Heidi Mueller
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Kay Bennett (24 October 2003 to present)
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Best known for being one of the daughters featured on NBC's 2003 summer hit reality series "Who Wants to Marry My Dad?," Heidi Mueller was Don's opinionated daughter who was trusted, along with her three siblings, to choose a wife for him. Through outrageous secret tasks, surprising revelations about each player's past and "lie-detector" tests, Mueller and her siblings chose Don's fiancée.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Heidi recently relocated to Los Angeles with her brother Chris, 22, to embark upon her acting career with PASSIONS. She holds a modeling contract with the esteemed Willimena Agency. Though PASSIONS is her first contract television role, Mueller has appeared in numerous television commercials including a recent one for Crest White Strips.

Mueller loves Los Angeles but travels back to Cincinnati quite frequently to visit her family. She is currently in her senior year at Liberty University in Virginia and since joining PASSIONS has been able to keep up with her studies via the Internet and external campus classrooms. She expects to graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology in June of 2004. Her birthday is January 29.

Acting Portfolio

Kay Bennett
24 October 2003 to present

Who Wants to Marry My Dad?
Awards & Acclaim

Daytime Emmys: Pre-Nomination, Outstanding Younger Actress (2005, 2006, 2007)

Vital Statistics
DATE OF BIRTH: January 29, 1982
PLACE OF BIRTH: Cincinatti, Ohio, USA
PARENTS: Don Mueller and Pamela (through whom she has a stepfather Jeff)
SIBLINGS: Joe, Karla (Barela; has a son Cole born in 2003) and Chris (all older)
News Archives

News Archive: Reality TV star Heidi Mueller is Passions' mew Kay [Aug 25, 2003]
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