Reese Durkee
Actor History
July 21, 1999 to January 10, 2003 [contract from 08/02 to 08/04)
Seth Hall
recurring: April 14, 2003; December 3, 2003 to March 19, 2004
Harmony Community College
Harmony High School (graduated 2001)
College Student
Resides At
Durkee Residence
Marital Status
Single (never married)
Past Marriages
Flings & Affairs
Kay Bennett (1999 to 2002)
Jessica Bennett (2002 to 2003)
Charity Standish (2003 to 2004)
Crimes Committed
Miscellaneous Information

 » His father is an accountant who is often out of town.

Brief Character History

Reese is a geek with a big heart...and a big crush on Kay Bennett. He was thrilled when he found out she liked him. Only problem? It was a scam set up by her sister, Jessica. A series of misunderstandings has resulted in Kay and Reese actually becoming boyfriend and girlfriend! Their relationship has never really gone to the romantic stage...although Reese has tried on numerous occasions (most notably the hot tub at the ski lodge, where he wouldn't take no for an answer until the two were rudely interrupted), Kay rebuffed him at every opportunity. Reese most frequently turned up when trouble arose so that he could offer his intellectual expertise. Yet despite all his brains, he had no idea that Jessica Bennett is head over heels for him...until he found himself head over heels for her as well! Unfortunately, Kay's plan to break up Charity and Miguel ended up zinging Jessica and Reese instead, and the two of them broke-up. After a brief flirtation with Charity, Reese faded into the background.

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