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Endora Lenox
Actor History
Cole Kvarda (July 2003 to October 2003; backup baby from October 2003 to an unknown date)
Nicole Cox (October 2003 to present)
Born at Tabitha's house on 28 July 2003
Julian Crane (father)
Tabitha Lenox (mother)
Vincent Clarkson (paternal half-brother)
Fancy Crane (paternal half-sister)
Pretty Crane (paternal half-sister)
Fox Crane (paternal half-brother; deceased)
Alistair Crane (paternal grandfather
Katherine Barrett (paternal grandmother)
Darren Lenox (maternal grandfather)
Samantha Lenox (maternal grandmother)
Sheridan Crane (paternal aunt)
Beth Wallace (paternal half-aunt; deceased)
Chad Harris-Crane (paternal half-uncle; deceased)
Ethan Crane (adoptive paternal half-uncle)
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (paternal cousin)
James Boothe (paternal cousin; via adoption)
Miles Harris (paternal half-cousin)
Rachel Barrett (paternal great-aunt)
Brief Character History

Endora was conceived on a night when both her parents were under the influence of MarTimmies. As a demon baby, she is a greater threat to her father than even he realizes. Since birth, Endora 'made things happen' with her own special brand of magic, and was often used by Tabitha or Kay to try to break up Miguel and Charity. Unfortunately for Tabitha, Endora is not easily controlled, and sometimes her magic does things even Tabitha isn't expecting.

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