she didn't know if Farah would try to go after her as she had at the party.

Later, Kirsten and Farah met for coffee. Kirsten admitted that she had been caught off-guard by Farah's attitude at the party, and that she hadn't wanted to get into an argument with twenty people watching them. Farah apologized, and then explained that she had heard that Kirsten had been making up things about Farah. Kirsten suggested that Farah could have simply picked up the phone to discuss it with Kirsten, so Farah revealed that it seemed like Kirsten had a pattern of either being in a fight with someone, or being their best friend. Farah insisted that she didn't want the drama, and that everyone was afraid of "the wrath of Kirsten." "Bull----," Kirsten replied.

Farah sarcastically conceded that perhaps Kirsten had changed, and that all of Kirsten's relationships were now stable. Kirsten glared at Farah, so Farah suggested, "the truth hurts sometimes." Kirsten insisted that Farah didn't know the truth, and that Kirsten hadn't blamed Farah for anything, nor had she said anything negative about Farah. However, Kirsten had heard that Farah continuously badmouthed Kirsten. Farah denied it, but quickly pointed out that their friendship had been dead. Kirsten agreed, and admitted that she was fine with that.

Kirsten warned Farah not to talk about her, and then asked why Farah had an attitude towards her. Farah explained that every time that they had gotten close, Kirsten had dropped her. Farah claimed that she didn't want the drama, and that she didn't think that Kirsten would be satisfied unless Kirsten was fighting. Farah insisted that she had never seen Kirsten happy. Farah claimed that she wouldn't have been there if their friendship hadn't meant anything to Farah.

Kirsten confessed that she had a hard time believing that. Kirsten suggested that Farah didn't know her, and that Kirsten's relationships were Kirsten's business, which Farah knew nothing about. Farah stood up, and then walked away. In her private interview, Kirsten admitted that she had felt betrayed by Farah's digs about her personal life.

Farah returned home, where JP was hanging out with Danny and Nathaniel. The men were eager for news about Farah's meeting with Kirsten. Farah had no idea where to start, so they suggested that she start at the beginning. Farah snidely revealed that Kirsten had "really bad roots." Danny and Nathaniel laughed, and then asked where Farah had met Kirsten. Farah explained that it had been somewhere in the valley.

Danny was horrified because no one went there anymore. Farah reminded him that Kirsten was a "valley girl." Farah then revealed that Kirsten had accused Farah of being all about the drama. Danny dismissed the accusation, because he insisted that Farah was a boring person. Farah added that she was the easiest person to get along with, while Kirsten had never been happy in any relationship, unless there had been drama. Farah conceded that she hadn't spoken to Kirsten in a couple of years, but she insisted that she knew Kirsten better than anyone else.

Farah explained that she knew what Kirsten's family life had been like, and that she had known all of Kirsten's boyfriends. "Not everyone in Kirsten's life is screwed up," Farah pointed out, and then suggested that Kirsten take a look at herself. Farah decided that she would wait to see what happened between her and Kirsten. "Not if she lives in the valley," Danny remarked, prompting another round of laughter.

At the GH studio, Kelly checked out the wedding dresses that had been selected for her character's wedding. Kelly was surprised that the wardrobe department had opted for white, given Sam's checkered past. Kelly confessed that she wasn't a fan of wedding dresses, because she wasn't really a fan of weddings. Meanwhile, Kirsten was busy trying on the shoes that had been picked for Kelly to wear with the dresses. After Kelly slipped on one of the wedding dresses, she returned to the room, and then cried. Kelly explained that her views on marriage had shifted since she had ended her eighteen-year relationship with Mike, so it was hard to see herself in a wedding dress.

Later, Kelly taped Sam and Jason's wedding scenes. Afterwards, Kelly confessed that she was glad that it was over. Kelly revealed that she was determined to live in the moment, so she refused to allow herself to get consumed by the future. That weekend, Kelly and Kirsten went to Las Vegas with some friends to blow off steam. They sunbathed at the pool, drove ATV's in the desert, went zip lining, and planking. Kelly admitted that she was excited to see what her future held.

At Galen and Jenna's house, Jenna tried to spend some time alone with Galen, but the boys kept her busy. Galen realized that his wife needed a break from the children. They decided to fly to Napa Valley, but Jenna was nervous about leaving the boys for the first time.

At Nadia and Brandon's house, Nadia wondered what she should pack for her birthday getaway. Brandon advised her to pack a variety of things, but he refused to spoil the surprise by telling her where they were going. However, he urged her to hurry, because they were running late. Later, Nadia instructed Brandon to put her suitcase in the car, so he grabbed it, and then left. Nadia snatched up some jewelry, and then followed him.

At the airport, Brandon revealed that they were headed to Napa Valley with a couple of their friends, including Galen and Jenna. Galen turned on his camcorder, and then asked what Nadia planned to do in Napa Valley. Nadia joked that she intended to drink wine, and "a little Beemer guzzling." Brandon grinned at the camera as he confessed, "Sounds good to me." Galen sat down, and then teased his wife, who was nervous about flying. Later, they all landed safe and sound at Napa Valley.

Everyone went their separate ways to get settled into their bungalows. Nadia was stunned when she opened her suitcase to discover that her clothes were missing. She explained that she had instructed Brandon to put the clothes that had been hanging over the suitcase into the suitcase. Brandon insisted that he hadn't heard her tell him that, and that he had assumed that everything had been packed, because Nadia's suitcase had been closed. Nadia was livid when Brandon unwisely suggested that Nadia had deliberately left her clothes at home, so that she would have an excuse to shop.

Things didn't fare better for Galen and Jenna in their bungalow. Galen was frustrated because Jenna kept calling to check on the boys, instead of relaxing with him. Galen decided to leave to get a drink, while Jenna called home to talk to their sons. Moments later, Nadia dropped by to tell Jenna about the mix-up with her clothes.

Later, everyone decided to go golfing, but they stopped off at one of the resort shops to pick up some golf attire first. Jenna was distracted with another call home, so she lost track of the group. Jenna realized that she was missing out on the fun, so she put the phone away, found her husband and friends, and then enjoyed herself on the golf course. Nadia also loosened up after they had sipped some wine and unwound on the golf course. Nadia decided that she wouldn't let the clothes issue stop her from having fun.

Later, during her private interview, Nadia confessed that it had been a great romantic birthday.